Stolen Hearts ~Oliver Twist Fanfiction~

When rich girls Elizabeth and Rachael meet Oliver, their futures become tied to his past.


In this book, Nancy, Bill and Fagin are still alive cause yeah.



3. Chapter Two ~Skye~

Chapter Two ~Skye~

"I'm Skye,"


I flick my hair across my face, looking at 'Elizabeth'. She's rich. Her and her little snobby stuck up friend. I'm not, evidently. Apparently I'm 'just lowlife'. Not quite. Not quite just lowlife. I'm a pickpocket, and a decent one at that. Got no place to stay, and no friends. I live off what I can. But I'm not about to tell her that.

"And for your information I am not lowlife. I have money,"

'Elizabeth' shoots a quick glare at her friend, who simply places her hands on her hips and rolls her eyes. "Sorry for that," continued Elizabeth,"She acts before she thinks, I'm afraid,"

I narrow my blue eyes. "Oh, does she? She should learn some manners." I hiss.

The snobby girl walks up to me. "I'm Rachael,"

Her sudden change of attitude surprises me a lot. "Why the sudden change of heart, snob?" I mock, leaning back on the wall.

She stares at me, before putting her hands in the air and walking off. "Suit yourself, I was only trying to be nice!"

I glare at her, before getting up to leave.

"Wait," murmured 'Elizabeth'. "Before you go... Here,"

She passes me a coin.... Two shillings! A whole two shillings! All mine, and without having to steal to get it.

"T...Thank you!" I stutter gratefully, bowing my head slightly. "I hope we meet again!"

Elizabeth smiled,"I'm sure we will. The worlds a small place,"

I don't really understand that. From what I know the worlds pretty big.

I dash off, down an alley, and came to a stop beside a house. The alley is dark and damp, a single lamp on the wall lighting up its small corner. My clothes and face are dirty, like normal, but I don't feel anything. The rain starts up and beats down mercilessly on me as I fall into a restless sleep.



"Go away..." I mumble sleepily, still in the alley. I'm sopping wet, my grubby hand still closed around the coin. I hear someone impatiently telling their foot.

"'Ey. Look, we don' 'ave all day," The person says, and I take note of the strong cockney accent. "So, if your gonna wake up, do it now,"

"Fine. I'm up," I sit up and open my eyes slowly adjusting to the light. The owner of the voice was a boy about my age, and his clothes are like any street child's, but fancier. Not that they're any cleaner than mine though. He's wearing a tailcoat, a blue one, and a red waistcoat with brown trousers, black leather shoes and a top hat. "Who are you?"

He tipped his hat forward. "I could ask you the same, mate,"

I narrow my eyes. "My names.... Skye...."

The boy smiled, taking a step closer. "And I'm Jack Dawkins, better known 'round 'ere as The Artful Dodger!"

"Pleased to meet you, Dodger," I reply,"So... Why'd you talk to me?"

Dodger clicked his tongue and smiled. "Actually, I did have a reason. I presume you don't have any lodgings or money, do you?"

I sniff."I have two shillings. I don't have any lodgings, but I am a pickpocket. Many people would turn me down for that,"

I see surprise flit across Dodgers face. Then he holds out a hand. "Well, I know an old man that'll give you lodgings for nofink, and he 'ain't never ask for change! Come along,"

I nod and follow him. We meet with two other boys, who are introduced to me as Ace and Charley, who goes by the unfortunate nickname MasterBates.

They all seem pretty surprised that Dodger has taken in a girl. Apparently it's because I'm a pickpocket. Huh. What a weird reason to take someone in. Because they break the law.

Anyway, I'm dragged back to a rickety looking old place deep in the heart of London's Underworld, a place where murderers and thieves roam.

Dodger whistles, and when someone whistles back, he yells "Plummy and Slam!"

These words have to be some sort of key, because the door swings open and I'm pushed into the room.

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