Just a Game

Amanda thought she could play a player but can she?


1. Truth or Dare?

Amanda's P.O.V


We were playing Truth or Dare at my Best Friend Missy's house. The Dares had been all very juvenile and the Truths way to personal. I was going to make this a little more fun.

"Missy Truth or Dare?" I asked her already knowing what she would say.

"Dare." She said thinking it would be easy.

"I Dare you to call David and tell him that you still love him." i said. David is her Ex-Boyfriend she broke up with him and he calls once a week to tell her he still loves her. Her face went pale.

"You can't be serious." she says

"I'm dead serious." I said with a smirk on my face.

"Fine give me the phone." she says taking a deep breath as she dials the number. before she presses call she looks at me and says "Your next."

(M is Missy D is David)

M:Hey how are you

D: I'm great since you called

M:I have to tell you something.....

D:Ya i know you want me to stop calling.

M:No that's not it, David I Love you

D:I love you too Missy does this mean we can get back together?

M:No Absolutely not i have to David Bye.

She hung up before he could say anything.Then she slowly turned tword me with an evil smile on her face.

"So, Amanda Truth or Dare?" She asks

"Dare." I say. I know it's going to be bad but i can't be a pussy and chose truth.

"I dare you to ply the player." She say's

"What does that even mean?" I ask

"You have to get Cameron to fall in love with you without falling in love with him." she said

"Why?" I askedd

"Because you could make him see what he does to girls, and if that's not enough than do it for Christina remember when he played her changed her she is a completely different person now and it's his fault." She said

Christina was my Twin sister she had moved in with our dad after what happened with Cameron and i hadn't seen her in two years.

"I'll do it." I said.

How in the world am i even going to get Cameron to talk to me? He absolutely hates me because of some stuff i did after he broke my sisters heart. What did i just get my self in to?

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