Somebody To Love

Hi my name is Jade Thirlwall. I'm from South Shields and i'm in a small girl group called Little Mix with my best friends Jesy, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne. We post covers on youtube and we have around 4.5 million subsribers and each video gets about 500 thousand views.We live together in a small flat in London. One night we decide to go to the park which is massive and more like a nature reserve. We start singing rather loud yet our vocals still sound perfect. Little did we know we were being filmed by a specific boy band who we become the opening act for! The girls meet 5SOS, One Directions other support act. The 5SOS boys are incredibly supportive of the girls. Will sparks fly or will it be a mess they wish they weren't a part of?? Read to find out!


16. Cheering Up Jesy

Calum's POV

I honestly can't believe Jordan would have the nerve to get Jesy pregnant then cheat on her! Seeing her cry hurts me inside considering I do have feelings for Jesy but there is no way she'll feel the same. "Can I talk to Jesy alone please" I say smiling at Jesy slightly. They nod and walk out. "Jes don't cry" I say as I sit next to her and hug her tight as she cries into my shirt. "I knew this would happen" she sobbed. "Don't say that" "no I'm a fat ugly worthless pathetic slut and nobody can love me cuz I'm not good enough" she cried more. "Jesy never say that again your not fat, your beautiful, your not worthless or pathetic, your defiantly not a slut and any guy would be lucky to be friends with you." I smile. "Thanks Cal" she says softly. "Remember the others and I love you to pieces and it hurts to see you like this" I smile. "Thanks I love you too" she smiles and hugs me. "You ok now" "yep" "mk let's go" I say and kiss her forehead and we walk out for dinner.

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