This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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14. Getting to know

The sun's beams and the sound of birds chirping wake me up. I am in the blue Tumblr room and my body is covered in the Aztec blanket. I turn my head to look out the large window. The sky is a light blue and there are marshmallow like clouds dancing gracefully and slowly.

I reach for the edge of the bed and uncover my body. The air in the room is warm. I can feel the heat from the sun radiating onto my freckled cheeks and shining into my eyes. I slide out of bed and head down to make tea for both Harry and I.

When I reach the kitchen, no one is in sight. I turn the full kettle on and grab two coffee cups from the cupboard. I look out the sliding door in the living room, next to the flat screen T.V, as I wait for the water to boil.

The sound of a click brings me back to the world. I pour the water into both cups and put a tea bag in both, then open the fridge to get the milk. I am distracted from my tea making by a thick scratching sound. I turn towards where the odd noise is coming from, to see a black dog waiting out side the sliding door. I put both cups aside and head towards the dog. The door opens before I reach it. The dog runs to me and licks my hand. Harry appears holding a large paper bag and two bottles of beer. I can't stop but giggle at the weird view. I kneel down and pat the dog. I hear the clunk of the beer bottles on the counter and the crinkle of the paper bag.

"You made tea?" He asks seeming surprised. "Yeah I hope you don't mind." I reply, looking up from the dog. Harry holds one of the two beers in one hand and the tea in another. He smiles and drinks one sip of one after the other and a disgusted scowl crosses his face soon after.

I get up from the floor and grab the untouched cup of tea. I giggle at his reaction as he gives me a it's-not-funny glare. I gulp the tea down and place the cup in the sink. Harry passes me his cup of tea "want the rest? Beer and tea don't do me any good."

"Sure." I smile and take it in my hands, drinking the rest. There is a distinct taste of mint left on the cup. I don't want to say anything about it. It must be from Harry. I finish the minted tea and put it next to the other cup in the sink. "Would you like some?" Harry asks while looking at his second beer. "Um well I've never have had beer since I'm not- well, 19 yet." I say a bit embarrassed. Harry seems to be the party type. Although I hate to admit it, he is good looking and funny. Not just good, very good looking. He just has that live in the moment and do something crazy vibe.

"Common Brit! Have some." He smiles, his dimples coming out to play. "Plus, you're what? 17 right? You need some fun!" He walks up to me and places the cool bottle in my left palm. "I don't really think that's a good idea Harry." I put it down on the counter and walk over to the couch in search for my phone. "You're no fun." He says seriously, but I know he is trying to tease me.

I don't know what it is that is getting to me, maybe the way he said the words, but I feel like I need to rebel and show him I'm not a chicken. I walk straight over to him and grab the beer, chugging the whole thing. I feel the bitter taste flowing down my throat and my heart pumping fast. I feel my mind go blank, and Harry's eyes wide, watching my lips. I smash it down onto the counter like actors do in the movies.

Harry grins and pinches his bottom lip slowly. I hiccup and taste the alcohol on my tongue. "Huh." Is all he says. I stick my tongue out at him and go straight back to looking for my iPhone. I don't have any luck where the couch is so I go back to the kitchen. I walk past the dining table and go to the sink. I search the counter and island but still don't see it anywhere. Harry is gone to. Maybe he went out to walk his dog or went to his room or something. I head up the stairs and through the white door to the hipster blue room. "Looking for this." I turn my head towards the low voice to see the curly haired boy holding my white phone in his hand. I move towards him and try to take my phone but he puts his hand up over his head. "If you want it you need to work for it." He says with a big smile plastered on his face.

I try to reach up in attempt to get my phone from him, but it is no use. Harry is much taller than me, and there is no way I will be able to reach up to his hand in the air. His muscles are flexed in his arms and I can see his veins running up and down his heightened arm. I jump up for the last time, with no hope in retrieving it from the tall figure in front of me. I give up, crossing my arms in frustration. I really do need to call mum. I need to tell her I'm fine and will come home. I need to keep myself at home from now on, not with Harry or Niall in the forest. I need to just go back to living normally- or somewhat normally. I also need to talk to Niall. I need to tell him I love him and I need to be with him. I feel bad in a way for him. I know I haven't cheated on him or anything, but staying in another guy's house, two days in a row makes me feel like I have somehow cheated on him. Kind of.

Any way, I feel a bit dizzy from the beer. I know teenagers my age always go out and drink and get drunk or high, but I'm not like that. I've never really been partying or drinking or doing anything super illegal. I've never been a bad kid. I mean, when I was younger, I never had many friends. I always played alone and did everything alone. I didn't mind it much though. I liked being alone. So, I guess I was a bit of a teacher's pet. Not like a goody too-shoes or snotty or a tattle teller. I never tattle told on anyone, I just sort of felt more comfortable with teachers than people my age.

Until high school that is. Since I got into Arts, I've made more friends, but I don't really hang out with the partiers. I know most everyone, even the bad asses and all at my school. I just don't hang out with them much. Anyway, I've never gotten drunk, so I guess I'm a light drinker, or whatever they call people who get drunk easily.

I walk over to the bed, sit crossed legged towards the large window and look out to the river. I feel the cushions sinking, notifying me that Harry has sat down behind me. I close my eyes when I feel his legs and arms wrapping around mine. "Harry please." I say tiredly. I think I know what he's up to. And I'm not up to doing it. "Please what? I just want a hug." Harry replies child likely. I know out of my view, he is smiling, wanting to tease me. I uncross my legs and turn around to face him. He lets his grip around my arms go but his legs are still around me, only now, around my waist. "Is that all that you want? A hug?" I ask, a bit annoyed.

Harry nods slowly, keeping eye contact. His eyes have deepened color and are now much darker than the green that I had last seen them. I turn my head up towards the opening in the ceiling, looking at the fluffy clouds. Harry moves closer, pulling me on top of his lap. He holds my wrists with his large hands, creating small circles with the tips of his fingers on my knuckles. I sigh and look down at my lap. "Would you like to go for a walk?" Harry asks. I keep my head down and let out another sigh. "What time is it?" I ask. I do want to go for a walk, but I don't think I should go with Harry. Plus, it still is school and I need to go back to reality, not sit on this man's muscular lap while looking out at a beautiful view.

"You didn't answer me." He says.

"I don't think I should. I think it would be best for me to leave now." I try to get out of his hold, but his grip tightens, almost too hard. There is no way in hell he will let me go. I want me to not want him to keep me here, but I do want him to. I know I sound insane, going from, oh I need to leave and go back to reality with my boyfriend and mom, then to I want to sit in his arms and talk for hours. Here is the thing, I know I shouldn't want to be here, but I do. I really do. And maybe I want to stay for as long as possible, and forget the world. But that would be horrible. I could never let myself live with the guilt.

Harry knocks me out of my thoughts by turning me over onto my back and laying next to me. "I think you should." He says, running his fingers lightly through my hair. I close my eyes at the sweet and soothing feeling of him playing with my hair.

"Anyway, you did sleep in, there is no point in going to school. By the time I would drive there, it would be almost half way through last class." Harry tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. I open my eyes and turn against him. I shouldn't be here but I don't resist his comfort. I push my back against his chest. Harry's hand reaches over me and lands over my ribs, holding onto me. "Tell me about yourself." I hear him say softly.

"Well what would you like to know?" I ask, putting my leg over his.

"Everything." He states seriously.

I turn my head back to look at him with a scowl on my face. I hate that answer. I would much rather him tell me something specific rather than letting me tell him something he couldn't care less about. "Fine. How about, what is your favorite color?" He asks sticking his tongue out. I roll my eyes and turn my head back to where is was before. "Purple." I simply reply. "And you? What's yours?"

"Orange." He says, as he snuggles his head closer to mine. "Do you have any plans for the future?"

"Well that escalated quickly!" I say and he laughs.

"Will Ferrell? Really?"

I nod. "Yeah. I like him. He's stupid."

"Funny stupid." Harry says, letting out a soft yawn. "Do you have any clue what future you want?"

I smile at the thought of his yawn and how he must have looked. "I guess I do. I want to go over seas to London. My mother is from there and I've always wanted to go and study there. I think it's my favorite city, besides all the tourists with their flags and maps." I laugh, remembering the last time I went to London. I went with mum and my dad last summer to visit my aunt Margaret. I went shopping one day with her and we spent the day guessing what countries and what types of people all the tourist groups were. There was this one guy who was part of some Chinese group who was running around with a bright yellow shirt and bright blue pants with some umbrella hat on screaming at everyone around about something I didn't understand. Nor did anyone else really...

"That's cool. I was thinking of doing the same actually. Well, I was born in Redditch, Worcestershire but was brought up in Cheshire. But when my parents divorced when I was a baby, I moved with my mum here, along with Sydney. My dad still lives in Cheshire but I hardly see him. We don't keep in touch much I guess." Harry shifts underneath me but keeps his arms and legs around my body, making me feel safe. "Just wondering, why did you um you know- come to Arts?" I feel sort of small while I ask him.

"Well, I thought about my education, really. Sports was a cool school but the teaching sucked compared to Arts so I mean I guess that's why. I really do like school. I just don't like homework." He says. "So why Drama?" I ask out of curiosity.

I know there is mainstream where you don't have to do any of the arts, which he seems to belong. He doesn't seem like an acting and being crazy in front of hundreds kind of person without being ashamed. And dance, I don't picture him being a dancer, like doing ballet and jazz... Visual, his hands are big, I just don't think he has the patients for painting for hours every day. And vocal, he isn't the shy type for sure. I have heard him sing though. In the car to Britney Spears the second day we met. He was pretty good I must say, but I would see him more in a rock band, not a choir. And well I don't see him playing any instruments, besides maybe guitar or drums, once again, in a rock band or something, but not in an orchestra.

"Well I do like to perform in front of others. I'm not one to just be afraid of people. Frankly, I don't give a fuck what people think of me." He says nuzzling his nose against my ear. "So you will be joining us every day until the day we graduate?" I say, rather than a question.

"I guess so. Wait. What art are you in?" He asks suddenly seeming suspicious.

"Same as you. Didn't I tell you?"

Harry suddenly jumps up and tackles me, pinning my hands to the mattress, his knees on either side of my thighs, and his head parallel to mine."That means we will be seeing each other often then." He says shaking his head, letting curls drop down the side of his face. I can't stop but think of how perfect this boy is. I know it's horrible, but I just can't stop my heart from beating, no- racing, fast and butterflies flying in my stomach. I feel goosebumps travel over my entire body from his warm touch.

We lock eyes and I bite my lip, trying to hide my want to kiss him. I look from his dark eyes to his plump pink lips. I look back to his eyes which tease mine as he lowers his body onto mine.

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