Love Unexpected

Shay Connolly fell in and out of love faster than one could say, 'I need some space.' It seemed each time she was broken up with she was in love with someone else. Finally sick of having her heart broken and then fall in love with someone new a few minutes later she refuses to interact with the outside world. She shuts herself off from the outside world closing off her heart to everyone; even her family. She ventures outside only in the back of her home; then one day she meets him. Vic Burrows; new to the town and new to love he quickly finds the girl he hardly sees intriguing and goes out of his way to meet her, to talk to her and to woo her. But what is one to do if the one they wish to woo, won't allow themselves to be wooed?


2. Falling-Vic


Chapter Two: Falling-Vic




I didn't want to move; who ever wants to? I had to admit though that it was my fault; but in the end I wouldn't have changed anything I had done because if I hadn't I wouldn't have met Shay Connolly. The beautiful girl that lives next door. I don't know what it was about her but I couldn't get her out of my mind. Her dark red hair almost purple in perfect waves that framed her beautiful ivory face or the care free nature of her. She was a mystery I wanted to solve; she was a high school drop out; but she had a reason and I wanted to find out that reason, even if it meant making friends. Getting attached to people was a hardship I was forced to endure. I moved around a lot and the heartbreak of leaving behind close friends was getting to be too much. I wished I had a stable environment to finish high school in.


"Vic its time for school." I looked in the mirror one more time, straightened my leather jacket once more and hurried down the stairs. I may be seventeen but I still couldn't drive so I had to rely on my mother for a ride to and from school. 


"Hey mom."


"Hello Vic." My mother greeted me as she handed me a plate with bacon and eggs. I gulped it down and grabbed the bag she had prepared for me. 


"What would I do without you?"


"Dear you would forget your name." 


"At least I know where I get my smart ass sense of humor from."


"Just remember it was your mouth that got you expelled."


"I know, you ready?"


"Of course." My mother grabbed her keys and we were off for my first of school and her second day of work. I looked up at the window I knew to be Shay's. They were closed like they always were but that didn't stop me from hoping she would look out the window some day. "Come on Vic. You can visit Shay later." My mother could read my mind.


"I just wanted to know if she was going to school today." 


"Dear, don't get your hopes up." The curtains parted and I saw Shay;she looked angry to see me-and I didn't know why.I got into the car and my mother drove towards the school. "Vic, what do you see in her? You've never shown this kind of interest in anyone before."


"There was no one worth showing an interest in before now."


"Vic that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard you say."


"Thanks mom, its true though. No one is like her at all. She's a mystery and I want to crack the case."


"My dear I hope one day she see's that you are something to fight for."


"No mom, she's something to fight for." My mother smiled and continued driving. We pulled into the parking lot of the school moments later.


"Do you want me to go in with you?"


"No, I'll be fine."


"Stay out of trouble."


"Don't worry mom. What happened in Oakfield with never happen again."


"I hope so." I got out and closed the door. I ran into the building and bumped into a girl. 


"Oh I'm sorry- who are you?"


"I could ask you the same question."


"I'm Vall."


"I'm Vic, do you know Shay Connolly?"


"Yes, she's my best friend, do you know where she is?"


"She's dropped out of school. Didn't she tell you?"


"No, she left two days ago after she found out Colton didn't love her anymore and she never came back. You've seen her?"


"Yes, I've spoken to her."


"Did she look in your eyes?"


"Yes. Why?"


"No reason, come on I'll show you around. Perhaps you can convince her to come back."


"I doubt it." I followed Vall towards a row of lockers that were separated by a door marked simply 'Guidance'. 


"Guidance should have your information." Vall opened the door and a middle aged woman occupied the secretary's station. 


"Hello. How can I help you? Oh hello Vallerie."


"Hello Miss Priest."


"Hello, I'm Victor Burrows, I'm the new student."


"Oh yes, here is your schedule, your ID, and your student contract. Return the contract to me as soon as possible. Oh and check with the nurse so she can give you the Tylenol release form, and emergency contacts."


"Alright, I'll get right on that. Oh, can I have Shay Connolly's homework? I'm her neighbor and I don't want her falling behind."


"Sure thing, you are such a sweetheart."


"I've been informed of that. Well not at my new school or my old for that matter." 

"Well here's everything she's missed. Tell her to get better. The poor dear has seen so much heartache. My heart goes out to her. The amount of trouble she has romantically sure doesn't affect academically; she's a regular Einstein."


"Well thanks again Miss Priest for all your help. I'll pass along your message to Shay." 


"Thank you dear. I wouldn't blame her if she didn't come back of course. Being what she is a fate most would crack under."


"What she is?" I asked now confused. Vall had said along the same thing.


"Vic, you're going to be late for Psychology." Vall pushed him towards the door while she looked at Miss Priest with the 'look'  They were hiding something from him; and he wanted to get to the bottom of it; especially since it gave him new insight to the mystery that was Shay Connolly. He was falling, falling hard for the mystery girl that lived next door to him. 


Never had he fallen so quickly for someone he knew nothing about. All of this second hand knowledge she told him was going to be a lie. Did that mean anything her best friend said about her was also a lie? Did Shay trust anyone in this school; in this town? Would she trust him-in time. Would he be able to woo her? Or could she not be wooed? I thought about this all the way to my Psychology class. I opened the door just as  the bell rang. Everyone averted their gaze from the teacher to myself. Vall left me to fend for myself while she went to her sit. 


"Class, we have a new student."


"Hello, I'm Victor Burrows, but you can call me Vic."


"Vic, why don't you sit next to Colton." Colton, the name sounded familiar and I instantly knew why. Colton was the jerk that caused Shay to drop out of school. He looked absolutely heartbroken to be honest. I sat down in the vacant seat. 


"So tell me, how do you know Shay?" Colton whispered.


"She's my neighbor. Why how do you know her, and how did you know to ask me about her?"


"I dunno, you have her textbook."


"How do you know?"


"My name and her last four boyfriend's names are drawn in sharpie and scribbled out."


"Oh. Makes sense I guess." 


"Colton I'm glad you're trying to make Mr. Burrows feel welcome but please save it for after class." The class snickered and the the minutes passed quickly until the bell rang and Vall caught up with me.


"Hey you. I saw you talking with Colton. What he say?"


"Just wondered why I had Shay's textbook."


"Oh. Well see you later." Vall disappeared into the sea of students and I went in search of my first free period.




The day ended on a sour note, it was raining and my mother was late. I sat on the curb in front of the school for an hour before I saw the familiar cherry red of her Prius. I jumped up, soaked to the very core and waited angrily for the car to pull to a stop. 


"Honey! I'm so sorry!"


"Mom, I'm wet you can apologize when I'm dry." My mother smiled and waited for me to close my door.


"Why didn't you just go inside?"


"The doors lock automatically after the school has dismissed after fifteen minutes. I couldn't go back in."


"Oh. Sweetheart, I'm so sorry. My boss held me up and well-I want to keep this job; I didn't know it wouldn't allow me to pick you up on time."


"Its alright mom."


"So how was your first day of school?"


"Great actually. I met some people and I was well accepted. Oh, and I got Shay's homework."


"You did that so you'd have an excuse to see her, didn't you?"


"Maybe. Anyway can you drop me off here so it looks like I walked home. It might help my case-that I care so much that I'd walk through the rain to deliver her homework."


"You live next door."


"Mom, don't ruin the moment."


"You've fallen for her haven't you?"


"That's impossible! I talked to her once! Once!"


"But she's a mystery. She has that one thing you want but you can't have. She's cut herself off from the outside world and will do anything to keep outsiders out. But you will do anything to woo them-how close am I?"


"On point actually. Its a good thing you're my mom, otherwise the whole mind reading thing would be creepy." 


"Just get out of the car Vic." I jumped out of the car and ran towards Shay's house. Was it possible for me to have fallen for Shay Connolly already? 


I reached her front porch and thanked the good Lord above for the porch roof. I rang the doorbell and her mother answered the door. 


"Hello Vic."


"Hey Mrs. Connolly. I have Shay's homework that she missed. I was wondering if I could give it to her."


"Of course." Mrs. Connolly's eyes sparkled with a hint a mischief. What was she up to? Did she know that I liked her daughter? Or did Shay like me that way? Was this a test? "Come on in Vic, I don't bite." I stepped over the threshold and was taken aback at how modern the whole place looked. The Connolly's were loaded but I never see Mrs. Connolly work or leave for work. She's always here. "Shay's in the living room. Try not to spook her."


"I wouldn't dream of it." I stepped into the darkened room and spotted Shay on a bean bag chair watching a documentary on the Ancient Greeks. She found history entertaining? I knocked on the side table and she looked up. She looked startled to see me, but not sad, or angry-she didn't even look slightly pleased to see me.


"Hey." she whispered.


"I have your homework."


"Vic, what's the point if I don't plan on going back?"


"Just in case. I talked to Vall, and even the jerk Colton. If its any consolation he's quite heartbroken."


"I know." She looked at a picture frame on the ground. It looked like the glass had been removed and four other pictures besides Colton and her's were placed in the frame. 


"Hey, do you want to do something? As friends to get your mind off this Colton guy."


"What do you have in mind?"


"A movie? I heard a comedy just  came out at Bargain Flix."


"Its not a date. I don't need the slut rumors being fueled."


"I wouldn't dream of it. Its just two neighbors that are the same age trying to get to know one another."


"Alright its a Frate."


"A what?"


"A friend date, a Frate." 


"Clever." I chuckled. "Come on go get dressed. I have to go change because I'm soaked."


"Its raining cats and dogs." she laughed. "It looks like the cats and dogs don't like you very much."


"No, it would appear they despise me." I watched her go, her 'My Little Pony' pajamas and all. I went back to my house to prepare for our 'Frate'. How could I be so lucky? A girl that's beautiful, mysterious, and had a sense of humor? God, I'm a delinquent from a few states over and I have the luck to meet Shay Connolly.



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