Demon High Chronicles: book one Sophie's story

If you just look at Sophie Warren, you will see her as the normal human she once saw herself. Soon enough though, she was beginning to doubt what she thought was real and was fake. She found herself at a new school. For demons.


1. Sought Out

At the sound of the obnoxiously annoying school bell, I was outside of the school. It was Friday and I couldn't wait to go home and finally relax for once in my life. Of course being me, that wasn't saying much because I merger got to relax, especially with my crazy mother. 


Did I forget to introduce my self AGAIN? My name is Sophie Warren, I'm sixteen years old with dark crimson colored hair and dark green eyes that looked suspiciously like grass. 


ANYWAYS, I bolted from the school doors as fast as my skinny and long legs could possibly take (which was in my opinion extremely fast). Down the steps and through the grass, I through myself further towards the sidewalk, off of school property. I would've made it too if I didn't hear the call of a certain girl calling me. 


"Sophie!" I heard my so-called friend Annabelle call. I sighed and slowed my pace. She wouldn't be able to catch up to me at the rate she moved. It made me angry that I couldn't run, although I didn't know why.


Plastering a fake smile on my face, I turned around and faced her. When looked how she usually did, greasy blond hair and a pimply complexion. She wore clothes too tight for her and always showed her stomach. "Hi, Annabelle..." I said, trying to act cheery, but it must've failed because of her expression. Not very happy. 


"Were you trying to ditch me at lunch again?" She asked, getting straight to the point as she always did. 


I shook my head and expertly acted surprised, "What?" 


"You know very well 'what," she snapped, angrily. "You did ditch didn't you?" 


I grimaced at her, digging deep down inside for a reason. Any reason to get her off my neck. Thinking quickly, I said, "I'm sorry. A teacher asked of my assistance and  I had no other way to say no. So I helped her."


She narrowed her eyes at me but didn't decide to not believe me because she dropped then subject. Instantaneously, she cheered up and was giggling about how her school day was. I tried ignoring her butnher voice got to me. Instead, I focused on walking home. 



Once home, I collapsed on my living room couch and closed my eyes for a matter of seconds. Before I could fall asleep, my adorable golden retriever, Sunny, nuzzled my hand which lay on the floor beside the couch. 


"I see you girl," I cooed, sitting up on my elbows so u could pet her. Her perfectly crafted ears perked up at the sound of my voice, though I must've sounded totally beaten up. My eyelids tried to close but I kept them forced open. I had plenty of time to sleep tonight. 


Outside the house, an car door slammed, making my dog jump and flinch. She whined, nose pointed towards the front door but I wasn't worried. I recognized then door span of my mother, Angelica Warren. In a way, she looked almost exactly like me. Then only difference was that she would always have a sad look on her face.


I felt sorry for her.


I also didn't like her for the same reason. She never paid any attention to me. She was attracted to her phone and went out of her way to answer every single call and text whether she were driving or not.  Believe me. I know. 


I heard her sigh, and curse about how her life was as she pushed her key into the lock. "Oh for Fucks sakes!" She swore, jiggling her key. I hid a giggle as I usually did. 


"Hello Mom!"  I heard the laughing tone in my voice and wished it was fine. 


The muffled answer from my mom shut me up. I don't want to ever repeat what she said for it was much too disturbing even for the dirtiest mind (and I for one am one of them. Don't judge). She opened the door and stormed inside, just throwing her bags on the floor in exasperation. 


"Someone's coming to see you." She said, slowly, as if rolling the words off of her tongue and liking the sound of them. "don't wait for me when the doorbell rings." then she marched off to the bath room most likely for a shower. 


"Who could be coming to see me?" I asked Sunny, who immediately turned her head to avoid my gaze it seemed like.  I ran a hand through my hair, nervously. Was it Annabelle?



To my surprise, the door didn't ring until late that/night at 7PM. The way my mom said it, I thought they were going to rush in. 


When they did come though, I made a run for it to the door. A fragile old woman stood in the doorway, peering around me, most likely for my mother. 


She had snow white hair and more wrinkles than possible to count...and that was just on her face! Her hands were curled into feral like claws. Yet, she looked harmless nonetheless. 


I smiled, sweetly, "Are you looking for my mother?" 


The old lady nodded once, "Are you Sophie Warren?"


I laughed, feeling so easy, "In the flesh!" 


"Wouldn't you like to escape your school?" She asked, suddenly. 


I nodded, why did she care? 


"I can help you with that," She went on, "For your kind of you even know what you are?" 


I wrinkled my now. A human? I thought. 


"Come. Before your mother comes. She made a deal." She took my hand and pulled me to her car. 


"Wait...a deal?!" I demanded, trying to pull away. She held on and assured me that when would explain on the way. As soon as we pulled out of the drive way, I realized I never wanted to come back here ever again. 

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