Stolen Hearts ~Oliver Twist Fanfiction~

When rich girls Elizabeth and Rachael meet Oliver, their futures become tied to his past.


In this book, Nancy, Bill and Fagin are still alive cause yeah.



5. Chapter Four ~Skye~

Chapter Four ~Skye~

I glance around the room I'm now in and notice a few major things. First of all, there's no girls to be seen. Only boys. Secondly, They're all smoking and drinking what appears to be gin. Huh. Not a bad drink choice, not bad at all. Dodger pulls on my collar. "Move,"

I obey his order and he leads me to the back of the room. "Oi. Fagin. I've brought a new friend to see ya. This is Skye,"

An old man appears and looks me up and down. "Fine. She can stay, but she'll have to find somewhere to sleep. Probably beside one of you."

Dodger raises an eyebrow. I clear my throat. "That's fine, I guess,"

Dodger grins. "You actually don't mind sleeping beside one of us? If you hadn't noticed we're all boys and your a girl. Aren't you scared we'd do something indecent to you?"

"No." I reply."For a would hit you over the head with a frying pan before you could try anything,"

The boys mutter among themselves but I silence them with a glare. Then Dodger speaks up. "She can sleep beside me,"

I look at him. "You sure?"

"Yeah," he replied,"Why not?"

I shrug. "Well... Fine,"

After we set up my 'bed', Dodger and I sit down at the table where dinner is being served. Huh. We keep ending up sitting next to each other. Slowly, the boys are all introduced to me. They seem nice, and I'm gonna admit I'm glad to be with my own kind. The thieving kind. The dinner was better than I'm used to, and straight after everyone went to bed.

"Hey, Dodger?" I whisper through the darkness. "You awake?"

I hear a moan. "No. I'm out at a ball,"

I laugh. "What are we doing tomorrow?"

There's shuffling and then Dodger's peircing green eyes appear in the gloom. "Working,"

"You mean thieving?"

He sighs mockingly."No, I mean flower arranging,"

Again I smile. Then I cover my head and drift into sleep.

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