The Lost Humen

This is a movella about my poetries, about people. Suicidal, depressed, sad people. Where you don't wanna end. WARNING: Sad


1. the girl

she was a beautiful girl,

Lying in her bed

She was crying out her world

Exploding her head

she was only 11,

when the cuts started.

Raped at age of 7,

turned her broken hearted

dated this older boy,

Used her to get sex,

played her like a toy,

She couldn't make him an ex

and one day they had a fight

his hand on her face,

she cried all the dark, cruel night

wished to get out to space

and she fell in love with this girl,

she felt so horrible wrong,

she hid away from the big world

and cried all day long

maybe this girl liked her too,

at least she made the cuts stop

and at last it actually was them two,

she loved her on top

but the bullying started badly,

and she tried so hard not to cut,

but I have to tell you sadly,

that at last the girl gave up,

she sliced up her wrist,

and made the pain in her heart stop,

what was wrong could make a list,

and maybe she felt like a fat big flop.

Yes, she killed herself at last,

with the meat knife from the kitchen here

the blood was bleeding fast,

it was bleeding from here to there.

now she found peace.,

and she felt a lot better,

her and the heaven was one piece

She told in her suicide letter.

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