Somebody To Love

Hi my name is Jade Thirlwall. I'm from South Shields and i'm in a small girl group called Little Mix with my best friends Jesy, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne. We post covers on youtube and we have around 4.5 million subsribers and each video gets about 500 thousand views.We live together in a small flat in London. One night we decide to go to the park which is massive and more like a nature reserve. We start singing rather loud yet our vocals still sound perfect. Little did we know we were being filmed by a specific boy band who we become the opening act for! The girls meet 5SOS, One Directions other support act. The 5SOS boys are incredibly supportive of the girls. Will sparks fly or will it be a mess they wish they weren't a part of?? Read to find out!


8. Shopping With Niall

Leesa's POV

"Hurry up!" I yelled to Niall who was taking forever getting a disguise. "One minute!!" he yells from upstairs. I sat down against the wall and began scrolling through twitter. i checked the comments on the selfies from earlier. Some of the tweets were really mean saying stuff like, "Ew gross why is that faggot with the 1D boys" or "Jade your so fucking ugly please go fuck yourself". I really couldn't care less but it still wasn't a nice feeling. A small tear ran down my face when i read, "Bitch i now where you live if i see you with my boys again i swear i'll kill you" i wiped it quickly. i decided to tweet something. "So as you know i've been hanging with the 1D lads and the 5SOS boys, and i've gotten a lot of hate for that. So to anybody who hated on me or anybody else you can go fuck yourself. Some people aren't as strong as you think. This could really hurt them. And to any mixers I love you so much and if you need someone to talk too when the road gets tough, i'm always here and so are the girls...Goodnight xxoo" - @jadethirlwall. I smiled as i pressed post. Some haters apologized and some continued. One tweet caught my eye. "@jadethirlwall, your so sweet, i honestly don't know how anyone could hate on you, i get a lot of hate too and i know you'll get through it. Your not in it alone. We should meet up sometime. Stay strong" @demilovato. I smiled and clapped my hands. I re-tweeted and got a follow from Demi. Then Niall walked downstairs "about time" i said tapping my wrist. "Why you so happy?" Niall asked. He looked so happy. "I got a tweet from Demi Lovato" i said proudly. "pfft apparently i'm dating her" niall laughed. I laughed at his comment. "So we going or not" I questioned. "Yup lets go" niall smiled.


Nialls POV

I love spending time with Jade. She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl ever. i really want to ask her out but i'm afraid she'll reject me. Her and her group are amazingly talented. PING!! I have an idea! Uncle Simon said we need 2 opening acts! We already have 5SOS, what about Little Mix! I called Simon and asked him. "Are they talented??" he asked "Extremely" "Little Mix?" "yeah watch one of there covers on youtube" "Ok one second" i could hear simon playing there cover of Superbass. "Wow these girls are amazing....Ok they've got the job" "YEEEESSSSS!!!! Thank you uncle Si!! you won't regret this" i hung up the phone. YAAYYYY! 11 months with Jade!! I'm going to admit it. I'm falling in love with Jade. I ran downstairs to Jade on her phone looking very happy. "about time!" she said. "Why so happy?" i asked. "I got a tweet from Demi Lovato." She said proudly. Awesome! Demi's really nice she'll love Jade. "pfft apparently i'm dating her" i joked. "are we going or not?" she asked."Yup lets go"i said smiling. i grabbed her hand and we walked out of the house.


Jade's POV

We arrived at the shopping mall and ran into the supermarket. Niall grabbed a trolley and i jumped into it. "TO THE NUTELLA!" i exclaimed impersonating a superhero. Niall pushed the trolley, zig-zaging through customers and aisles picking stuff up on the way. We managed to fill up the trolley in about 45 minutes. We went through the check out and emptied the groceries into the car and drove off.













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