Somebody To Love

Hi my name is Jade Thirlwall. I'm from South Shields and i'm in a small girl group called Little Mix with my best friends Jesy, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne. We post covers on youtube and we have around 4.5 million subsribers and each video gets about 500 thousand views.We live together in a small flat in London. One night we decide to go to the park which is massive and more like a nature reserve. We start singing rather loud yet our vocals still sound perfect. Little did we know we were being filmed by a specific boy band who we become the opening act for! The girls meet 5SOS, One Directions other support act. The 5SOS boys are incredibly supportive of the girls. Will sparks fly or will it be a mess they wish they weren't a part of?? Read to find out!


10. Packing Up and Taking Off



Jade’s POV

It’s been a week since Niall and I became official and yes I do get a lot of hate for it. Zayn finally asked Perrie out and she gladly accepted. Calum told me he liked Jesy but is too afraid to ask her out. The truth is Jesy also likes Calum. Calum, Luke, Michael, Ashton, Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Danielle, and I kind of live together. At the moment I’m in the music room, writing a new song. It’s called Little Me. “Done” I finished writing down the lyrics in my music book that holds all the lyrics to every song the girls and I wrote. I start playing Little Me on the piano.

“She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl,

Voice so quiet you don’t hear a word,

Always talking but she can’t be heard….


Little me….”

I finish off and hear clapping. I turn around and see everybody standing at the door. I smile sweetly. “I didn’t know you could play piano!” Ashton exclaimed. “Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, and Keyboard.” I smile. “Huh” Ashton said. “I’m going home to pack we leave tonight for 11 months so yah” I say standing up. “We’re coming!” The girls exclaim. “Ok let’s go! Bye!” we wave good bye and walk to my Range Rover. I put Midnight Memories and we sing along every word.

“You and I,

We don’t wanna be like them,

We can make it till the end,

Nothing can come between you and I,

Not even the gods above,

Can separate the two of us,

Nothing can come between you and I,

Oh oh oh you and I.”

We finished singing and arrived home.  There were a few paps but not too many. We walked inside and packed our whole wardrobe. “Where’s our first stop?” Perrie asked neatly packing her suitcase. “Uhhh, Antwerp.” I answered stuffing my suitcase. “Where’s that?” Perrie asked. “Belgium” I smiled. “Ok”

By the time we finished packing we ach had about 3 suitcases full of clothes. We stuffed 12 suitcases somehow into the car. I jumped into the driver’s seat and my phone began ringing.

“I’m gonna live my life,

No matter what we party tonight,

I’m gonna li-i-ive my life,

And know that we gonna be alright”

The caller ID said “Uncle Simon”. I answered the phone. “Hey Uncle Si what’s up?” “Hello Jade, just letting you know our third stop on the tour is L.A and we will be there for 1 month. In that 1 month I’ll need you and the girls to record an album. Will that be ok?” “Yep that’s great. Thank you! See you later!” I hung up the phone. “Si wants us to record an album in L.A!” I informed the girls. “YAY!” the girls clapped their hands. “it’s funny how like 1 month ago we were covering songs in the flat. And now we’ve got a recording contract with Syco Records and we’re about to record our first album!” Leigh-Anne said. “And now we’ve got the best friends anyone would ask for” Perrie added in. “And now were touring the worlds with our 12 best friends” Jesy added in smiling. “Wow we’re actually being sentimental for once” I laughed. “Yeah” the girls joined in laughing. “Let’s get back to the house we have a plane to catch at 2:00 and its 6:45 now and Heathrow Airport is 2 hours and we need to eat, and be at the airport by 1:00.” I said counting on my fingers.  “Let’s Go!” I started up the car and we drove off. I played Alive and we sang along.

“She said hey it’s alright,

Does it make you feel alive?

Don’t look back,

Live your life,

Even if it’s only for tonight!”

We arrived at the house and could hear the commotion coming from inside.  The girls ran inside and joined in the commotion. I ran inside and the place was chaos. “EVERYBODY SHUT UP!!!!!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Everyone looked at me. “BOYS PACK YOUR BAGS! GIRLS CLEAN UP! GET TO WORK WE’RE LEAVING IN TWO HOURS!!” everybody scurried off and did as they were told. Danielle walks to me. “Hey J, you’re the first person those boys have listened to, I was trying the whole time you were gone.” Danielle laughs. “Well they can’t disappoint those adoring fans” I said over dramatically. “Ok I’m gonna put my bags in the car” “Ok” I smiled as Danielle rolled her suitcases into my car. I walked to Niall room where he was folding his clothes I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Hey babe” I smiled. I felt him jump. He turned around to face me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he placed his hands on my waist. “Hey beautiful.” Niall smiled. “The past months been crazy” I said. “At least I got to spend it with you.” “Aww I love you so much you know that” I said looked into Niall’s deep blue eyes. “ Of course but I love you more.” “That’s impossible” “Oh really” “Yeah” the gap between us became minimal. I placed my lips on Nialls and we shared a sweet kiss. Niall pushed me onto the bed still kissing me. He was now on top me kissing me. And then Harry walked in. “We’re leaving so get your fat ass up and get outside” Harry said then left. “He always ruins the moment.” Niall laughs. I shrug. “Let’s get going” “I love you” I love you too Niall” I smiled and kissed him. I grabbed one of his three suitcases and walked downstairs with it. Niall followed with 2 other suitcases. We now had 40 suitcases combined. “Whoa that’s a lot of suitcases.” Jesy laughed. “I know right” Calum said looking at Jesy. “We need to go now its 12:00!!” Liam yelled. We all ran outsides with our suitcases and piled them into the limo. The limo was massive so we could fit everything. We sat in the limo the seating was Ashton, Luke, Zayn, and Perrie on one couch, Danielle, Liam, Niall and I one another, Harry, Louis, Michael and Leigh-Anne, on another and Calum and Jesy on another. It took 1 hour to get to the airport and I swear there were literally millions of screaming teenage girls gathered around the airport. We grabbed our suitcases and walked into the airport. We went through customs and that stuff. We sat down in a designated waiting area at 1:45. “Great timing” Louis said. “I know” Paul took us to the private jet and we piled on. I sat next to Niall, Calum next to Jesy, Danielle and Liam, Louis and Harry, Ashton and Luke, Perrie and Zayn, and Michael next to Leigh-Anne.


Jesy’s POV

“Everybody up!” Paul yelled. I don’t think anyone heard him. I wasn’t a very deep sleeper but I guess everybody else is. I turned to Calum who was lying across my lap. I giggled softly not wanting to wake him up. I slowly grab my phone and take a photo of Calum. I post it on twitter with the caption. “This is what happened when you sit next to @calumhood on a plane. Sweet dreams xx”  “Cal wake up” I shake Calum trying to wake him up. His eyes flutter open. “Morning Jes” Calum smiled getting up. “We’re here” I smile. “Ok let’s go” Calum smiles

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