This is the story of Brittany Allen as her life is drastically flipped on its head.
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3. Advil

I turn myself around to see Zayn reading a box of what seems to be Trojan. Condoms. Great.

"Did you hear what I said?" She harshly says.

"Yeah, what do you want." I say, trying my best to ignore her. Zayn looks up at me and flashes me a smile. I have no idea why he would be with her. He's actually nice, unlike this selfish Bitch. She obviously thought I was staring at him, because she immediately leans back onto him, her ass against his crotch. She glares at me before reaching her hand up and starts to pull at his hair.

"Outch! Liv, what the fuck. That hurt." Zayn growls and I can see the embarrassment behind her caramel eyes. "Sorry babe. I'll make it up to you tonight." She pushes her butt closer to his pelvis.

Why must she try to make this any more awkward? "Anyway, I better get going, I'll see you later." I say, directing my attention to Zayn.

Before I can take 3 steps, Olivia grabs my hand and pulls me around to face her long brown curly haired self.

"I don't get a hug?" She is obviously trying to make me slap her right across her caked face. Even if I hate her guts, I don't like to start any thing, so I hug her lightly and leave the store in a light jog before grabbing what I came here for. Once out of the drug store I check my phone. I have one text from Niall.

*Where are you ? It's been 20 Minutes*

*I'm on my way now.* I reply and groan from the pain. I walk through the large parking lot until I reach the McDonald's I promised I would meet everyone at. I open the door to see Niall alone sitting at a two person booth. I rush over and ask him where had everyone gone. "They left. They all went to Starbucks for iced coffee." Niall smiles. I'm glad, in a way, that It is only Niall and I alone for once. I take a seat on the opposite side of him and he seems to be worried.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay Niall?" I ask, examining his pale Irish face.

"Have you taken some meds yet? You seem pretty pale." He walks over and sits by my side.

"No. I ran into you know who with her toy and needed to get out of there. I didn't care at the moment I guess." I look over to the closest table to distract myself.

"We're getting you something to eat before you faint. Wait here." He says and gets up to walk to the cash register. I do feel a bit light headed but I will be fine. Olivia is just making me more stressed than usual. We used to be friends. Well, more than that. We were almost like sisters. It's about a 5 minutes drive from my house to hers. We used to always be together. I guess we stopped enjoying each others company when Olivia started to think popularity was more important than friendship. I remember her telling me her plans to become popular and get all the boys when we were young, but I never thought she would end up the way she has. I thought going to an Arts School far from where we live would get me away from her. But No. She just had to audition as well and spread rumors about my past.

"I got you a muffin and a large Orange Pekoe Tea triple triple, just the way you like it." Niall places the tray on the table and sits next to me, bringing me in close. He rests his chin on my shoulder and whispers something I can't make out.

"I love you." He says, making me blush.

"I love you too. We better get to class. Ill take it all to go." I tell him, bumping my shoulder up and down, trying to make him get off.

He grabs his bag and I do the same, only, I am holding a muffin and a large tea cup. He grabs the muffin and walks away, leaving me confused. What?

He comes back moments later with the muffin in a take out bag. "Ill hold it for now. Drink your tea. Stay hydrated." He warns me. I leave him and start walking towards the school. I can tell Niall is running towards me from the heavy sound of the steps behind me. He catches my attention by gripping my hand and kissing my cheek momentarily, once we reach the doors to leave. I take a sip of my tea as we head back across the crowded intersection.

I'm glad we make the light or we would have been waiting for what would seem like hours. "I texted the homies if they had any drugs on em" Niall said in a failed stereotypical ghetto accent. He smiles at me and continues, "Andrew said that Hayley said that John said that he said that Becca said that she had some Advil." This time, in a weird Hispanic accent.

"So Rebecca has Advil is what you're trying to say?" He nods and I giggle at his stupidity.

We reach the Caf door and Niall jumps in front of me to open it for me. "Madame" he says and I bow politely before walking into the school. I walk down the short hallway and head up the main stair case, Niall following. I look up and see the sun, through the sun roof, beaming down on my skin. I must admit, my school is weird in a way. We have a full sun roof, three stories, and two huge trees inside. Plus music is always playing or being performed.

I reach the second floor and see that the mini Art Gallery has been updated. Niall tries to pull me from his class work but I nudge him away and walk through the small gallery, admiring the perfect work. I look over to my right to see a very colorful painting of what seems to be myself.

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