This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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1. The Day we Find Out




I wake up at 6, the usual, to my "circle of life" alarm. I pick up my phone and swipe the lock to turn the alarm off. My head is pounding and my stomach aching. "Mom!" I manage to say, but the words escape my mouth in a whisper. I guess she heard my whimper because, before I know it, she creaks my door open, holding a metal tray filled with breakfast. She tip-toes across my carpeted floors and places the tray on my bed side table. She lightly pushes my frail body over so she can sit down next to me and gives me one of her sappy yet beautiful wide white-teethed smiles.

"Are you sure you want to go to school Brit? You seem to have a pretty bad stomach flu and I mean you don't want to look like this in front of Niall do you?" She says while pushing a lose strand of her long wavy hair behind her pierced ear.

"Yeah mom I'm going. I have a science lab today that I don't want to miss. And Niall will just have to suck it up." I reply, finding myself smiling. She leans down and kisses my burning forehead before shutting my door close, leaving me alone in my light purple room.

I pull my covers off of my almost naked body and head to my bathroom. I decide to take a shorter shower than usual so I have time to straighten my naturally unruly wavy blonde hair. I strip down my clothes and step in the shower only to notice I'm out of shampoo. "Shit" I lightly say to myself. I guess conditioner will have to do. The day is already going wrong.

I step out of the shower, it's been about 10 minutes. I go to check my phone and realize I am running late. I go to an arts High School pretty far from where I live, so I have to bus every day. I guess I'll just get mom to drive me today. I shrug off the inconvenience and start to blow dry my hair.

I do wish I could let myself stay home, but Mrs Crowthers wouldn't be happy if I had to do the Lab another day. I guess I will just suck it up for today.

I plug in my straightener and walk over to my dresser to grab my outfit for the day. I had picked it out the night before. I always have to plan what I will wear, because I hate searching for clothes in the morning. Just something to do with me being "Overly organized" as Niall says.

I turn my phone on to see one new text. *Good morning sunshine* Its from Niall. I know it's cheesy, but I kind of like it. The little messages and nose kisses always make my stomach flutter and cheeks redden.

I pull the dress I chose the night before, over my head and fight to tie the silver bracelet Niall bought me for our year anniversary last month onto my wrist. After staring at myself in my full length mirror, I head back to my bathroom and start to straighten my hair.

I hum to the lyrics of A-ha's Take on me. Every one at my school listens to Rap or new songs that seem to be all about sex or one night stands or getting drunk or high. That's why I listen to old music. Yes some of the songs are about sex, but most of them have a nice meaning behind them. My favorites are Take it Easy by the Eagles and Hotel California. I guess when my mom was growing up, Artists could actually sing. On stage and in the studio. Not to be totally harsh, but now, every "artist" seems to not be able to sing. They all seem good until you hear them live.

I unplug my straightener and head back to my bedroom. I flop back down on my bed. My headache has gotten worse but I'm still not letting that get to me. I sit up and grab some food off the tray on my table. I'm thankful to see no bacon. I can't stand the smell of bacon nor can I digest it. I decide to munch on a chocolate-banana muffin and a raisin cookie. I grab the tray and start for downstairs.

"How's dad?" I ask my mother once I reach the kitchen.

"He's fighting. You know that. The doctor told me they will know tonight. I am leaving at 3." She says slowly.

"Can I come? I can meet you at the small parking lot in front of Dr. Wiseburger's?"

She startles me with a heavy weak hug, almost tackling me to the floor. I know how much it hurts her to have my father back in hospitals. I can't be selfish here. I have to help her as much as possible to keep the stress away from her. My father had beaten cancer once, but it came for a rematch.

I rub her bony back, massaging her muscles. I feel the wetness of her tears on my left shoulder as I pull her in tight. She sighs lightly. "Lets get you to school." She manages a smile and wipes her smudged makeup off her face. I return the smile and walk back upstairs to get my school bag.

I grab all my text books that I need for the day as well as my iPhone, and unzip my bag to place them in. I zip it back up and fall to my knees. I place my head into my hands and think of whats happening. Today is the day we find out.


I push my small hands against the white carpet to help pick my body up. I can't let myself break down. Even if he won't make it, I have to act strong for mom and Bret, my 4 year old brother. He's so innocent and I have no idea how I would tell him. I don't want to hurt him. He isn't even in school yet, but he sure is smart.

Once on my feet, I walk to my full length mirror and apply a thin line of black eyeliner and my favorite mascara I bought for a pound. I take a deep breath and pull my bag over the shoulder that my mother cried on and join her downstairs at the door.

I sit on the stair's ledge and slip my feet into my new white converse. I know converse and a dress might not be the classiest thing at the moment, but frankly I don't care. I wear what I like no matter what any one says, unless it's Niall, but he always seems to like what I wear, so it doesn't really matter. I tie up the thin white laces and grab my phone from my bag, before heading for my mother's car.

My mom clicks the car door open and I jump into the passenger seat, plugging in my phone, so the car ride won't be as awkward as it normally is. Hopefully the music will help drown the depressed mood. I decide to play Bret's favourite song at the moment, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. He sings all the time. It's funny actually. He seems to like the Beatles and he says he is Michael Jackson's biggest fan, even if he doesn't know most lyrics to any of the songs.

"Big or small parking lot?" My mum says as she gets in the car.

"The back one please." I reply, switching the song to Living on a prayer by Bon Jovi.

"Alright." She replies and the rest of the 30 minute drive is spent listening to Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.

My mom pulls into the parking lot and drops me off near the entrance to the cafeteria. I push the door open and wave her goodbye, before closing the door behind and walking to the caf.

I push the heavy school doors open to large banners hung up and music blasting. "There you are! I missed you. Why are you so late?" Niall politely says as he pulls me into one of his cuddly hugs.

"I forgot it was Oktober Fest. I should have worn something more festive." I say over the music.

"Don't worry Babe you look great no matter what you wear. Anyway, since we have half the day off, do you want to head over and get something to eat?"

"Sure but I'm still feeling a bit sick so I'll just get some tea or something lig-" he cuts me off with a soft kiss. After his public announcement of affection, he grabs my hand in his and leads me to my locker and I can't fight the smile on my face.

"Niall, can you come with me after the lab?" I ask and he looks confused. "I mean is it possible for you to come to the umm.. the Hospital? My mum said the doctors will know by today if he, well, you know." I look down fighting hard not to let myself cry in front of him. He caresses my cheek and puts his forehead against mine.

"Of course. I can drive if you want?" I nod and he helps me hold my text books while I organize my locker. "Thanks" is all I can say for the time being. He flashes a shy smile and I lock my locker and we head for the plaza across from our school.

"Brit! Ni!" I hear from behind us. We turn around in unison to see Rebecca, my best friend running down the main stairs towards us. She is part of the dancing program at the school. Im in Acting and Niall is in Visual. Most of the dancers, besides Becca and my other friend, Hayley, are slutty rich girls. They get the boys lined up as Bret says.

Before I realize, she is tackling me with a tight hug. I hug her back and Niall teases me with a smile. She finally lets go and starts to laugh. It's still a mystery why she always laughs. No matter how stupid she is, I fucking love her to death.

I am startled once again by a hug from behind. I can tell it's Hayley. What's with all this love today? I mean, yeah I love hugs and kisses but I never get this much love in less than 5 minutes.

"We're going across Brit if you want to come. John and Andrew are coming too." Hayley says once she is finished hugging me.

"Niall and I were already going out" I say to the bubbly thin Hayley.

"Great all of us can go together then! I need to go pee before we go though. Wait for me! Ill meet you beneath the stairs." She smiles and I notice she has changed the colors of her braces. Pink and orange. Hayley is always changing colors. She can "werk it" as the dancers say.

Niall grabs my hand and kisses me once more on the nose before walking over to the place Hayley will be meeting us. Becca and John are standing against the staircase and are hold hands. John is not exactly like Becca. He's more organized and managed. He's like the dad of our little group. Rebecca is like an energy ball always laughing and being loud. Some how, no matter their differences, they seem to be extremely in love. High school sweet hearts.

Hayley joins us 5 minutes later. Everyone starts to head to the plaza, when Niall surprises me by grabbing my hips and turning me around making me lose my balance. "Hey! Watch it!" I tease and kiss his nose. I fold my fingers around his and we walk side by side to catch up with the gang.





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