This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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20. Chris

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"Are you staying over?" My mother asks with Bret in her arms. I nod, texting Harry that I will be bringing a friend. I don't want it to come as a surprise that a stranger is at his place. I know I sure would be confused and to much surprise if some one I never met came to my door to hang out.

"Stay same, I mean it Brit. Who else is going?" My mother says, letting Bret slide down her side to run off up the stairs with a toy firetruck in his hands.

"Yeah, I will. Rebecca will be there. And I'm sure Hayley as well. Don't worry, mum, I will be fine. I will call you when I get there." I promise, wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her in for a hug.

I let go and check my phone. *Sure.* It's from Harry. I don't bother to text back. I grab my small purse off the stairs and shove my phone and gum inside. A knock on the door startles me. I open the door wide for the long straight brown haired girl. Becca closes the door behind her with her heel and gives me a welcoming hug. I hug her back and pull my black boots onto my feet. I tie up the laces and pull my small bag over my shoulder and turn the door open for us to leave my mother alone with Bret.

I lead the way to Harry's. We talk about school and about pointless subjects. I take Rebecca to the edge of the forest and point the way. She looks unsure with her gold makeup shimmering in the natural light. She is wearing her older brother, Piers', American foot ball jersey, short black shorts, and high white socks. Her feet are covered by black converse and horizontal lines are shown on either side of her nose, one on each side of her blemish free skin. She doesn't at all look like an American football player, more of a fan.

We get to the wooden house about an hour later. On the path, she would stop to bend over and smell all the different flowers and plants, picking at small berries. She loves nature and goes out of her way to not litter and learn about animals and plants. I'm sure she wants to be a biologist or something naturey...

She knocks on the door and we wait for Harry to open it up. It swings open seconds later with a shirt less Harry Styles, his hair pushed back with some sort of head band. It looks surprisingly cute, even though his hair is everywhere. He hold out his hand for Becca and pulls her in. I follow and push the door to a close. There are already some people walking around the house without purpose, holding red plastic cups, flirting with people in close radius. I leave Bec with Harry and head to the kitchen to grab something to drink. There is a display of a dozen alcoholic choices and a glass pitcher of apple juice looking liquid, next to a London Pride beer bottle. I pry the cupboard door open and reach my arm up to grab a plastic cup. I jump, having no hope in retrieving any. I let out a sigh and slam the door close. "Need any help?" A low toned voice comes from behind my view. I turn around to see a tanned tall figure in front of me. I smile not knowing what to reply.

His arm raises over my head, opening the cupboard back over and grabbing a blue cup, placing it in my hands. He holds out his hand for me to shake. "I'm Chris." He smiles, pulling my hand up and planting a soft kiss on the back of it. "Thanks." I say shaking my hand from his. I move around him and turn the sink on, filling the cup up. "And you are?" The voice asks, coming closer to my ear. I abruptly turn, leaning away from him.

"Not interested." I wink and leave Chris behind, heading out of the kitchen to find Rebecca. I walk past a couple people before walking up the stairs to continue my search. I open the white door to see a group of five boys, all my age, sitting in a circle. I recognize one named Kevin, who was in my History class the year before last. None of them turn to me, all showing no interest in my coming as they continue to talk about nothing. I turn and search down the hall, opening and closing every door that I come across. I let out a loud sigh of frustration, finding no one that I know well enough to trust at a party.

The sun has gone to sleep, leaving the house alone in the pitch dark. I wonder down the stairs back to the kitchen to refill my cup. I pull out my phone from my purse, checking the time. *How is everything?* Sent from mom. I reply quick, not wanted to seem suspicious. *Fine, I'm just with Rebecca.* I lie. It's twenty past eight now. "Nice picture." I shift my gaze from screen to the annoying Chris who chuckles under his breath. I shut the phone off instantly and tuck it back into my purse. He smiles, pressing his hand to my cheek, stroking it under his thumb in a rhymic manner.

I push his hand away, but his arms keep it's place. "Calm down, will you?" He asks, leaning closer. I hold my breath, not wanting anything to happen between us. He takes a step closer, leaning his forehead against mine, staring deeply at my lips. "Loosen up, babe." He puts his hand firmly on the back of my neck, holding me hostage. "Get away ass hole." I grit my teeth, pushing against his built chest. He moves back, taking me by surprise. He grabs my wrist tightly and pulls me through the now crowded kitchen. I have to watch my feet from broken beer bottles and teenage drunks as I am taking from the sink and up the stairs. He pulls my waist closer to his side and pushes through the others in his way. No one seems to want to pick a fight with Chris, making me regret leaving Harry's presence.

A door smashes open and I am pulled in. The tall dark haired Chris locks the door close, locking me in with no escape. He blocks the bedroom's door , walking closer to me. I walk backwards, making as much space between him and I as possible. That is until I feel the soft material at my knees, tripping me. I fall back onto the bed, scurrying to the top of it. "That's more like it." He winks, climbing his way onto the sheets, cornering me on the bed. He bites his lip, pinning my arms over my head, making my black t-shirt rise over my belly button. I need to think quick. What do I do? How can I get out of here? What would I do if I was in the movies? Chris' tongue runs over my neck, making a wet trail over the skin.

I push my pelvis up to meet his. His eyes widen in surprise. "Let me." I try to say as sexy as I possibly can. He licks his lips, letting my arms free from his hold. He throws his white wife-beater over his head and onto the floor. I push my head up, kissing his cheek slowly. His eyes flutter, giving me a chance to look over my plan. I kiss lower, over his defined jaw line. A light moan exists his parted lips. I push his arm over to the bed, making him get under me. I climb on top of his lower torso, kissing lightly, making my way down past his stomach. He rocks up against me, making me feel overly exposed. I push my hands against his chest, coming to a sitting position. His eyes open, a satisfied expression on his face. He pushes up to sit, me straddling his lap. He looks down at my chest, then to his crotch, where I sit.

He pushes me back further, onto his knees, unbuckling his belt. He unzips his rugged jeans and pulls them lower, showing his sweaty navy blue boxers. I climb off his lap, pushing him down to lay on the blankets. He doesn't resist, lowering down, closing his eyes as I run my index over the edge of his boxers. I pull them a bit lower, making sure not to show himself. I climb off and make a run for the door, unlocking the old lock and racing out of the door as fast as I can. "Fuck! Come back bitch!!" He screams after me. I ignore his threats, jumping down the stairs, and out the front door towards the path. I turn from the obvious exit, and head to the river.

I make my way through the trees, trying to keep the noise down low. I walk fast, but keep trying not to trip on stumps or twigs. The moon is shining bright, giving me a way to see. The river's water glistens in the moonlight, giving off a smooth glass look. I slow down as I get to the edge of the water, not wanting to fall in. I notice a hammock swinging between two trees soundlessly, only meters away. I walk closer, wanting a place to stay put until I feel like I can make a move for it.

A shadow slumps over the edge of the thick fabric, legs swinging back and forth. I edge closer, trying to make out who it might be. I see the outline's head move back, taking a gulp of a noisy cup. "Hey." I say, keeping my distance, just in case another Chris sits there. The figure turns around. "Who is that?" A low breathy voice comes. "It's me, Blondie's girl." I day, immediately regretting mentioning Niall, bringing back memories of us together.

"Oh, hi Brit." Harry's voice comes again, holding out a hand. I grab it and sit next to him on the swinging bed. "Want some?" He asks, holding his cup out to me. I take it in my hands, feeling the cool liquid through the flimsy cup. I tilt it up, taking a small sip of the weird beverage. "What is that?" I ask, holding it back for him to hold. "Beer." He plainly says, swinging the hammock back and forth. I hear the water flow in front of us. I can make out our reflections and to my surprise, Harry looks sad. Well, not just sad, very sad. Depressed almost.

"Why are you out here? I thought you were the host?" I ask, staring into his eyes through the dark. He lets out a faint laugh. "I got bored." He says, noticing my stares. I turn away quickly, looking down the way I had come. I see people on the lot, screaming around the house. One figure catches my glimpse, as it comes closer, and fast. I glare at it, trying to figure out who it is, or what it is. I move closer to Harry's body. "Where the fuck are you!" It screams. Harry turns his head towards the moving figure. He pulls his arm around my waist, whispering to not make a sound. I do as I am told, holding my breath.

"Come back! You can't hide girl!" I close my eyes, hearing the screams becoming louder and louder, ringing in my ears. I hear loud thuds behind my back. I squeeze Harry's arm tight. "Who is she?" The voice yells to Harry. I feel his muscles move beneath my touch. "Alyssa. She's mine, back off." Harry's husky voice was low, threatening, making goosebumps form on the back of my neck. The rustling of leaves makes Harry move off the hammock, making it rock me. I hear a low grunt, opening my eyes to see Harry strike at the other boy, named Chris, straight in the stomach. I don't say a word, staying with what Harry had told me. I close my eyes, lying on my back as the fabric swings me back and forth, soothing me fro what is happening, what has happened.

"Get out." Harry threatens. Chris must have left because I hear small crackles from leaves, not his voice. I feel the hammock sink and the rocking stops. I turn towards Harry who drinks the rest of his drink, throwing the cup into a near by tree. I touch his skin, trying to comfort him. He flinches away, moving from me to go closer to the water. I push my self up onto my knees and watch as Harry sits on the edge, dipping his long fingers into the water. "What time id it?" He asks, looking at his reflection. I pry my purse open, checking my phone for the time. "10:35." I reply, texting Rebecca. *Where are you?* I send it. I make sure in setting that the vibrator is on for texts, so I will know when she replies.

I shimmy off the hammock and make my way to Harry. I run my fingers through his curly hair, surprisingly wet curly hair. "It'll stop around 1." He says, looking up from the water to me. I nod, not exactly sure what he is talking about. "Harry?" I ask, unsure if I should tell him or not. "Yeah?" He asks back, leaning his cheek on my leg.

"I just wanted to tell you that-" I stutter, unsure of my decision to tell him. "Me and Niall broke up." I say, bending my knees to sit. Harry looks away, I see a smile form on his face, dimples prominent in his water reflection. I dip my index finger in the smooth stream. The water is cool, colder than the time I swam in it. I move closer to Harry's side, resting my head on his shoulder. "Thanks." I say, looking at my own reflection. My eyes are light. My hair falls perfectly over my shoulders, down my back and arms. "For what?" He says, lowering his voice two notches.

I rotate my head to look up at him, placing my hand on his thigh. I squeeze the muscles, making him jolt. "For saving me!" I laugh, his reaction forcing me to hiccup under the laughs. "He was talking about you!?" He says, pushing my hand from his skin. He climbs to his feet and storms off down a new path Chris had created while leaving. I stare at him as he tightens his fingers into fists. I don't know what to do, again. I don't feel the urge to run after him to wherever he may be going. I feel Harry would rather me to stay put. But then again, I am alone in a closed space, with no where to go.

I roll my head back, looking out to the countless stars. I hear faint screams and cheers under the crickets rubbing their long legs together. I hear a buzz close by, and realize it must be my phone. I grab at the strap on the grassy floor and pull the bag open, taking the vibrating phone to check the text message, or messages. Or phone call, for that matter. *Holy Brittany! Come now! There is a huge fight! Hurry quick!!!!!!* Becca. I shove my phone in the band of my pants and run after Harry. I have to cross the stream to get to the house, so I turn back and find the way I had come earlier, trying to get far from Chris.

I run to the front door, swinging it at full force, rummaging through the queue of intoxicants all video taping something nearby. I push my way through the sweaty people before I see what Rebecca must have been talking about. "Brit!! There you are! No one can stop them." The American football jersey-ed girl screams over the crowds, holding both of my shoulders, rocking them back in forth, in a manner of complete desperation. I hug her tightly, rubbing her back, trying to calm her down. "What happened?" I ask, dragging her out of the crowd and onto the stairs.

"That guy, the curly one- He came in and started to punch at the other guy. They were yelling something about a girl and now-Well look!" She turns my chin to the side. In view, Chris straddles Harry's torso, throwing punches at his face, mumbling something I can't make out over the commotion. "I tried to stop them, so did some of his friends, but we all got turned down." She is now crying, holding her face in her hands as her horizontal stripes drain down her face. "Wait here." I warm her, and jump over the railing, padding to the boys.

Surprisingly, everyone in my way moves for me. I jump on top of Chris' back, elbowing me in the stomach. I groan in pain, falling off his spine and onto the hard floor. I ignore the pain, trying again. This time, I walk over Harry's head and push at Chris' chest, hard. He clenches his teeth, letting out a longed breath. "Stop it will you!" I scream at him, pushing again at him. He gets up from Harry's body, pulling my hair and tugs me up the stairs, past Becca, who screams my real name, and into the white doored room, locking the door.

"So you're Harry's." His voice is low, much lower than Harry's.

"Get the hell away." I spit, clawing at his face. He moves fast, fiercely gripping my hands from his face and into his hands. "Make me. You're mine now." He hisses, pulling me to the Aztec bed, throwing me against the headboard. I kick at him, trying to keep him away. There are poundings on the door, people yell out for me. Her. "You will do as I fucking say, got got that?" Chris climbs over me, pushing me straight on the bed, nudging my knees, separating my legs. "And for leaving, you will repay." His voice harsh, rugged.

He climbs onto me, laying right on my body. I feel his weight crush into me. I can hardly breath. He pulls something from his back pocket, nipping at my chest. "This always comes in handy." He whispers in my ear. Rope. Thick rope. I try to inhale air, struggling to get away. "Not so fast, love." He pulls my hands together, tying the rope around the wrists. It is a tough texture, giving me burns as I try to set myself free. He ties a knot, rubbing his pelvis against mine. "You will pay, hunny, don't you fucking worry darlin'."

"Get off of me. Harry! Help! He is tying me u-" Chris punches his hand to my mouth. "Shut the fuck up will you!" He grabs more rope, tying it around my head and mouth. I keep fighting back, not willing to give up. I should have chased after Harry. What was I thinking! I gasp, feeling cold hands run over my stomach, over my bra, squeezing my chest. I look up at Chris, kneeing at him as he pulls my leggings down my shaven legs. He ties my ankles once he flings my pants to the door. "No where to go now, sweetheart." He grasps my thighs, sinking his fingers into the skin.

"Now, it is my turn to make you vulnerable."

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