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Cassie and Shawn have been best friends since the 3rd grade. When Cassie realizes that her life is just becoming nothing but stress she, her newly famous best friend invites her to go on tour with him! Will this trip be what she is really looking forward to, or will it just be something else that makes her life seem even more out of control?


1. Introduction

"Cassie, I think we need to take a break." My now ex boyfriend Eric told me. My mouth gapped open as I tried to process what he was telling me. Wad he seriously dumping me?  

"You're dumping me?" I clenched my fists at my side trying to hold myself back from punching him.

"Don't think of it as me dumping you." He paused for a moment as if he were pondering for what to say next. "Think of it more as us just not being together all the time and not kissing each other. We can still be friends though." He held his arms out towards me inviting me in. I pushed away from me and left his house.

I can't believe that he actually just dumped me. Eric and I had been dating for almost 2 years and he just decides to randomly dump me. I was furious. 

As I continued walking I found myself at the front door of the one person who I could vent to and knocked.

"Hey Cass what are you doing here?" Shawn asked opening the door wider as I pushed passed him with my arms crossed. "Need to talk about it?" I looked at him and gave him a small smile. Shawn was my best friend and has been since the 3rd grade. 

We headed up to his room. I sat down on his bed and he took his desk chair giving me his full attention.

"Okay Dr.Shawn is here to lesson so please Miss.Cassandra, tell me what troubles you." I rolled my eyes but smiled at how goofy he was. 

"Well Eric dumped me. Plus he told me that we can still be friends. How fucking cheesy could he even get?" I huffed

Shawn scratched the back of his head. "I'm sorry to here that  Cassie. But on the bright side it proves my point for all the times I said that he was an ass." I laughed because Shawn was in fact right. He was always telling me that he didn't like Eric. Now I guess I can see why.

"You know what you need?" I raised my eyebrow at him. "You need to get away!" 

"Yeah Shawn thats a wonderful idea because I can definitely just pick up and go and miss school." I said sarcastically. I looked at Shawn who on the other hand looked dead serious. "Shawn?"

"I'm serious. You know I'm going away for the Magcon tour in two days, so why don't you come with me?" I thought about it. It really wasn't a bad idea, and it would be nice to not deal with school or stupid ex's.

"Alright Shawn, I think you just might have convinced me. I'm gonna go home and ask my mom." I gave him a quick hug before leaving and walking down the street to my house.

"Mom I'm home!" I shouted throughout my house. 

"In the kitchen." 

"Okay mom so I need to talk to you." She was standing at the sink doing the dishes.

"Go ahead."

"Okay so mom before you say anything please just let me finish my entire proposal. So today Eric broke up with me and honestly I don't really give a shit-"

"Language!" She warned.

"Sorry. Anyway so I went over to Shawn's house because I just needed to talk to someone for a minute. And then after I was finished talking to him, he just threw out this crazy idea that maybe I should get away from all the stress and go with him on his tour."

"Cassandra I actually think that's a good idea." 

"Okay mom please just think..wait what?" I stopped and looked at her. She was now facing me as well. 

"You have seemed to be pretty on edge lately and I trust you. Tomorrow you can talk to your teachers about what you would be missing and then after that you'll be on vacation anyway." 

"Are you serious?" She smiled and nodded her head. I couldn't help but let out a shriek and run up to hug her tight.

"Thank you mom! I'm gonna go call Shawn and tell him!"

This was definitely going to be the best trip of my life.

Okay so hi! This was kind if just like an introduction chapter to just introduce everything. I really hope you guys liked it! I'm have the first real chapter up either tomorrow or Tuesday :) Also I imagined Cassie to look like Chrissy Constanza. Thank you so much for reading! Xx 

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