This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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2. Aisle 4

"How was New York?" John asks Becca, sending her an innocent smile. "It was great! We performed in West Side Story playing at Broadway . It was super great you know, meeting the cast and all. The director was pretty hot as well." She winks at John and he rolls his eyes and chuckles, obviously jealous of her admiration for the stranger.

I kept silent, trying to focus on what to do about my aching body. My head ache has eased but my stomach is still killing me. "Niall, scan we stop by shoppers? I need to get some drugs for my stomach." I asked, squeezing his hand. He nods and squeezes back.

"Brit, getting some drugs eh?" Andrew says and I punch him lightly. He's such a clown, always making jokes and trying to make every one laugh. I mean he's one of my closest friends, but after a while, it gets on my nerves. And he knows it.

He mimes smoking a joint and runs to join Hayley, who has already crossed the busy intersection. Andrew barely makes it before the light turns red, separating himself and Hayley from the rest of us. Becca stares right into my eyes and presses the traffic light button, pretending to be in the matrix. I try to keep a straight face, but a giggle escapes my lips before I can stop it.

"Ugh not them again." Johnny says. I turn towards what he must be focusing on to see Olivia and her boy toy, Zayn. Olivia is in our grade. She is Miss popular just because she's pretty and a dancer. They're all popular. I guess guys like girls who are flexible and can bend back for them. The though makes me want to puke.

Zayn on the other hand, is sweet I guess. I was in his English class last semester. He is a bit of a bad-boy though. He's in vocals I think, which makes no sense because, well, the vocalists are usually the shy students getting straight A's and all. It would make more sense for him to be in Drama, like me. We're the goofy ones, not caring what others say. We are also the best known by the teachers. In a bad way. I try to keep myself out of trouble. I don't like the idea of disrespecting educators.

"Brit? You there?" Niall waves his hand in front of my face, bringing me back to earth.

"Yeah sorry I was just thinking of what medicine to buy for my stomach." I lie, and walk with them across the street to meet Andrew and Hayley.

"I swear that's the longest light in the world. It took you guys like 15 minutes to cross." Andrew says, an annoyed tone playing with his vocal cords.

"Where to first? I want to get McDonald's." Claire says happily.

"I need to get my weed. Right Andrew?" I mimic his action of smoking a joint and I receive a burst of laughter from Hayley. He immediately joins her. I've always thought Andrew has a thing for her. He's always trying to impress her in the dumbest ways, flexing in front of her, bragging about working out, laughing at her jokes and always complimenting her. I'll have to talk to her later to see if she likes him back.

"Why don't we just walk around? I promised Rebecca candy since I lost our bet on the game last night." John states and I nod in agreement.

Niall grabs my hand and we start to walk around the plaza. We go into the small grocery store and Becc picks out some sour patch kids. "Try some Brit! You'll love them you know, if you never try you'll never know" I shake my head at her cheesy quote and walk out of the store. We walk past Subway, Pizza Pizza and a salon before I decide I will go get my drugs alone. My stomach has gotten worse since we left and I can't take the pain anymore.

"I'm going to get my medicine I'll meet you at McDonald's in 15." I say and I leave their side before any of them can follow. I get to the drug store minutes later and ask the lady at the desk where the stomach aching medicine could be. "Aisle 4. To your right." She says with an artificial smile. "Thanks." I say and rush to find some cure to my dying tummy.

"Look who it is." I hear from behind me. My blood is already boiling from the tone of the familiar voice. Olivia.

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