Somebody To Love

Hi my name is Jade Thirlwall. I'm from South Shields and i'm in a small girl group called Little Mix with my best friends Jesy, Perrie, and Leigh-Anne. We post covers on youtube and we have around 4.5 million subsribers and each video gets about 500 thousand views.We live together in a small flat in London. One night we decide to go to the park which is massive and more like a nature reserve. We start singing rather loud yet our vocals still sound perfect. Little did we know we were being filmed by a specific boy band who we become the opening act for! The girls meet 5SOS, One Directions other support act. The 5SOS boys are incredibly supportive of the girls. Will sparks fly or will it be a mess they wish they weren't a part of?? Read to find out!


9. Barbeque and The Campfire

-Barbeque and The Campfire-

Jade’s POV

Niall and I arrived at the house after about an hour. Everybody was in the pool. Jesy, Perrie and Leigh went home to get a change of clothes and a swimsuit. “WE’RE HOME!! WE GOT FOOOOD!!!” I yelled dropping the bags on the counter. Louis instantly grabbed the carrots, Liam, Zayn and Harry got crisps, Ash, Calum and Mikey got Vegemite and Bread to make toast, Luke got the poptarts and nutella, and Niall got MY TWISTIES!! “MINE!!” I yelled trying to get the twisties. “NOOO MINE!!”  Niall shouted. “PLEEEAASSSEE” I begged. “You’ll have to catch me first!” Niall yelled running away. “YOU BASTARD” I exclaimed running after Niall. I pushed him onto the couch and climbed on top of him pinning him down. “Give them!!” I yelled. “NEVER!!” Niall and I wrestled on the couch. Niall easily won. He sat on top of me pinning me down. “UNFAIR!” I tried to get up. We heard girls giggling. I turned around and saw Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Danielle filming us. I sat up and started laughing with Niall. I leaned backwards and fell off the couch onto my butt. I heard manly-ish laughs so I’m assuming the boys saw me. I continued laughing on the floor. Then Harry, Louis, and Calum started tickling me so much I found it hard to breath. “I…Can’t……breath!!” I shouted in between laughs. They stopped. “I hate you!!” I stood up and brushed myself off. “I’m hungry I want food!” I skipped into the kitchen and grabbed the food for the barbeque.


We just finished eating the amazing food that Perrie, Zayn and Luke and I made. We are now sitting around the campfire; Michael, Niall and I were holding guitars. Did I mention I’m a really awesome guitar, drums, piano, bass and keyboard player? “Can you girls play a song for us?” Louis asked. “PLEASE” Niall begged. “Ok let’s go” I began strumming the chords to Summer Love by One Direction.

You were my-y-y-y summer lo-o-o-o-o-ve

We finished off. The boys clapped and wooed. “You girls are amazing! Exactly why Simon chose you to be opening act for our next 11 month tour!” Niall yelled. “AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” we all screamed and jumped around. OMG WERE TOURING FOR 11 MONTHS WITH FRIGGIN ONE DIRECTION!! I hugged Niall really tight. “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!” “The only bad thing is you have to be with us” Calum said. “YAYY!” I clapped my hands. “I can’t wait” I smiled. “Have you girls written any songs?” Ashton asked. “Yeah” Jesy smiled. “Can you sing one?” Zayn asked. “Ok….” We sang a song we wrote called Good Enough.

 Am I still not good enough?

Am I still not worth that much?

I’m sorry for the way my life turned out,

Sorry for the smile I’m wearing now,

Guess I’m still not goood enough….


Perrie’s POV

OMG!! We’re opening for the biggest boy band EVER!!!! I’m so excited. Mostly about the fact I get to be with Zayn for 11 months!! Now that I’ve actually met Zayn, I’m falling more in love with him.

Zayn’s POV

YAY!! I’m so happy the girls are coming on tour with us! They truly are amazingly talented. I’m also glad that I can spend this time with Perrie. Perrie is the most beautiful, kindest, person you’ll meet. When Perrie’s around nobody compares. I have to take her and make her mine.

Niall’s POV

I need to talk to Jade; I can’t keep my feelings a secret. “Jade can I speak to you” I asked shyly. “Yeah sure” Jade smiled sweetly. She’s so adorable. Jade giggled as we walked into the house. “What?” I asked wondering why she was giggling. “You said that aloud” Jade giggled. “Oh well I wasn’t lying” I said. Jade bit her lip and smiled at the ground.  I lifted her chin up and looked into her gorgeous brown eyes. “Jade you’re the sweetest, most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Ever since I saw your covers on YouTube I began falling in love. Jade, I love you.”

Jade’s POV

 “Jade you’re the sweetest, most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Ever since I saw your covers on YouTube I began falling in love. Jade, I love you.” Niall said looking deep into my eyes. I can’t believe what I just heard. “I love you too” I said leaning in closer. The small gap between us was broken by Niall smashing his lips onto mine. The kiss was passionate and loving. The sparks flew instantly. I truly do love Niall. Niall then pulled away. “Jade will you be my girlfriend?” Niall asked shyly. I have been waiting so long to hear that. “Yes” I said. Niall face lit up. “Really!?” Niall exclaimed. “Yes” Niall smashed his lips onto mine one more time. We then walked hand in hand to the campfire.


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