Time Jinx

After 19 year old Bradley Jinx finds out his parents were in a secret rebel group, he joins The Elites and completes work along side his father. He soon finds out about the Time Jinx, an ancient device that The Elites are trying to find in order to restore peace to the world in its current crime ridden state. Bradley will soon learn that the elites are not the only people looking for the Time Jinx.


5. Chapter 5

In walked Bradley and Xzavier, Bradley looked around at a dark room only illuminated by a hanging lamp, "Dad, where are we?" asked Bradley with a slight tone of fear in his voice, "We are at the mental training room, here we will strengthen your mind. Sit down Bradley." Said Xzavier. With nervousness coursing through his body, he inched towards the chair and eventually sat down. Xzavier handed Bradley a note, "You read this to yourself, it's going to be my job to try to get you to tell me what exactly that note said. Now then, let's start..... Oh! By the way. Bradley, in this interrogation I might be a little frightening. Just know I don't mean anything I might say." said Xzavier. This just made Bradley even more unsure of the whole idea. Xzavier circled around the table like a vulture circling it's dying victim, each time staring into Bradley's soul, "So far so good Bradley. You're showing no guilt. Remember, try to think of something else, something other than the man trying to gain access to your soul." Said Xzavier. Bradley took that into mind. He began to think about that girl he met in the compound, "Damn! What was her name? I should have asked for it right then and there," Bradley kept thinking. Bradley thought of possible names. Then Xzavier made a sound like a cough and a laugh. This ruined Bradley's train of thought, "Bradley, you did good. I say you passed but you still need to pass another test to proceed in training." Said Xzavier, "I actually need you to see me in my office at the time of your convenience. I have some business to attend to. For now, explore the compound. "Xzavier said shortly after. 

Bradley stood up and proceeded to walk out. As soon as he opened the door to leave, "Her name is Lucy by the way."  Xzavier said.

Bradley closed the door behind him and stood there in shock. How in the world did Xzavier know? It was a mystery to Bradley. Then again., ever since Bradley found out of The Elites, nothing made sense to him. All Bradley knew is that he had to find Lucy again. He wandered around the compound. It still amazed him as to how big the thing actually was. It could take him ages to explore the whole thing.

He noticed a desk which appeared to be the the receptionist counter. He walked towards it wondering why a team like the Elites would need one. He found himself standing at the counter looking at the lady on the other side, "Uh, excuse me?" said Bradley. The lady responded with a grouch, "What do you want?!" She turned around in her office chair. Her tone changed as soon as she saw Bradley's face, "Oh! Mr. X's son! I am terribly sorry for my tone of voice. Is there anything I can do for you today?" she said in a tone trying to take her grouchiness back, "Yeah actually, I'm trying to find my way around, by the way, it's not Mr. X's son. It's Bradley." He said, a little annoyed. The lady's eyebrows rose, "Okay then, if you wish Mr. Bradley, I can get you a guide to show you around." Said the lady.

"Sure, why not?" Responded Bradley. The lady pressed a button on the phone next to her that apparently linked to the intercom. "Lucy Emerald to the receptionist counter, Lucy Emerald to the receptionist counter." She said. Bradley couldn't believe his luck. He was going to see Lucy again.

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