This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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13. Titanic

"Babe." He moans again. His voice has lowered and has become raspier. I stop my action and turn my body away from him, as I start to feel his pelvis strong against my lower back.

His hands make their way to my hips. He turns me suddenly and presses himself against my body. He bites his lip, then licks his top lip slowly. I look down not knowing what to do. Harry's phone has been beeping and I have a feeling it's Niall.

Harry lowers his head and places a tough kiss on my forehead then down to my nose. My eyes close in defeat as he places another just under my ear and hisses my name. "Harry please - no," I try to say but he continues to cover my pale skin in kisses. "Harry please I can-"

"Shhh" he cuts me off, picking me up and presses me against the wooden wall. I wrap my legs around his waist in support. My head hits the wall hard but not enough to hurt. I beg him again and this time he thankfully obliges.

He lets go and I slide down his muscular body. I reach for my tea and take another sip silently, trying to figure out what to say. "I think I'll go to bed" I say. I'm hungry but I want to avoid any possibility of leading both Harry and myself on. I would much rather try to sleep. I finish off my tea and place the white mug in the sink. Harry clenches his jaw and turns from me. I start to move out of the kitchen. "Sorry where may I sleep?" I ask. Harry turns back and walks straight passed me. I follow. He leads me up a wooden staircase to a white door with a lock in the knob. He turns it and pushes the door open.

The room has light baby blue painted walls. There is one large window located on the right. On the ceiling is a huge sky light. I see the stars peeing through the glass and I see a full moon. There's a white one-person chair hammock looking thing hanging from the back of the room. The bed is parallel to the large window and the blankets are Aztec looking. The pillow is blue. The floors are carpeted in white. The room as a whole looks like something pulled from Tumblr.

I walk slowly into the room towards the bed. I find myself stopping mid way and staring up at the stars. I have always been fascinated by them. The whole thing about millions of circular gas balls shinning around our tiny planet fascinates me. I love the sky. I love the ocean too. I think I just have a thing for nature and it's countless wonders. I look back to the door and see that Harry has disappeared from sight. I sigh and walk back over to the door. I look back and forth, left and right of the hallway to see nothing but walls and doors. I close the door and lock it. I turn my back to the able-to-open wall and look over to the bed I guess is mine for the night.

I sit crossed legged on the sheets, closing my eyes and think of what has happened. What will happen. And what is happening.

The lights are still on, bothering my needing to be focused state. I don't want to go turn them off though. I open my eyes to a light triple knock on the door. I untangle my legs and jump off the bed and to the door. I unlock it and turn the knob. Harry in nothing but black tight boxers meets my eyes. I fight my urge to look down. I look only into his eyes.

"These are for you if you would like." He holds out a large black opaque garbage bag. "Don't worry. It's not a sick joke. I just threw some of Syd's old stuff in there in case you wanted something more sleep-ish."

I smile at his consideration and take the big bag into my thin arms. "If you need me, I'll be downstairs." He smiles back, turning and heading down to the left with his hands tucked in his back pockets.

I close the door and walk over to the bed and empty the garbage bag onto the mattress. By the looks of it, Harry must have put every single piece of clothing besides bras, socks, and panties into the bag. There are sweaters, shirts, shorts, spring dresses, and long pants.

I pick out a Coldplay 2012 concert crop top and what seems to be black dance shorts. They're comfy looking and stretchy as well. The shorts are. I strip my clothes to the floor. I don't bother folding them, like I normally would.

I keep my undergarments on. I don't feel 100 % comfortable with the idea of being in Harry's home with those off. I pull the cropped top over my head and then pull the shorts up my legs. They fit perfectly. I mean, they seem to fit. I'm no dancer or anything so I wouldn't really know. But they are comfortable and make me feel good. I think. I have no idea what I think right now. Especially about Niall and Harry and this place. This logged house I have been pulled to for the past 42 hours.

I fold all the clothes and put them back in the bag gently. I don't know why I bother. I mean, Harry will probably just throw it back in her room or toss it in a closet or something. I tie the open part of the bag into a knot and place it next to the huge window. I look up again to look into the night then crawl under the Aztec blankets. They are warm and cuddly. And the mattress is soft. But not too soft that I sink into it. I bring my knees up and lay on my right, looking out the window.

The view is beautiful, even though it's almost pitch black out side. It's forest all around from what I can see. I hear nothing but silence. My attention is caught when I see the river through the trees. It's not far at all. I see the path from which Niall had led us and I see the faint lights on the sides of it. I close my eyes and pray this is all a dream. I hope Harry is just an imaginary character in my dream. Well, I want to think I hope he is.

It lasts me what seems to be hours to fall asleep. Yes, the lights are on, but I can usually fall asleep with them on. I open my eyes and push myself to get out of the comfort of this bed. I will creep downstairs and get a drink of water. My throat is dry and I feel a cold coming on.

I get out of the bed and tip toe towards the door. I open it slowly, in hopes Harry, or anyone else that I don't know of, won't hear me. Thankfully, the door doesn't creak. I walk carefully through the dark, finding my way to the kitchen. I go down the stairs, holding onto the railing. I hear voices. Not Harry's raspy low voice, but of a young woman. I creep my way towards the voice and stop when I see who it's from.

Rose. From Titanic. The flat screen television is on and the movie Titanic seems to be playing. It's the beginning of the movie. I can tell because I have watched the movie over ten times. I step closer and cringe when I hear the creak of the floor. Harry turns his head and rushes to shut the television screen off instantly.

I walk closer, not caring if I make sound. It's much too late for being silent. "Sorry I was just getting some water." I say shyly. I look down at my feet like a child being embarrassed. I guess that's what I am. Only, I'm almost 18. Harry gets up from where he was sitting on the leather couch and walks to the fridge. He opens the door and pulls out a bottle of water. He places it on the counter then grabs a plastic Mickey Mouse cup from a cupboard. He opens the bottle and pours the water into the cup.

He leaves the cup alone and walks back to the TV. He sits down and turns it on, changing the channel to some foot ball game. I let out a slight sigh and grab the cup into my palms. I walk over to to Harry and sit right next to him. He turns his head towards me and then back to the screen. I can tell he is hiding a smile. Deep dimples form in his cheeks as he turns the channel once again.

I gulp the water, soothing my dry throat and place the empty cup on the floor, next to my feet. There's a cool breeze coming from a place I can't point out. A shiver takes control of my body and I see Harry chuckle at my uncontrollable movement. I slap his arm teasingly, but only resulting in him laughing harder. His laugh is contagious and I can't stop but join in.

I finally stop myself by biting my lower lip. He smiles and turns his attention back to the television. With one hand, he pulls both my legs onto his bare legs. I wrap my legs around his and shimmy closer. His body is warm and comforting. A sweet sent radiates from him and I try to breath in as much as I can. He passes me a pillow and I wrap my arms around it. I watch him carefully as he picks out a channel. It's quite amusing and I think I could spend hours watching him being frustrated by not finding a show that amuses him. I rest my head on his naked chest, hearing the heavy pumping of his heart. I close my eyes and listen intently.

I open my eyes to see Netflix. I smile as he looks through the "Romance" section. I look up at him, my head still resting on his chest. "Do you wanna watch a movie?" He asks, still searching through the selection. I look towards the screen as I say "Titanic."

He smiles and his cheerful dimples come back, welcoming me. I close my eyes, the sound of his heartbeat draining me out of consciousness. "Goodnight love."

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