One-shot story. First story, please review. We'll I don't know if you guys do reviews.


1. Help (one-shot)

They had taken me here against my will, not listening to my shouts of protest as I shouted and kicked at them. My brain had gone into overdrive as I was dragged into a large, menacing building that towered above the trees.

I had attempted to bite one of them, but another one stepped from the shadows and gagged me, and blind folded me.

As we continued down the hallway, I guess, and heard screams come from every direction. I tried to shout through the gag to make them stop, but they continued down.

Eventually, I was bound by a price of cloth, binding my arms to my sides, and keeping my legs together,

Tap, Tap, Tap

I heard the sound of something dripping and looked around for the source, when I noticed my blindfold had fallen around my neck. I looked around the room, and saw that it was all metal, with no window, or any sort of way a liquid could enter the room.

Tap Tap Tap

I noticed that the sound was coming from my left, and turned, to see a red liquid drip from my binds.

I don't know why, but I chuckled at the site, until it became full-blown laughter.

It looks... Delicious, I thought as I stared at the blood falling onto the metallic floor.

I wiggled my arms out of the binds, and drank the blood, the copper taste acting like water on my lips.

And I continued to do this, until I was taken away once more. And all I have to say is... Help me.

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