My Life

19 year old McKenzie lives in Washington D.C. She has been forced to leave her home because she does not have the best reputation. Once she gets to her new home, she will meet the wrong group of people and fall instantly in love. She is torn to choose between 19 year old Liam Payne and 21 year old Louis Tomlinson. Who will she choose? Liam? Louis? Or someone else...


1. Leaving

"I don't want to go," I whine pathetically hoping it will change my mother's mind.

"You have to. Maybe you should have thought about this before you got expelled for..." My mother begins.

"Don't you fucking dare to bring that back up. I said I was sorry,"I cut her off.

"That doesn't matter anymore," my mother says with grey dead eyes.

We sat in silence for the rest of the car ride. My mother's black Audi hums quietly, making me sleepy. I don't like talking about my childhood, nor myself in general. I'm  definitely not an open book, whatever that means. As soon as we get to the airport, I want to scream. This is the fancy-fuck type of airport, and my mom bought me a first class ticket. 

"Why did you buy me first class?" I ask through my teeth.

"You deserve.."she begins but I cut her off. 

"And dad doesn't? He doesn't deserve to have a better life? Even a damn penny would help him! You have thousands of dollars, while he lives on the street and has shit! You left him with nothing! Not even me! You don't deserve to be here buying me first class. If realities were switched, you would wake up in the morning and shoot yourself in the fucking head!"

"I couldn't give him what he needed to..." she starts.

"I know you couldn't! But did you have to take me with you!? Did you have to take all his well earned God damn money. Did you have to get a job that pays a shit ton of money, and rub it in his face? NO! Did you do it anyway? OF COURSE YOU DID!!!"

"Language, McKenzie! Now get on that plane and leave. I will see you next weekend," my mother croaked, handing me my ticket, class schedule, and backpack. It was getting late and I was already in a shitload of trouble so I ran to my plane, my fire read hair flowing behind me. After being raped, or as some people call it 'checked', I got on my flight to my new 'home'. Where was it again? 

"Excuse me, maid?" I ask the woman.

"I am a flight attendant, not a maid," she sweetly said.

"You look like a maid to me," I say back.

"Well I'm not," she fired back.

"You sure as hell clean up after everyone," I retort in the same rude manner. She starts to walk away from me. "Could you get me a slightly less bitchy maid?"

A couple minutes later, another woman shows up.

"What do you want?" She fires directly at me. I like her.

"Where is this plane going?" I mock her British accent.

"Nebraska, now will you shut up?"

"Probably not," I state truthfully. The dude next to me starts laughing. "Mind your own damn business," I choke.

For the remainder of the flight I sleep, annoy the hell out of people, and occasionally take a piss.

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