The Draw

Abandoned in a royal castle. Raised by the royal family. Put into a competition of royals. Daniel Porter was never expecting anything but the consequences of the poverty she was once in. And in reality she still has no more happiness than before.


1. Inside and Out

The light of the half moon shone brightly through the perfectly aligned trees in the great expansion of the Porter Castle. The stone walls of the small room kept much heat outside, making seventeen year old Daniel Portman sneak down to the small library where she was never allowed to enter.

She shivered in delight at the sight of shelf upon shelf of books. Both old and new. She sat down by the dim fire place light. And opened one of her most recent interest. It was older than the rest and looked worn through too many ages. Suddenly she heard a sharp knock on the large wooden door of the library. She slowly tip toed over to the door and opened it extremely slowly, careful not to creak with no need.

She peaked out realizing there was nothing more than darkness peering back at her. She closed the door and was slowly walking back when two strong hands gripped her fore arms and dragged her backwards toward the dark hallway that now seemed more menacing. She tried to scream but found herself unable too. She had been chosen by The Draw.

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