Stolen Hearts ~Oliver Twist Fanfiction~

When rich girls Elizabeth and Rachael meet Oliver, their futures become tied to his past.


In this book, Nancy, Bill and Fagin are still alive cause yeah.



4. Chapter Three ~Elizabeth~

Chapter Three ~Elizabeth~

I sigh as Skye leaves, before standing up and replacing myself beside Rachael.

"There was no need to be so rude, Rachael!" I scold,"I hate it when you're mean,"

Rachael raises an eyebrow. "She was lowlife Lizzie. Not like she'd be able to retaliate."

I grimace. "I'll admit she didn't look like she had money."

We continue our chat while we walk along the street back to my house. When we reach it, Rachael waves goodbye and dashes off while I enter the house.

"Mother!" I call."I'm back!

My mother is a stout, but incredibly kind young woman who goes by the name of Marie. She cares for everything and everyone, and the whole town knows her.

She smiles at me. "Nice to see you, Dear. What took you so long?"

"I met another girl." I explain,"She looked poor, but I chatted with her. She was..... Nice,"

My mother tuts. "You're making yourself known for talking to low lives. That's just not how life goes, Elizabeth. The two classes don't mix, and the quicker you know that, the quicker you can take over this house,"

I nod. I shouldn't have mentioned the girl. I should have known mum wouldn't approve. I dip my head. "Yes mum, sorry,"

She looks at me, sighing once. "It's fine. Just don't do it again. Now, go get dressed, we have visitors,"

My eyes light up and I run upstairs. I love visitors, they usually have kids. I change out of my white school dress and into a beautiful scarlet one instead, completed with a pearl necklace and red shoes.

When I get down again, I realise mum is in the sitting room talking to the visitors. When I compose myself and walk in, I notice immediately that there's a boy about my age. Before I can talk to him though, my mum introduces me.

"Ah. This is my daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is Mr.Brownlow and his son Oliver."

I look at Oliver before walking over. "Good morning, Oliver,"

Oliver smiles once. "Morning Elizabeth,"

"Call me Lizzie. Everyone does,"

He laughs lightly. "Your mother doesn't."

"I know," I sigh. I look around the room, my eyes finding the clock. "She doesn't understand that I don't like being called my first name,"

"Whyever not?" Questioned Oliver.

I ignore his last question. Then my mother speaks up. "Why don't you two go and talk in another room."

I sigh, then motion for him to follow me as I lead him into the dining room. When we reach it, I lock the door so we can talk. "So... I've never seen you around here before," I say casually.

Oliver glances at me. "I know. I'm new to being rich,"

"What do you mean? Surely you were born into being rich?"

I ask, unsure of how you could be 'new' to being rich.

He shakes his head."I was adopted a few months ago. I didn't used to be like this,"

"So where did you live before this?"

"I... Ummm..." Oliver stutters before sighing. "I was a pickpocket,"

I raise an eyebrow, then a thought hit me. "You wouldn't happen to have known a street girl named Skye, would you?"

He thinks for a moment. "No. Can't say I have, but if she is like I was, I have a fair idea of where she'll be...."

I grin. "Bring me there?"




"Why not? Id just be a minute,"


I glare at him. "She's my friend, and I demand you bring me there,"

"No. It's dangerous," Oliver yelled. "They'd kill me upon sight."

"Do you know that for sure?"

He looks awkwardly at me. "No.... but...."

"Then we're going!"

He sighs. "Fine!"

"Mother! I'm going out!"

As we walk out the door, Oliver leads me to London's Underworld, a place I would never have gone on my own.

Little did I know what I would see would change my life forever.

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