Ready to Run

Brittany Brown was a girl who cut, gets bullied at school, and abused by her dad at home. When she's about to jump of the bridge, What Happens when one boy trys to stop her? What will happen when she meets 5 boys that want to help her? Will she let them or will she push them away? Read to find out. ( Previously know as Love I never thought I would find) This movellas is going to be similar to the movie Beyond the lights


3. why

 " Stop!"

 I turned around and saw a familiar looking boy with blonde hair slowly coming towards me. "Why!" I yelled, " what do I have to live for any more. No one really sees me." I turned back around  getting ready to jump. But just as I fell he grabbed my hand. I was dangling over the edge of the bridge, looking down at the concrete below.

" Hey! Hey, Look at me.I see you, I see you." He said as he began to pull me back up. Once I got back up I just started crying. I couldn't hold it back.

 " hey come on, I'll take you home." He said as we started walking away.

 " I don't have one," I stuttered out," Please don't take me back there please." I pleaded. He stepped back and took a good look at me. " I won't but you need to go to a hospital."

 " no don't take me there either please. just leave me somewhere" I begged

 " and risk you trying to jump off a bridge again, no thanks, you can come home with me." I just nodded. I couldn't fight back anymore, I was drained.

 We pulled up a large mansion. The boy turned and looked at me. I just looked down, knowing he was probably judging me. I mean I was wear a dirty shirt and ripped jeans, and I bet my hair was a mess " What's your name" He asked.

" Brittany" I said still looking down.

"well Brittany, I'm Niall" I looked up and smiled a little. 

" come one let's get you in side, I hope you don't mind I live with 4 other boys." I just nodded even though that made me scared. He took out his keys and unlocked the door.

"Boys! Im Back" He yelled. We heard muffled oks and we walked into the living room where I saw 4 other equally as hot boys sitting playing video games.

 They stopped when they saw us. "um Niall who is this" a boy with really curly hair with a bandana tied around it.

" this is Brittany, I saved her from dying. Brittnay that's Harry, Liam, Zayn, And Louis" 

" Umm ok but why did you bring her here" Zayn said.

I finally decided  to speak up " Um Niall I can go if you want. I'll find somewhere to stay" I Said turning to leave.

 "No wait, Zayn she is here because I think someone at home is abusing her."

That made me turn around. " Brittany is someone at home abusing" Liam, I think said. I nodded and burst into tears. Liam stood up and hugged me. "Lets go get you cleaned up ok babe" I nodded again. He lead me up the stairs and into a bedroom.

" um since you don't have any clothes here you can wear these," he said as he handed me some sweatpants, boxers,and a t-shirt, " um the bathroom is over there you can take a shower if you want and um if you want to sleep you can sleep in here ok." I nodded and he left the room. I went to the bathroom and showered. It felt soo good to have a warm shower, my dad only lets me take cold showers. After taking a shower and washing my hair, I put on Liam's clothes and walked outside the room. I could hear the boys talking from the stairs.

" Niall you cant just bring random people who you think need help to our house. We're famous anyone could be trying anything just to meet us, I mean I don't want to sound conceited but come one bro." I heard one say and the others agreed, " you need to get her out of here" I felt tears in my eyes. I told Niall no one wanted me why didn't he just listen. I heard footsteps coming towards me so I ran back into I'm guessing Liam's room and  got under the covers.

It wasn't the first time I cried my self to sleep. 

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