Total Eclipse Of The Heart

One Shot ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_Emily is a not-so-normal girl from the Big Apple. When her dad gets a job in California, she moves all the way across the country. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_Cameron is a model for Teen Vogue, famous YouTuber and Viner. He's a normal guy who is just living life in the moment. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_What happens when these two meet? Most of all, what happens when they begin to fall for each other? Will all hell break lose? ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_Copyright © All Rights Reserved @u_dont_kno_meh


1. Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Emily's POV...

"Emily! Get up! You're going to be late for your first day." I groaned as my mom threw my sheets off me and opened my black curtains to let in the blinding gold rays of the sun into my room.

"Mom! School doesn't start until nine and it's... seven in the morning! Couldn't you have woken me up at eight?!"

"I know school starts at nine but I want you to be prepared so start getting ready." With that, my mom strolls out of my room while closing the door behind her. I sigh before throwing my feet over the side of the bed only for them to come in contact with the ice cold floor. I grab my slippers, put them on, and head over to the window. The neighborhood I live in is calm and peaceful. It's gorgeous too. The green grass, beautiful buildings, fancy cars. Too bad I won't fit in. I come from New York. I'm used to the busy streets and loud noise at any time during the day. I'm not used to there not being a ton of noise like the honking of the cars, the yelling of people, the crowded streets, and all that. I miss the Big Apple...

"Time to get ready I guess." I mumble to myself. I get dressed in a white tank top, put blue plaid flannel on top, put on my black ripped skinny jeans, put on black and white DKNY Grommets, brush my hair, brush my teeth, put on my gray beanie, and grab my backpack before going downstairs. My mom put a plate of scrambled eggs on the table with a note by that said she had to go to work early and I had to take the bus. Great. Once I finished my breakfast, I started out the door while making sure to lock it. I put in my earbuds and turned on my music. The first song that started playing was 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' by Panic! At The Disco. When I got to my bus stop, I leaned against the gate and tapped my hand against my leg to the beat of the music. I looked up to see the bus pulling up and get on along with the other kids who were waiting. I saw so many kids just staring at me and I went straight to the back. Today is going to suck like hell! When the bus pulled up to the school, I got off and went straight inside to get my locker to put everything away and went to class. I don't like it when people stare at me, it makes me want to punch someone. The bell rang and everyone piled into the room. I recognized some of the kids from YouTube and Vine (I'm just going to pretend that the ones I mention live in Chino Hills). There was Matt Espinosa, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, ThatsoJack (Jack), and Carter Reynolds. Um... okay then. I go to school with people who may as well be celebrities.

"Okay, class. We have a new student, Miss Emily Douglas. Make her feel welcome." When Mrs. Parks said my name, almost everyone gasped and looked at me. Okay so my 'dad' is a famous actor. He works in other jobs as well because in the future, he wants enough money for the family to be able to build off of. That's why we moved here. For good. All class I was tapping my nails on the desk and my leg was shaking like a fucking chihuahua because everyone was either staring at me or trying to talk to me. Despite the fame of my 'father', I have never been in the public eye and have never been noticed or even talked to by that many people because I usually keep to myself. Everyone looking at me is starting to freak me out. As soon as the bell rang, I grabbed my stuff and went straight to the door but everyone started crowding around me. I have minor claustrophobia and I start to panic when there are like thirty people a few inches away from me. That's usually why I get a ride to school so I don't have a panic attack in the middle of the street.

"Leave me alone please." I said. I was starting to hyperventilate, the room was spinning, everything was going black, my heart was pounding, and the air was becoming stuffy. Before I knew it, I started shaking and then everything went black, I felt something hard and cold underneath me, and I heard everyone panicking. I woke up in the nurse's office with an ice pack on my head. "What happened?" I asked while sitting up and holding the ice pack to my head.

"Well, Miss Douglas, it seems that you had a panic attack and passed out. Do you have claustrophobia?"

"Minor but yes."

"Well, that explains a lot. You are free to head to class, you were out for an hour. It's third period. Here's a note to give to your teacher." I nodded and went to class. When I stepped foot into class, I was bambarded with 'omygosh are you okay?' 'how are feeling?' 'how's your head?' I just gave my note to the teacher and went to the very back and took a seat. I laid my head down on my desk once I did.

"Hey. Are feeling okay? You look a little pail." I'd recognize that voice as Matthew Espinosa's voice anywhere.

"I'm fine just a little groggy." He nodded and I saw Nash Grier, ThatsoJack, and Cameron Dallas smile sympathetically at me. I just laid my head back down and took a few deep breaths. I sat up and sighed before looking to the front board and feeling almost everyone's eyes on me. The bell rang and I walked out of class glad to not be mobbed again.

"You're Emily Douglas!" Spoke to soon. Everyone started crowding around me again. It all started going down hill again. Just then, I felt someone grab my arm and pull me out of the crowd.

"Thanks." It was Carter.

"You're welcome. We don't want you passing out again." He said in a sort of joking manner. I laughed slightly and he showed me to my next class. I took a seat and looked at my desk until some slut slams her hands on the desk startling me.

"That's my seat."

"I don't see your name on it."

"Listen here, bitch. You will move or-"

"What are going to do to me? Slap me? Scream that I hit you?"

"So much worse. I'm going to make you regret not being a good girl and moving."

"I don't take orders from sluts, sorry." She huffed and stormed off to sit behind me as everyone else started storming into the room.

Cameron's POV...

The new girl wasn't having such a good start to her first day. First she passes out, then she almost passes out again, and now she had to deal with Serena Gallegos, A.K.A the school's slut. I walked into class and took a seat next to Emily.

"Hi. I'm Cameron but you can call me Cam." I held my hand out for her to shake and she took it in hers and shook it as she introduced herself.

"Emily." The teacher came in and we turned to face him. I can't seem to shake the tingling feeling I felt when she shook my hand.

"Okay class. We are starting something called the 'Marriage Project'. We're doing this to see how well you can work with others and how good you are at problem solving." I felt someone tap my shoulder and turned around to see Serena smiling at me. She wants to work with me. Great. "I have chosen your partners for you. Matthew and Leilani, Kai and Nina, Brent and Kylie, Cameron and Emily, Mike and Carly, Ian and Daisy, Harold and Mikayla, Vince and Serena, Victor and Ashley, and finally, Brendon and Bayley. You have been excused of your homework for this class until the project is over. you may converse with your partner until the end of class. You have to act like a [married] couple so sit next to each other as much as you can. Oh and one more thing, class. Since you have to act like a married couple, you have to arrange at who's house you will stay at for the month." I turned to Emily who turned and smiled at me.

"You can stay at my house if you want. My parents are rarely ever home and they will let you if it's for school." She said.

"Yeah thanks. I'll just have to stop at my house to get my stuff."


"So whatcha want to do?" I asked her.

"I don't know. Wanna just talk?"

"Sure." We spent the whole period talking along with the rest of the day. She's actually a really cool girl. I sat next to her on the bus on the way home and walked her home. Her house is right next to mine so this'll be easy. As soon as I packed my things my mom called me downstairs. "You called?"

"You are going to be staying next door for a month because I'll be out of town for a business trip. They said it was okay and they have daughter about your age (He's seventeen in this story and so is Emily) who will keep you company because they are out of town too. Is that okay?"

"Yeah that's fine. Are they the ones that just moved in?"

"Yes. I have to go. I love you."

"I love you too, mom." She left and I went upstairs to grab my things before I went over to Emily's. I knocked on the door and she opened it. "Hey. Apparently, with or without the project I would've been staying here because my mom is going on a month long business trip."

"My parents literally just told me." She showed me around and said I could sleep in her room or the guest room but the guest room has boxes all around the room. I opened the door and sure enough there were boxes scattered all across the room.

"I'll just sleep in your room." She laughed and opened her door. I was expecting bright colors but instead her room had a black rug, dark red and dark grey paint, medium grey dressers, and dark purple, black curtains, dark blue, pale green, and white bedspread/pillows. Then she showed me the bathroom. That was connected to her room. Her bathroom was white and blue unlike her room. It was also a bright blue. After we changed into our pj's we sat on her bed and watched a movie. "Where can I sleep?"

"Mr. Green said we had to act like a married couple so my bed I guess? If you want, you can sleep on the couch but it's up to you." She laid in her bed and I motioned like I was about to get in and she scooted over enough to make room for me to get in. I laid next to her and laid on my side so I was facing her. She was facing me and smiled before she yawned and closed her eyes. I yawned and closed my eyes as sleep took over my body. When I woke up, she was lying on my chest and my arms were around her waist. I yawned before looking back down at her to see she was awake. "Morning." She said before yawning. I removed my arms and let her get up.

"How'd you sleep?"

"Good. You?"

"Good. We have to get ready because we have school." I got up and went to my bag to get some clothes and went to the bathroom to change. I came out and she was dressed and ready to go. We went downstairs and ate before walking to the bus stop. She stopped me and pointed to everyone. They were all acting like couples. I took her hand in mine and saw her look down at our hands and then at me with a slight blush. We got on the bus and sat down in the back next to Ian and Daisy. We spent most of the day talking. I had a photoshoot today and was about to leave when Emily came up to me.

"Where are you going?" I just noticed her phone in her hand.

"I have a photoshoot today. Who were you talking to?" We started walking out the school as we were talking.

"My dad. I'm leaving early because he's having someone come down and talk to me about something. You have a photoshoot?" I saw a car start pulling up to us and I figured it was for her. I saw my manager's car pulling up to pick me up.

"I'm a model for Teen Vogue. I'll see you back at your house?"

"Yeah." I gave her a kiss on the forehead before we got into our separate cars and left.

No One's POV...

Emily got out of the car and went into the room she was instructed to go to. There was a man who instructed her to sit down.

"Hello, Emily. My name is Anthony Greenburg, I work with your father. I wanted to know if you were interested in being an actress in my new movie."

"Um, sure but I would need more information about the movie before I make a complete decision."

"So very much like your father. The movie is called The Roommate. Here's a folder with all information about the movie. Give me a call when you have though it over." She got up, said goodbye, and left. She was walking down the street reading about the film when she went to the beach. She looked up and saw Cameron while he doing his photoshoot.

Cameron was finishing up the photoshoot when he saw Emily and smiled at her. When he finished his photoshoot, he walked over to her and sat next to her.


"Hey. How was that talk you had with whoever that dude is?"

"It was good. He wants me to star in his movie. I'm not sure if I should."

"Well, why not?"

"School. I'm claustrophobic. I don't like fame or popularity."

"Okay. Well, then tell him that you don't want to star in his movie but you appreciate his offer."

"I'll tell him tomorrow. We need to get going." He stood up with her and went to get my things before going back to her. She held out her hand for him and he gladly took it. When they got to her house, they went to her balcony and sat on the railing. "When I moved here last week, I would come and sit here and look down. I used to want to end it. There were times where I would be so close to jumping off the rail."


"My parents. They were constantly fighting and I would overhear their fights. Their fights were about me. About how I ruined their lives sometimes. Others were about how I was the cause of all their problems. I wanted to jump off and put an end to their problems."

"I'm glad you didn't. I also think that they didn't mean it like that. They were probably saying that in the heat of the moment."

"I doubt that. One of their fights, before it was an actual fight, my dad asked my mom why did they even want kids. Now they have me, the root of their problems. I'm a disgrace."

"What did your mom say?" Cameron was facing Emily now but she was staring straight ahead.

"Not true. That my older brother was perfect but I was the mistake. That I was the reason my brother left." Her eyes were watering now and she tried taking some deep breaths to calm herself before she started crying.

"Why do you stay? Why don't you leave?"

"Where would I go?"

"You're brother's place if he has one."

"He lives back in New York. I would have nowhere to go."

"I'll be here for you. If you need to talk I'll listen, if I can at least."

"Thanks but I don't want to drag you into something that isn't even your fault."

"Well, like I said. I'll be here for you. C'mon, let's go to bed." Cameron got off the railing and held his hand out for her. She took it and got off before walking into her room with him. After they changed, they crawled into the bed. He was laying on his back and she laid her head on his chest. "Goodnight, Emily."

"Goodnight, Cam." Little did they know, someone was listening the entire time. That someone was the one person Emily hated. The one person who ruined her. Grayson Dawson, her ex best friend. In the middle of the night, Emily heard something come from her balcony and got up to investigate. She opened the doors to see a shadow of a man standing there. "Who are you?"

"Hello, Emily-Jane." Only one person knew her full name besides her family.

"Grayson. What are you doing here?"

"I came to finish what I started two years ago." He grabbed her arm and threw her into her room onto the ground with a vicious force.

"Leave me alone, Grayson!"

"Like how you left me alone while they tortured me!"

"I couldn't do anything to stop them, Grayson! It was either leaving you behind to get tortured or the both of us tortured and killed! You're lucky I was smart enough to leave so we would both live!" Emily looked towards the bed to see Cameron stirring in his sleep.

"Who do we have here?" Grayson slowly made his to the bed.

"My friend."

"I doubt that. Shall I make you watch as I torture him or should I kill him?"

"Leave him alone! He has nothing to do with this!"

"On the contrary, he has made you happy. You being happy is not good." Grayson started reaching for Cameron's arm as Emily scrambled to her feet.

"Leave him alone!" Grayson grabbed Cameron and pulled him up harshly.

"What the hell? Who the hell are you?" Cameron said as he tried to free his arm.

"That is none of your concern. Now, Emily, what should I do to him?"

"Leave him alone or so help me I'll-"

"You'll what, Emily? You'll what?"

"Emily, help me." She looked at Cameron and then at his arm. Grayson was holding onto it with a bruising force. She saw Grayson pulling a knife from his pocket and raising it so he could stab Cameron.

"No!" Emily shot a blast of power at Grayson as she screamed. When he was hit, he let go of Cameron and dropped the knife. The knife cut Cameron as it fell. "Cameron!" She ran over to him and observed the cut. It wasn't too deep but it was going to leave a scar.

"You little, bitch! You're going to pay for that!" Without hesitation, she grabbed Cameron's arm and dragged him out of the house. He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards an alleyway. She stopped as flashbacks flooded her mind. An alleyway was the cause of this. She and Grayson were fourteen when they ventured into an alleyway and got kidnapped. Three days had passed of them getting beaten. Their kidnappers made a deal with Emily to let her go to spare Grayson's life. Usually it'd be the other way around where to spare the friend's life, the first friend would stay behind. A year had passed when Grayson showed up again at his mom's house. Emily went to give him a hug when he pushed her off him and to the ground. For a year, he would abuse her. Then he moved and now she's in Chino Hills.


"I-I can't."

"Yes, you can. C'mon." Cameron grabbed her arm and pulled her into the alleyway ten minutes before Grayson passed them. "We're safe."

"Think again, children. Aw, young Emily. Good to see you again." Emily grabbed Cameron's arm and started pulling him out of the alley when a guy stopped her.

"Let us go, please!" She begged.

"No can do." As they were stepping closer to her, she felt power building up inside her. Finally, when they went to grab her, she shot a blast of air out of her hands towards the guys, knocking them down, and went to grab Cameron's hand when he moved away from her.


"Leave me alone." He was afraid of her.

"Cameron, I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." He pressed his back up to the wall as she walked closer to him.

"How do I know you won't hurt me?"

"Cameron, please. I would die before I hurt you." She was standing directly in front of him and placed her hands on his cheeks when he flinched away for a second. He relaxed soon after but stayed in his position with his back against the wall. She trailed her hands down his arms to his hands and intertwined their fingers. She could still see a tiny bit of fear in his eyes. "Cam, please. We have to get out of here." She dragged him out of the alley.

"Yeah. Let's go." He removed one of his hands and started dragging her to house before shutting and locking the door right behind her. They close and lock all the doors that lead outside and all the windows too. Emily turns to talk to Cameron and takes a step towards him and he steps back. She keeps walking towards him until he is in the same position as he was in the alley. He was never not afraid of her. He was just faking.

"Cameron?" She reached out to put a hand on his face when he flinched back so she stopped for a couple seconds then tried again.

"Get away from me."

"Cameron, I am not going to hurt you. I would kill myself before I hurt you." She put her hands on his face and looked him directly in the eyes. "Don't be afraid of me. Please. I'll tell you everything you want to know just don't be scared."

Cameron's POV...

I don't want to be afraid of her. I can tell that she isn't someone to be afraid of but I can't help it. I took a deep breath and put one of my hands on one of hers and I took her other hand in mine and intertwined our fingers.

"I'm not afraid of you." She smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

"That's a relief. Is there anything you want to know?"

"Everything I guess." She led me to her couch and started telling the story.

"When I was born, I was asleep. Most babies cry but that wasn't what happened to me. The nurses said that I was asleep but I'd wake up soon. Four days passed and I hadn't woken up. My parents took me to someone who would be able to help. A descendant to a Salem witch. She said that I would wake up but I would have unusual powers. As the years went by, only my family and I knew about my powers and I learned how to control them. Grayson was my best friend but then we ventured into an alley when we were fourteen. The guys we saw tonight were the ones who kidnapped Grayson and me. We went missing for three days when they let me go in agreement to spare both of our lives. I planned on going to the police but they said that if I do, they'll kill Grayson. A year later, Grayson reappeared and he hated me. He thought I abandoned him there and left him to die. He abused me, physically and emotionally. I told my parents but they didn't care. All they said was, 'Good. We have someone to do it for us.' and the next day, my brother left. I stayed in my room with the door locked and all the spare keys by my bed. My powers were going out of control when my brother left because after Grayson was abusing me, my brother became my best friend. I spent two weeks trying to control them again. When I did control them, we moved here. You know the rest."

"You were born with these powers."

"My great grandma had these powers too. My grandma was afraid of her and my mom hated her. When they figured out I had these powers too, my grandma bawled her eyes out because I was her granddaughter. My mom raised me as any other mother but as soon as I was ten, she treated me like a piece of shit. My grandmother didn't support my mom's behavior and instead raised me until she died when I was fifteen. She was more of a mother to me than my own mom was." Wow. Her parents did mean what they were saying. "My father never really paid much attention to me. Hell, I could be pregnant and they wouldn't care."

"Why do you stay? You could run away and find a family that would care for you."

"No. I'll be thrown out once they find out about my powers. Talk about forever alone." She looked down at her hands before getting up and walking to a window.

Emily's POV...

"Emily, I'll be here for you. You won't be alone."

"Yes I will be. You're afraid of me." I hugged myself and felt tears falling out of my eyes. I felt Cameron wrap his arms around me and pull me into his chest.

"No you won't. I'm not afraid anymore. C'mon let's go to bed." I nodded and went to turn around to hug him but I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and fell to the ground. "Emily!" Cameron caught me and held me in his lap. Finally the pain stopped and Cameron carried me to my room. He laid me in the bed and got in next to me. I felt him wrap an arm around me. The next morning it was Saturday. I looked at my clock and it was eight. I got out of bed, grabbed a towel, grabbed some clothes, and went to the bathroom to shower. I locked the door and put my towel and clothes on the counter before I started the water. I stripped down and got into the shower. After I washed, I got out, dried off, and got dressed. When I went back into my room, Cameron was sitting on the balcony. I stood in the doorway for a couple seconds before talking.

"Hey." He turned to me and smiled before coming up to me and giving me a hug.


"Whatcha doing out here?"



"Everything that has happened since I met you. I used to not believe in magic or anything like that until I met you." I smiled at looked around when I saw the moon and sun getting closer. An eclipse was happening. I remember hearing something that said (I totally made this up) an eclipse can give the heart the light to find it's other half. I grabbed Cameron's hand and pulled him inside before closing the door and closing the curtains. "What's going on?"

"An eclipse." He nodded and sat on my bed. I sat next to him while looking at my curtains. The eclipse was starting. "There was a legend my great grandmother told me before she died. An eclipse is the only thing in the supernatural world that can give the heart the light to find it's match. Sometimes it's match is right next to it." Just then, my curtains flew back and let the light from the eclipse in. Cam and I were knocked back because not only was the light let in, a blast of warm air was let in. I sat up and went to my window to see the eclipse had ended. I went over to Cameron and shook him. "Cam? Cameron. C'mon, Cam, wake up." I put my head to his chest, couldn't hear a heartbeat. "C'mon, Cameron this isn't funny. Cameron. Cam?" I started to panic when he reached up and pulled me on top of him and started laughing his ass off.

"You should've seen your face!"

"That wasn't funny, Cameron! You almost gave me a heart attack." I felt him sit up making me straddle him. When I looked at him, he smiled at me. I stared into his chocolate brown eyes and started leaning in. He was leaning in too. Our lips met and moved in sync. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he tightened his grip on my waist. The door to my room opened and Cam and I pulled apart and turned to see my father standing in the doorway with my mom.

"You're such a slut." My dad said.

"Excuse me?"

"This is like the tenth boy you've been with in a month." My mom said.

"No. He's the first boy I've been with in my entire life. Grayson doesn't count because he was my best friend." I said. Cameron looked at me and had a confused look. "I've never dated anyone before so how am I slut?"

"No one is buying that bullshit, Emily." My dad said.

"You mean like how no one is buying your guys' 'we are such good parents' bullshit either?" I said innocently. I felt Cameron tighten his grip around my waist even more.

"Son, it's time for you to go."

"I can't. My mom still isn't home and we have a project we still need to finish so..."

"Leave." My mom said.


"Emily, make him leave." My dad said to me.

"Okay. How about we stay at your house for the rest of the month?" I ask him. He nodded and let me stand up before going to get his stuff. I packed my necessities and went to leave but my parents stopped me not him.


"Go, Cameron." I smiled at him and he nodded before going downstairs. My parents smiled and left my room. Idiots. I opened my balcony door and saw Cameron standing there. I threw my stuff over and jumped off. He caught me and we went to his house.

Cameron's POV...

After she put her stuff in my room, I went over to her, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back. When we pulled away, we went downstairs to watch some TV when there was a knock at my door. I looked through the peephole and saw Emily's parents. I ran over to her and told her to hide so she did and then I went to open the door.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Where is Emily?" Her mom asked with a pissed expression.

"I don't know. I thought she was back in that hell hole you force her to call home."

"We know she's here." Her dad said.

"Sorry but she's not."

"Listen here, Emily needs to come back home now or I'm calling the police and saying you kidnapped her."

"You're going to lie to the police?"

"It's not lying if it's true."

"It's a lie. I don't know where the hell she is. Maybe she got sick of your shit and ran away. Ever think about that?"

"What are you talking about?" Her mom asked. Her pissed expression disappeared and she now had a somewhat scared expression.

"She told me about how you treat her, about what you say about her. She also told me that because of you two, she almost killed herself. Luckily, she had enough self-control to stop herself." They now looked pretty scared since I knew this kind of stuff. "Like I said, she's not here." I closed the door and saw them walk away. I found Emily and wrapped my arms around her.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." I held her tight and wanted to keep her in my arms forever. Whoa! Did I just say that? Maybe what her great grandma said about an eclipse is true. But that's crazy right? We stood up and went downstairs to get something to eat and then watch a movie. "What do you want to watch?"

"I don't care." I chose a scary movie and went to sit next to her as it started. During the movie she was burying her head in my shoulder. I chuckled as the movie ended.

"The movies over." She removed her head and looked at the screen to see the end credits.

"Why did you pick that movie?"

"You said you didn't care so I chose a movie." The door bell rang and I went to go get it but all that was there was a package. I picked it up and put it in the kitchen. It was for me. I opened it and saw a note inside with a necklace. Emily's necklace. I remember her telling me about it.


"Where'd you get that?" I asked while pointing to the necklace that had a black thin rope as the chain and a gold star hanging off it.

"My grandmother gave me it. It was my great grandmother's. It helped her control her powers and as long as it's kept safe, it helps me control my powers."

~ End of Flashback~

Why is it here? I picked up the note and read what it had to say.

"If you want to see your little girlfriend, meet me on her balcony tonight." I threw the note on the ground and picked up her necklace. I put the necklace in my pocket and left for her house. I found a ladder hanging from her balcony and climbed it to see her tied up. "Emily."

"Cameron, you have to go. It's not me he's after. It's you. You have to go."

"I'm not leaving without you."

"You have to. Please go!" I untied her and grabbed her hand. We went into her room only to see her father there with a gun. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room just as the gun went off. I literally dodged a bullet thanks to her.

"You should have listened to her you know."

"Who are you?"

"Don't remember me? Maybe you will in a second." He stepped out of the shadows and it hit me. Kyle Morris. He used to be my friend.

"What do you want, Kyle?" I snapped at him.

"I want you to suffer."

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