Masters: Training Arc

Meet Damian; a twelve yea-old in the world of Masters! Masters are defenders for their village, and are seen as a means of protection. Though Damian, a Master in Training (or Rookie), holds a secret within himself... A secret that holds a dark past.


1. Prologue

A pair of green eyes drifted across the small room, landing on certain people in the room.

To the right, there was a silver haired man with a pack on knives attached to his waist, and a loose black shirt and pants on. His nose was deep in a book written in another language, but his eyes drifted towards the green eyed male.

On his right was a small window, and it looked as if it was dark out, which was surprising since it had been light out not so long ago. Aside from that, there was only rows of houses, with a large building in the distance.

And in front of him was a beautiful black haired woman, with round, caring black eyes that looked at a bundle of blankets in her arms. She had a sorrowful smile in her lips. She wore a hospital gown and was lying in a bed.

Surprised at the sorrow she held, the green eyed man walked up to her and kneeled down next to her, and spared a glance at the sleeping new-born in her arms.

"What's wrong?" He whispered into her ear, to which she looked away from the baby and stared into the man's eyes lovingly.

"He... He escaped," she breathed out, before collapsing on her bed, eyes closed, body still.

"N... No," I mumbled, and the silver haired man ran towards me, as my vision began to blur.

And through all this, only one thought ran through my mind.

Chaos Has Escaped.

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