The Twins

You think you know everything about One Direction. Well guess what your wrong I bet you didn't know that Liam had a twin sister. Well he does, when they were younger they were inseparable, best friends the whole package. they grew distant once Liam auditioned for the X-Factor. She became a little Rebel and he became famous. Liam and Allison lost contact for good. For a matter of fact she lost contact with all her family. Later in her life she became famous model dancer and singer, but changed since the last time saw her. Will the Payne twins reunite or will Liam be devastate? Find out in The Twins


1. Prolouge

Allison’s POV

Hi my name is Allison Payne. I am a professional model, dancer and a singer. I started my career once I ran away from   home.  I haven’t seen my family since and I’m not planning on it either.  You see I was the town Rebel back then and still am but my parents were driven crazy by my partying and smoking and all that crap so I ran away so they can stay calm.  My brother was never home and never called like he promised so I left.

A couple months after I left Simon Cowell heard me signing on the street and signed me to his record company. I gladly accepted and I’m now a world famous singer. I haven’t seen Liam which is a good thing. I changed my look so now one could recognize me and it worked amazing. I am 19 and live in New York City. I live with my Best Friend Amanda.  We are both models so that’s how we met. I am currently with my manager discussing who I will be going on tour with and how long do I have for break right now.

“Okay right now you will have a month break and we are sending you to London for photo shoots and you to dance on the X-Factor for some band. Then you will start your tour there. Got It Get It Good” My manager Elizabeth informed me.

“But what if I don’t want to see my family, why can’t stay here and party hard with Amanda?” I questioned

“Well wouldn’t you like to see your best friend Eleanor and Danielle, you miss them don’t you’ she said with evil smile.

“I’ll go but won’t promise to stay out of trouble” I smirked. With that I got up and left her office to my flat. I didn’t have a good feeling about going to London but at least I will get to see Eleanor and for the first time in like a year. She is always with her boyfriend but she never tells me who it is and since Danielle is dating my brother I don’t like visiting her often.

I called a cab from the studio and they said they would be arriving in less than 10 minutes.  While I waited I went on twitter to see what rumors they made up this time. All I saw was my brother’s stupid boy band on every headline so I just logged out of twitter. I did it just in time to cause they cab pulled up. I hopped in the backseat and told the driver my address he nodded his head and we were off. The drive back is about two hours so I just took a short nap in the meantime. The cab driver woke me right when I got there. I paid him the amount and took my key out of my flat and unlocked.

When I got there Amanda was in her room packing too. I raised an eyebrow because she didn’t tell me she was leaving.

“What are you doing” I questioned Amanda

“Oh, I’m leaving since they gave me a break so I’m going to California to visit my family then to Florida to visit my boyfriend. I also decide to leave since you are leaving to London for work and family which I know you aren’t going to visit.” I nodded my trying to sink everything she told me.

“We’ll have fun but I’m going to my room to pack my stuff since I leave at 5am. What time does your flight leave?” I ask

“It leaves at 9 which is in an hour.”

“Well bye then cause I know you’re leaving now, I will miss you and text me kayy” she nodded then left through the door. I’m going to miss that girl I won’t be seeing her soon. I sighed and went to room to pack my stuff. I packed all my necessary. I only left out my outfit for the morning. It only took me about one hour. When I finished I laid down and feel into deep sleep.



I woke up to an annoying beeping sound, which is called my alarm. It was 4am and I’m not a morning person. I got out of bed and went to change into the outfit of the day.  When I finished getting ready I called a cab and they said they will be here in five minutes.  I stood outside until a cab pulled up. I walked and put my luggage in the trunk. I got and told him to go to the airport.

Once we pulled up I gave him the money and got out of the cab. I walked up to the front desk and told them my name since my manager reserved. They nodded an handed me my ticket and shooed me away. I just huffed and took a seat and waited for my plane to be called. I didn’t wait that long cause 5 minutes later.

Flight 13b is now boarding’

I walked to counter and handed her my ticket she nodded and let me through. The good thing is that my manager got me first-class tickets. I finally found my seat so in the meantime I looked for gum so my ears don’t pop. I sat there just looking until someone took the seat next to me. It was a guy with dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Hi, I’m Niall Horan” he said

“Oh, Hi Niall I’m Allison or as I’m known as Diamond”

“I know you, but what are you doing going to London?” he asked

“Work and family but I don’t want to visit my family it’s my managements fault. So what do you do for a living?”

“Why don’t you want to see your family and I’m in the band One Direction” once he said that my eyes popped. I can’t believe Liam is on this plane with his band. I can’t just can’t he is going back to Wolverhampton.

“Oh, that’s nice but I’m going to sleep cause I probably won’t ever get it in a while” he nodded and turned around and we both fell asleep.





This is going to be a heck of a vacation.


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