The Lost Humen

This is a movella about my poetries, about people. Suicidal, depressed, sad people. Where you don't wanna end. WARNING: Sad


2. the boy

He was only 13 years old,

when his dad shot himself

His mother never told,

Him why nobody could help

His dad was always proud of him,

And read for him in bed,

His love for him was never slim,

And smiled when his firt A was set

When his dad died,

His mother started drinking.

Went from men's to men's side,

Her love to him was sinking.

and when he turned 15,

He held a birthday party

That was the last time he was seen,

By miss McCarty.

He wrote down a letter,

And hang it on the bathroom door.

Drew a Line down his wrist to feel better,

But quickly he was lying on the floor.

That's the story of the boy,

Who thought he'd never give up.

He shattered his body like a toy,

And he gave up on top.

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