This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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4. Harry Styles

I stare at the portrait of me, wondering how this ended up here and why. Niall stands beside me, seeming embarrassed. The painting is so accurate, besides the fact I'm rainbow, that it confuses me. I look away from myself, and walk past Niall to admire another piece while playing with the silver band around my wrist. Niall walks away from the amazing art and I follow.

We get to our assigned room of the several science labs. I lean my head back against the white wall and look at Niall. He's looking down and I can tell he is biting his bottom lip. I look away to stare at the ceiling until the bell rings for class.

The hallways become flooded with students yelling and rushing to their next class. Niall and I enter the science room and sit down next to each other on old stools, sharing the same counter. The rest of our class mates join us and soon, the class is full.

"Alright. Everyone grab a pencil, eraser and whatever else you may need to do the lab." I hear Mrs Crowthers say. I take my bag off my back and unzip it to reach and find my pencil case. Once I grab it, I pull it out and place it onto the counter. I close my bag and place it on the floor beneath Niall and I.

"Hey do you have extras?" I turn my head around to face a boy, same age as I, with curly brown hair and captivating green eyes. I have never seen him in class before. Frankly, I've never seen anyone around the school the way he looks. His scent is strong and I actually seem to like it some how. It's much stronger than Niall's. He bites his lip waiting for an answer.

"Yeah just take what you need." I say and push my pencil case towards the unknown boy sitting on the other side of me. He grins and takes a fuzzy pink pencil, an eraser, pocket calculator and a blue pen. "Thanks" he says and pushes it back to me.

"Everyone get up and choose a seat. When I say rotate, you will move to the right."

I stand up and and walk over to the closest spot. The mysterious boy follows and chooses the seat next to me. Niall joins and sits on the other side. He kicks my ankle and gives me a warning glare. I kick him back as I begin the lab.

Every so often, I can tell that the curly haired boy is looking at me. I have looked over a few times to catch him staring at me. It's quite strange actually, thinking you're being watched at all times. I scoot my chair closer to Niall and continue writing.

"Rotate." Mrs Crowthers says.

I sit up and push the chair back to where it was before. I sit where Niall had been sitting, and continue reading, rotating, and answering questions until the school bell goes off.

"Hand in your papers. Please make sure your name is on it and the date as well."

I catch a glimpse of his paper when we were handing them in. His name is Harry I believe, Harry Styles.

Niall grabs my hand, trying to show Harry I'm taken. I don't think he actually cares if I am taken or not. Niall guides me down to my locker to grab anything I need to take with me or drop off.

"Are you ready? I'll wait in the car." He says and walks away, leaving me alone with my locker. I leave the school after I say good bye to Rebecca, Liam, Louis and Claire. I open the passenger seat of Niall's car and throw my bag into the back, before I remember about Rebecca's Advil. I'll just get Niall to go to Dale's Pharmacy and get me some.

He ignites the engine and I buckle my seat belt. His iPhone is already plugged in, playing The Boxer. I love the song and I start to hum to the lyrics.

I reach into my bag when I hear the vibration of my Phone. *I'm signing Bret up for pee-school. I won't be coming tonight.* It's from my mother.

I reply as fast as my thumbs can type, *I will be with Niall. I will tell you what will happen tonight.*

"Who was that?" Niall asks innocently.

"Sandra." I say, looking out at the passing scenery.

The rest of the car drive is silent. We reach the Hospital in under 20 minutes, which breaks the record.

Niall parks the car and we head for my father's room. 306. Once we reach his room, Niall sits down on a chair and waits for me outside the room."Ni can you go down and get me some medicine? I forgot to get some from Bec. I'll pay you back later." I ask and he get up from his seat and hugs me tightly before leaving me alone to face my fear. I walk in slowly not sure what to expect. I straighten my dress out before letting my father see his only daughter.

A single tear falls down my cheek when I see him.


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