Ready to Run

Brittany Brown was a girl who cut, gets bullied at school, and abused by her dad at home. When she's about to jump of the bridge, What Happens when one boy trys to stop her? What will happen when she meets 5 boys that want to help her? Will she let them or will she push them away? Read to find out. ( Previously know as Love I never thought I would find) This movellas is going to be similar to the movie Beyond the lights


2. Stop!

"Brittany Get your ass told own here now!!" I heard my dad scream. I ran down stairs and saw him standing there holding a beer bottle. Ever since he lost his job and my mom left us for someone with more money, he's always been getting drunk. And it doesn't help that I get bullied at school too.

"Yes sir" I stuttered not looking at him. He grabbed on to my cheeks and forced me to looks at him.

"Look at me when you talk don't you how rude it is to not!" He spit in my face then punched me l. I fell down onto the floor. He kicked me hard many times then poured his beer on me. " you worthless piece of shit!" he yelled, kicking me agian

"Now get out my face and don't come back." I ran out the house. I didn't have anywhere to go tears were streaming down my face. I stopped running when I saw the bridge. I walked up to it and sat on the edged. I slowly stood up and and looked down.

"No one needs me, no one will miss me. I'll be doing them a favor. My mom didn't love me if she did she would have taken me with her. My dad doesn't love me, if he did he wouldn't beat me. He wouldn't have raped me, he would send people into my home to come and beat me and rape and pay him money for it. No one loves me So why doing I just jump. I'll be better off." I said to my self.

"On the count if three. Brit you'll finally be happy" 



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