Time Jinx

After 19 year old Bradley Jinx finds out his parents were in a secret rebel group, he joins The Elites and completes work along side his father. He soon finds out about the Time Jinx, an ancient device that The Elites are trying to find in order to restore peace to the world in its current crime ridden state. Bradley will soon learn that the elites are not the only people looking for the Time Jinx.


11. Chapter 11

Lucy felt like she had accomplished something major. Like learning to walk or ride a bike for the first time, "Thank you." She whispered in Bradley's ear. She began crying of joy, "Lucy, are you okay?" Asked Bradley.

That moment Lucy's mind was flooded with memories. Memories of a tragic moment of her life. She could remember being a normal eight year old girl. In a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. She had been playing a game of chess against her dad.

Lucy moved a piece as a voice behind her said, "Harold, Absolutely not! I won't allow it! You're not going to leave me and your daughter for the cause of...whatever that organization is called." It was Lucy's mother. Harold moved a piece on the board, "Check!" he said smiling, then to his wife, "First of all, Cassidy it's called The Elites. It's a force that protects the public. I feel them calling me." Harold said.

"No, you only want to go because Xzavier is there. Harold face the facts, your married to me and we have a daughter to take care of! There is no guys night out anymore." Cassidy said. Harold replied sternly, "No, you don't get it! You refer to it as if it's a boy band! Only the best of the best can get in. And-" Harold's voice broke. "I think I will be able to protect the two of you better. Please just-" Harold was cut off.

The next thing she remembered was a loud series of explosions. The windows of her house shattered leaving bits of glass all over the floor. Lucy looked out the window and saw her normally quiet neighborhood on fire. She saw terrified families running down the street, the families all being shot to death. Men in cloaks and assault rifles ran down the streets breaking down all her neighbor's doors. They invaded the homes, shooting anything that moved. "Daddy whats happening? Why are those people killing everybody?" Lucy said terrified. A man ran on the street when he saw Lucy's head looking through the window. He raised his gun aimed at the window where Lucy's head was and began firing.

Harold pulled Lucy out of the bullets' path. Picture frames that were hung on the walls fell and the bullets pierced into the wall. "We have live ones in the house!" He screamed. He ran to the door and kicked it down. He dropped his gun and pulled out the revolver at his side. He pointed at Cassidy and fired. Harold sprinted at the man and pinned him against the wall. He got the gun out of his hand and kicked it out of reach, "LUCY, RUN WHILE YOU CAN! GET OUT OF HERE AND DONT LOOK BACK!" Harold yelled. Lucy picked up the revolver and ran outside through her backyard.

She ran as fast as she could but could not escape the sound of the gunshot that killed Harold. Before she knew it she was in the main city, hearing the sirens of police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks speeding by. It was raining and she was crying.

Running down the side walk with the horrifying images now in her head. She ran into a young boy. About her age or so, "I'm so sorry, are you okay?" He said, "No, just get out the way!" Lucy responded. "Well a girl like you can't be running in the rain like this, you'll get soaked. Here take this." He said handing Lucy his umbrella. Lucy took the umbrella looked at the boy. She turned and ran past him, "Thank you." she whispered under her breath. 


It was a flash to her. It was the one thing she never wanted to remember. She let go of Bradley and walked towards the exit, "Lucy, I asked if you're okay?" Asked Bradley. Lucy clenched her forehead, "I just need a moment on my own." She said. She walked out the door leaving Bradley on his own at the maze end. Bradley ran after Lucy through the hallways. She turned the corner to her room. Bradley turned to follow when he ran straight into Xzavier. Bradley hit the floor hard while Xzavier still stood like nothing even hit him, "Ah, Bradley I was looking for you. Follow me, I have something very important to speak to you about." Bradley sputtered and pointed over in the direction Lucy went. "Bradley, your girlfriend can wait, this is urgent." So Bradley stood up and trailed Xzavier with caution. Xzavier was acting differently, for once Bradley saw he was nervous. They arrived at Xzavier's office.

Xzavier sat in his chair, "Bradley, sit. We must discuss something very important." He said. Bradley sat and saw maps and pictures covering paintings and some parts of the walls. One of the largest maps Bradley had ever seen had a big red circle around a square labeled 'Target building'. He saw a bunch of arrows pointing in and out of the circle. Xzavier cleared his throat, "Bradley, we have confirmed the location of the Time Jinx. It's in a cave hidden by a building somewhere in London." He said, "However, he have intel Wildfire is already moving in. We're going to ambush them and attack them straight on with all we have." Xzavier added.

"We're starting a war aren't we?" Bradley asked. Xzavier quickly corrected Bradley, "I'm not starting a war, I'm ending one. I'm also tying up loose ends." He said. He reached for the phone at his side and picked it up. His voice came over the intercom, "All Elites report to the dining hall immediately." Xzavier stood up and cocked his pistol and put it at his side. Xzavier walked to a safe along the side of his desk. He opened the safe and pulled out two assault rifles. He tossed one to Bradley, "What's this?!" Asked Bradley. "What? It's just a gun." He said, "No! This!" Said Bradley pointing at the rifle. Xzavier sighed, "It's a Colt M- " Bradley honestly didn't really want to know the specifics of the weapon he was carrying. "No, just, never mind." Bradley got out of his seat and followed Xzavier to the dining hall. There, Bradley met Mr. T, "Mr. B, have you any idea why Mr. X has called us all down?" He asked. That was the first time he had been called by his code name. "My dad's having some sort of a mid-life crisis! That's why we're here."


Bradley sighed. "We're going on a full-scale assault against Wildfire."

Mr. T's eyes widened, "My god, the bloody mans gone insane."

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