Time Jinx

After 19 year old Bradley Jinx finds out his parents were in a secret rebel group, he joins The Elites and completes work along side his father. He soon finds out about the Time Jinx, an ancient device that The Elites are trying to find in order to restore peace to the world in its current crime ridden state. Bradley will soon learn that the elites are not the only people looking for the Time Jinx.


3. Chapter 3

Bradley wasn't sure exactly what to think at that moment. Everything was beginning to make sense. Overwhelmed with the new discovery, Bradley still had to ask his father one thing, "Dad, why did you lie to me all this time? You always said you worked in computer engineering, why did you hide this from me? More importantly, why from mom?" He said. Bradley looked at his father waiting for a response. Finally, Xzavier let out a sigh, "Bradley, your mother knew, in fact--" Xzavier went quiet. Bradley waited for him to finish, "In fact what? What do you mean--" Bradley went into deep thought and came out with a shock, "She was in it too, wasn't she?" Bradley was about to cry at that point. Xzavier let out a small nod, "She was amazing, one of the best there was." Xzavier said with a small grin and a tear now running down his cheek. There was a small moment of quiet between the two men. Finally, Xzavier looked at his son, "Bradley, I didn't bring you here so that we could grief over your mother, she doesn't want us to remember her in that way. She's resting peacefully, let me assure you." He said, he patted Bradley on the back, "Don't worry son, I miss her too." Bradley looked up at his father, "What do I have to do to become an elite?" Asked Bradley. Xzavier's eyes widened in astonishment, "Bradley, understand that this is an army organization, there are ranks that determine your position. There was only ever two elites. Their names--" Xzavier cracked for a moment, "Jessica, and Xzavier Jinx."

"So thats it, I can't be a part of this organization anymore?" Asked Bradley. Xzavier looked at his son, "Bradley I know it's confusing, the organization is called The Elites. But there can only be one living elite at a time. Think of the elite as the old and wise elder." Xzavier said. Bradley was confused even more, but it slowly made sense. Bradley leaned the side of his face on his fist and looked at his father, "What are the ranks then, and how do I get into The Elites?" He asked his father.

Xzavier took a deep breath and began to speak, "Think of it as a wolf pack. You begin as an underdog. The recruit basically. You then move up to scavenger. It then it goes to scout. You then move up to hunter. Most people in the elites are hunters. At this point you have to be EXTREMELY skilled, if you're lucky, you move in to Quarter chief. You then become Alpha. Then, there's elite. The top rank, but there's only one elite per lifetime, that's currently me. You become one of the elites by completing initiation." Said Xzavier. Bradley smiled, "And what's that?" 

Xzavier gave him a serious look, "You're not going to like it Bradley, just know. This is the only way."

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