This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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10. We're on the road again


I close my eyes to keep the bubbly soaps from entering them, making me partially blind. I hate when shampoo or conditioner finds its way into my eyes. It's one of my pet peeves because, if you try to rub it out, you only make the sting worse. No matter what I do, it some how ends up in my eyes. It's a lost cause really.

The hot water against my dirty pale skin feels heavenly. I can't help but think of sexy boy. Maybe it's the way he walks. Or maybe the sparkle in his eyes when he smiles. I shake my head vigorously, trying to push the thoughts away.

I never have thoughts like these, especially since I have Niall. I run my fingers through my long wet hair continuously, speeding up the washing my hair process. I will just stay with Niall today. I don't feel like going to school. Well, again. I step out of the shower and grab the towel on the white marble counter. I wipe myself off and wrap my towel around my soaked hair.

Shit. I forgot my panties and bra. I bend down and open the door of a cabinet, grabbing a second towel, wrapping it around my dry body. I unlock the door and walk over to my drawer, grabbing a pair of light pink underwear and the only bra left for the time being. A strapless white bra. I look over to see a smiling Niall. I give him a playful wink as does he. I can't help but laugh at the blonde haired boy walking over to me in a trying to be sexy yet stupid walk. His mouth covers mine and I realize how I must look. I escape his soft lips and rush to the bathroom with my undergarments, closing the door behind me.

I let the white towel drop beneath me, hugging my ankles and strap my bra on. I hate strapless bras. I mean, when I'm not wearing anything strapless, I hate having to deal with the fear of it falling or being pulled down. I pick the towel from the floor and toss it into the hamper next to the sink. I dress my self with the clothes I had pick out and comb my hair out. I don't want to blow dry my hair. I hardly ever do. When I do, it leaves my hair in a tangled, blonde, birds nest of hair. I will let it air dry and straighten it later.

I grab the borrowed clothes off the counter, leaving the steamed room behind. Niall is no where in sight. I place the clothes in my back pack and head out of my room in search of either my mother or Niall. I rush down the stairs and turn to my left towards the kitchen and living room. Brett is sitting cross legged on the brown leather couch, eyes captivated by the screen in front of him. "Hi Brit!" He smiles and looks over to me, nutella smeared on his cheeks. I laugh at the sight of his tiny legs running towards me, arms open. I pick him up and hug him tight and automatically feel his legs wrap around my waist.

"Where were you? You didn't read me a story last night." He says slowly.

"I'm sorry Brett. I promise from now on, I will. Pinky promise okay?" I put him down and wrap my pinkie with his. He nods and grabs me by my hand, leading me up to his blue, Lego filled room. Niall is sitting on the floor creating some sort of Lego plane when we enter Brett's room. "So, school? Or no?" Niall asks, putting his creation aside and standing.

"I don't know" I lie.

"Well, pick please. I don't want to force you into doing anything you don't want to do."

"Well what time is it?" I ask, searching for my phone. I must have left it in my room.

"Is twelve." Brett answers confidently. I smile and sit next to him on his over sized sky blue bean bag. "Okay, well there isn't much of a point to go to school for like 2 classes." I tell Niall who is now looking at the screen of his phone.

"Rebecca just texted me." He says massaging the back of my neck with one hand. "What did she say?" He brings the screen too close to my face, making the image blurry. I grab the phone from his hand and read it to myself. *Party t'night join?* I get up and lead Niall from Brett's room to mine. "I'll text her. Where did you put my phone?" I ask the blonde boy in front of me. "I thought you had it. I don't have it." Shit. I had my phone at the hospital. I'm sure of that but I don't remember having it in the forest. I look around frantically searching for my overly expensive iPhone. Oh god where is it! I'll be in shit if I don't find it.

Niall searches with me, but its a loss. We searched all around my room, kitchen and living room, but no success. We give up after a half an hour and decide to go for a walk. Niall's choice of course, not mine. He wants me to lead him the way to the forest I had spent my time yesterday and night. I agree not because I want to go back, well I do, but that's not the point. I agreed because Niall sounded cautious while asking me to take him. He seemed uneasy and scared even.

We make sandwiches and wrap them with some sort of transparent paper foil. We chose to have a small picnic on the edge of the bush of trees. Niall grabs his phone and places it in the small pocket of his black backpack, as well as some animal shaped baby crackers. He fills the bigger pocket with juice boxes and an extra sweater if the temperature drops. I run upstairs to inform Brett and my mother of our goings and plan. Brett hugs my legs and smiles, as always.

I always wonder why he is so happy. Well I guess he doesn't have school to worry about. Or chores. Or anything really. I guess that's why.

My mother picks him up and he wraps his arms around her neck, resting his small light blonde haired head in the crook of her neck. I smile at the scene and leave them alone to join Niall down stairs.

Niall is wearing his plain black wind jacket and his white shoes, along with his back pack over his right shoulder. He is sitting on the carpeted stairs. I pass him, getting my black combat boots from the closet and putting then on. It's cool out since It is close to November now. The leaves have been falling and the sun has been setting much faster.

I grab my light weighted burgundy Grand Canyon jacket and pull the sleeves over my thin arms, leaving the zipper lose.

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