This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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9. Wash away

The drive consists of Harry dancing to music and me laughing at his stupidity. We arrive at school early. No one is around as he parks his fancy expensive Audi in student parking and walk side by side into the school. We decide to sit against the row of lockers close to the doors. "Hey, can I use your phone?" I ask and he puts his hand down the back pocket of his black skinny jeans an passes me his iPhone. I really need to call home. I don't have my bag and I need to tell my mom that I am fine. She must be worried about me. And so must- "Niall!" I scream across the room and he turns and runs to my side, pulling me up and hugging me tighter than ever. I am so glad to see him. I have no idea what the hell was running through my mind when I decided to leave him and run away alone.

"Where the heck have you been! I have been worried sick about you! I will drive you home. Sandra has been terrified that you had disappeared! Where were you? I left all your things in your room." Niall says through my hair. Harry is still sitting on the floor, back against the light pink lockers. He seems to be uncomfortable with Niall and I. His eyes keep changing directions. I guess he is trying no to look at our affection. I feel his phone vibrate in my hand and I let go of Niall. "I think someone is calling you." I say and toss his phone onto his cross legged lap. He nods and looks down at the screen, but doesn't reply to the text or call. He finally gets up and throws his bag over his shoulder and walks away.

"Who's that?" Niall asks acting suspicious.

"That's Harry, the guy who borrowed my stuff yesterday during the lab."

"How did you get here, wearing that?" He points to the clothes I borrowed from Harry's supposed sister.

"He lent them to me."

"I'm confused.. Tell me everything on our way back okay?" He says, curiosity fills his words. I nod and follow him to his car.

- - - -

"So you ran off to a forest?" He seems shocked. "Yeah. I didn't know what I was doing at the time. I fell asleep on the floor and woke up all disgusting. I tried to find my way home but it was impossible." I told Niall as he drove down the high way.

"So how did you encounter Jerry?" He asks.

"I was walking and found my way to the edge of the forest. HARRY was walking his dog down the path. I recognized him from Science class and he led me to his house and lent me his sister's clothes. I will wash them before giving them back." I half lie. Niall sighs and parks in the driveway of my mother's house.

"And he drove you to school?" I agree and open the red door. I take my shoes off and place them on the shoe mat. I hear the familiar sound of Coldplay in the kitchen. My mother must be home. I walk into the room where the music is playing and see my mom flipping crapes over the oven. So Canadian mum. So Canadian. My aunt lives in Canada. I visit her every few years.

I laugh and she turns around. A huge wave of relief flushes her face and she runs to me and hugs me.

I feel tears on my neck and hug her back. "I missed you! I though you were dea-" she cuts her self off "lost forever." She corrects herself. "I was lost. But not forever." I reassure her. She lets go and walks back to the oven placing the crape onto a plate. She picks it up and places it on the wooden dining table. I'm guessing it is for me. I open the cutlery drawer and grab two knifes and two forks, hoping someone else will be eating as well. I grab some maple syrup, once again, so Canadian, from the fridge and sit down. I'm glad Niall sits down next to me and placing his own plate in front of him. We eat in silence and my mom cleans the dishes and puts the kettle on.

I can't stop thinking of this morning. Waking up in a forest, lost. Swimming with this mystery boy named Harry, going to his house and driving to School. He didn't talk much, maybe a few sentences. I wander if he goes to the river a lot. I don't know much about him. At all. I have no idea how old he is or what art major he is. I'm guessing Visual. He doesn't talk much but he just seems like the type of guy to paint naked girls and make comics and graffiti. Plus, he wears skinny jeans. The Visual Artists are all hip and fashionable and I'm pretty sure men skinny jeans are hip. I have no clue.

My mom places a plate covered with crapes in the middle of the table and I grab one with my fork. Crapes are the only breakfast food I will eat, besides muffins. Niall takes his third and pours too much maple syrup on the thin crape. He sighs and continues to eat. I get up and place my plate, fork and knife in the aluminum sink, fill the kettle to the maximum with water and press the button on. I sit back down next to Niall and watch as he eats his over Maple syrup-ed crape. His frustration makes me giggle and he sends back a teasing glare. I laugh harder and leave him alone at the table while I get my tea ready. Second one today. I normally have 5 or 6 a day. At least. Niall gets annoyed by my obsession some times but he still goes with me to buy tea almost everyday.

I open the cupboard and grab my Tim Hortons mug. Why is this morning so Canadian... I grab a tea bag and throw it into the mug and pour the steaming water into the cup and stir a tea spoon around. Niall places his plate in the sink next to mine and places the milk from the fridge next to me.

"Want one?" I ask and he declines. He stands behind me and tugs my hair lightly. I turn around to him centimeters away from my nose. He looks down to my lips and I can't help but bite my bottom lip. I turn away just before he kisses me and he ends up kissing the back of my head. He growls and hugs me, resting his head on my shoulder. I throw the tea bag into the garbage, Niall still attached to my back. I squirm out of his arms and put a spoon full of sugar into the mug, stirring it once again.

"How's Bret?" I ask my mom who is now on her laptop sitting on the leather couch. "He's okay I haven't told him yet. We will have to tell him tonight." She says, beginning to cry. "Am I going to school? I feel fine." I ask my mother. "If you would like. Or you can stay home. Either way, you choose." I nod and take Niall by the hand, leading him up the carpeted staircase to my room. I open the door and just like promised, my bag and phone sit on my made bed.

"I'm going to take a quick shower. Can you grab some shampoo from my mother's bathroom?" He smiles and leaves me alone. I pick out a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. Niall comes back with three bottles of shampoo in his arms. "I told you one!" I giggle and grab them and place them on the counter in the ocean styled bathroom. He smiles and sits down on my bed, starting to play on his phone. Flappy Bird I suppose. He is addicted to it. I don't exactly get the point of the stupid game. I turn away from him and close the door to the bathroom, turning the lock between my fingers. I pull the Plain white Tee over my head and place it neatly on the counter. I do the same with the leggings. I pull down my underwear and bra and throw them into the hamper. I open the shower door and turn the water on.

The steamy water washes over my naked body, washing away the dirt and memories from when he left.

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