Time Jinx

After 19 year old Bradley Jinx finds out his parents were in a secret rebel group, he joins The Elites and completes work along side his father. He soon finds out about the Time Jinx, an ancient device that The Elites are trying to find in order to restore peace to the world in its current crime ridden state. Bradley will soon learn that the elites are not the only people looking for the Time Jinx.


9. Chapter 9

A few days had passed since the attack on the elite headquarters. Bradley was outside of the infirmary waiting for news on his dad. The door opened and a nurse invited him in. Xzavier was lying on one of the many beds in the front. "Dad, are you going to be okay?" Bradley asked nervously.

"Yes son, I'm going to be fine. It was really brave, the way you dealt with that enforcer. Crazy, but brave."

Bradley smiled, but he had one burning question to ask. "Um... Dad, that enforcer. He said that I'd be perfect for something. He said that you haven't told me something and I'd know about it soon enough. He also mentioned they would have all the time in the world. What does all of it mean?" He asked.

Xzavier sighed and looked down, "Everyone clear the room. I must talk to my son in private." He said. Everyone left the room, the last person to leave closed the door gently. Xzavier glanced at Bradley, "Son, it was never my intention to expose this to you so early, but I guess it's time. Since the first ever member of the Jinx family was alive, there was an ancient device. This device was passed down and improved through the generations. It is known as the Time Jinx. It's a time travel device. That man you met belonged to an evil organization known as Wildfire. They intend to abuse the Time Jinx for evil purposes. Bradley, with the attack. They intended to capture us. We have to find it first Bradley. Before they do." He said. Bradley was amazed. A time travel device invented by his ancestors. Bradley looked at his dad, "If the device was handed down through the generations, why don't you have it?" He asked, "Because someone in the Jinx timeline hid the device." Responded Xzavier with a concerned tone. "Let's find it then." Said Bradley.

Xzavier chuckled, "It's not that easy Bradley. It's been hidden away for years. That's why you must complete your training, and then, maybe, we can go looking for the Time Jinx. But that's not the only thing that was lost. Our ancestors needed a way to power the Time Jinx, so they made something called a Moonlight Reactor. It captures moonlight and converts it into energy that the Time Jinx can use. After every use, it must be recharged by the Reactor. Otherwise, the Time Jinx is useless, and vice versa. Having either device without the other makes that device a waste of time. Wildfire must have both devices to be able to successfully travel through time. And I fear that they are close to finding them."


Bradley walked out the infirmary door to see Lucy standing waiting for him, "Hey Lucy," said Bradley. "Hi, how's your dad?" She responded. Bradley noticed that she said 'your dad' rather than 'Mr. X'. "He can't walk at the moment, but he will be fine."

"Good," Lucy pointed at Bradley, "I need you to see me in my room tonight." She turned around and walked down the corridor. Bradley went back to his room. As usual, it was dirty and mouse infested. Bradley swept the floor which made his room surprisingly cleaner. He lay in his bed wondering of all the possibilities and experiences he would see while serving in the elites. He thought about what Lucy said while in their short combat session. "Don't let your emotions get the best of you." Her words echoed in his head. She knew, but yet she was so calm about it. Almost as if she didn't care. At first glance, she was amazing. Then again, Xzavier said she was brutal and warned him not to go for it. What if he could help her? Help her get promoted to scavenger, change her possibly. Bradley wanted Lucy, but with all the crazy things coming up, he didn't see how he would have time for her. That's when he realized that it was dark and time to go meet Lucy. He sprang out of bed and rocketed down the corridor. That's when it struck him, he didn't know where Lucy's room was. His eyes darted left and right. He felt someone grab the collar on his suit and he was thrashed back into darkness.


"Looking for me? You seemed a bit lost." Bradley found himself in a room that looked like it would belong to Rambo. Guns were hung all over the walls. The walls themselves were green and brown camouflage. There was a pool Que stick rack filled with swords. Lucy then came into sight, "How do you like my room?" She said with a smirk. "Very unladylike." Responded Bradley still looking around, "Of course it's unladylike. I mean it to be this way. I don't want everyone to think I'm soft." She said. "I think you should've stopped at the guns." Bradley said. "I guess the guns are a little too much. After all, they're not even real." She responded. This was a huge weight off Bradley's shoulders, "So Lucy, why'd you ask me to come down?" Bradley asked now looking at the sword rack. Lucy brushed some of her hair behind her ear, "I wanted to ask you something." She said looking off to the side. Bradley's heart was racing now, "Yeah, go ahead." He managed to say this without his voice cracking. "What are you going to do the day you become elite? What will you change?" Bradley's heart sunk. That was not the question he expected. He could almost hear the trombone in his head. WOMP WOMP WAAH.

Bradley took a second to collect his thoughts. "What makes you think I'll even become elite?" He asked. "Duh! It's obvious that with you being the elites son, he'll hand the title to you when he passes." She said. Bradley thought about it for a second. Was he going to be passed down the title? It was most likely. Lucy had a point, "I....I don't know. I don't expect to ever become elite." Said Bradley.

Lucy looked at Bradley, "Bradley, I don't want to offend you when I say this but he is going to pass soon. Everyone's out to get him, you need to plan ahead just in case. Also," She said, "After that attack and how you burst out like that, I knew that you clearly need a weapon."

Lucy turned over to a dresser near her bed and pulled out a case and a pistol holster, "In here is a .44 Magnum revolver and it's holster.

It was given to me personally by my father. It used to be his when he served. He thought it would be a good idea to give it to me to use but, I feel that you need it more than I do." Bradley took the case and opened it to see the revolver inside. The handle was made of polished mahogany with brass lining and grips. He could have sworn it was brand new. He closed the case and looked at Lucy, "Lucy, I can't take this from you! It was your father's! I would feel like I was taking away part of your past!" Lucy just pushed it towards Bradley more. "Maybe that's exactly what I need." If it wasn't there before, it was definitely there now. Lucy was hiding something from her past that she was ashamed of. What could have possibly happened in Lucy's past that she is afraid to show? What if what happened long ago shaped her into who she is now?

Bradley gripped the revolver case tightly. "I hope I never have to use this."

"Neither do I."

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