Hurt. (M.A.D)


1. Chapter 1.

Just to let everyone know I have absolutely nothing against Aiden. Everything I put in the book about them is purely to make it interesting and better to read.

Vote and Comment, Hope you enjoy,x


Rebekah and Bryleigh have known three boys for five years now.

With in the five years a lot of things have happened. This is where it all started...

Rebekah and Bryleigh were moving into their new flat in London. They were dragging their suitcases up the flat stairs. As they were coming up the stairs a blond haired boy came running down and straight into Rebekah and Bryleigh causing their suitcases to fall back down the stairs.

"For god sake, watch where you are going next time!" Rebekah shouted to the blond haired boy in a angry tone.

Another boy came down the stairs while they tried to pick up their suitcases, once again.

"Sorry."A brown eyed boy said apologetically.

"What for?"Bryleigh asked a little confused.

"For Dan knocking all of your bags down the stairs!" The boy said pointing to the bags that were sprawled out on the floor.

"Dan" Rebekah repeated like she was making a mental note of his name.

"Here, let me help you with that." The guy said picking up two suitcases.

"Cheers!" Bryleigh replied.

"Flat number?" The boy asked.

"24" Bryleigh said simply.

"Ah, opposite mine and the boys." The boy said chuckling. Once we had got in front of our flats which were opposite each other, he placed the bags down.

"Would it be to much to ask for your name?' The boy asked. Rebekah shook my head.

"Bekah." She said holding her hand out for him to shake. Instead he pulled her hand which cause her to be pulled into a hug.

"Forward." Rebekah mumbled into his shoulder.

"Bryleigh." She said rummaging around through her pocket searching for the keys to the flat, eventually she pulled them out and began to unlock the door.

"So, we'll see you later! Thanks again!" Rebekah said.


"Yeah, bye!" The brown eyed boy said back. I just realised I don't know his name. Before he could enter his flat I grabbed him by his forearm.

"I don't know your name?" I said still holding on to his forearm. I had only just realised that Lauren had gone through into the new flat.

"I'm Michael but, you can call me Mike" He said with a slight smirk. I smiled, he seemed nice.

I new moving from New York wouldn't be the hardest thing I've ever done but, I never new making friends would be this easy. I guess you could say I'm socially awkward or just very anti social.

"Bye Mike" I smiled walking to the door and twisting the knob.

"Bekah, you should come to Dan and Charlotte's BBQ?" He said smiling with his hand on my arm.

"Um, can Bryleigh come?" He smirked, obviously knowing that I would asked that question. What? Bryleigh and I do everything together.

"Yes, but rules are you've got to have a plus one. So I was wondering.." He started scratching the back of his head. "If you'd be my plus one, just as a friend and that but will you?" He finished kind of nervously.

"Sure I will. One thing, Bryleigh won't have a plus one." I said with a smile.

"Come out tonight, my mate Ben doesn't have a plus one either." He said winking.

"Sure, but you sounded like a ten year old when you said 'come out'" I replied laughing a little.

"Hey. I meant like walk around the park, get to know eachother!" Michael replied.

"Yeah, sure." I said smiling at him.

"Ben and I will come in about an hour." Michael said walking towards his door.

"Alright, see ya later Mike!" I said walking into our new flat. I walked through the flat and along the narrow hallway which I was guessing lead to the living room.

"Bry!" I called out. I walked into the living room where everything was set out how it used to be in New York. I looked over to the sofa near the window and there Bryleigh was fast asleep.

"Bryleigh, wake up!" I shouted.

"What do you want from me?" She said rolling of the sofa and on to the floor. I stuck out my hand for her to take which she did and pulled her up.

"You need to get ready to meet Ben!" I said kind of excited.

"And, who's Ben?" Bryleigh asked with a look of confusion on her face.

"A boy who lives with the lovely looking guy that we met this morning!" I said smiling like a little girl.

"What if Ben is ugly?" Bryleigh said tiredly.

"Well I'm sure if he is friends with that boy, he's going to be attractive!" I said rather bluntly.

"Well, for half an hour can I sleep and then get ready, I'd really appreciate it!" Bryleigh said rubbing her eyes.

"Sure, go pick your room." I said, she ran of down the hall. She picked the one nearest the bathroom which was also near the front door. I walked into the bedroom that was near the living room. The bedroom only consisted of a wardrobe and a bed with a mattress on it along with a duvet. I unpacked all of my clothes. I picked out a long blue maxi dress and black converse, seeming as we have to walk around the park first. I climbed in the shower and washed my hair and myself. I got out and threw some joggers and a tank top on as I wasn't quite ready to put on my dress. I heard a knock on the door, I walked out of my room and opened the door.

"Hey Mike" I said trying to make him ignore that my hair was soaking wet.

"Hey Bekah, this is Ben!" Mike said smiling.

"Hey Ben" I said smiling.

"Hiya" He said.

"Um, why are you two here so early?" I asked, trying not to make it sound rude.

"Dan rang and told me that the party starts earlier." Mike said scratching the back of his neck.

"Er, well co-"

"Bekah, who's at the door?" Bryleigh shouted and walked out into the hallway and stood in front on the door.

"Shit" She said and her eyes went wide obviously realising that there were two attractive boys standing at our door and she is stood there in her Pyjamas with her hair on the top of her head. She walked quickly back into her room.

"So, that'll hopefully be your plus one. Come in" I said trying to make it less awkward. They followed me along the hall to the living room.

"Sit down" I said. "I've got to go and get ready so, here is the remote. Watch whatever you want, make yourself at home!" I said rushing through everything I said. They both nodded and me and I ran back to my bedroom.

I grabbed my dress and slipped it on. Then I remembered that I had to tell Bryleigh to get ready. I walked over to her room and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" She called.

I walked through. "Get ready!" I said quickly.

"I already had a shower so it should be fine." Bryleigh said nodding looking through her wardrobe. I walked out of her room and looked through the door where Mike and Ben were. They were both sitting there singing along to music channels. I walked back to my room and looked in the mirror. I put on my usual make-up but added the smokey eye look. I put my hair up into a quiff, I decided I would wear black high heels instead of converse. I looked back in the mirror at my self.

I looked good.

I walked into the living room to find Bryleigh, Michael and Ben all talking and laughing like they've known each other for years.

Bryleigh was wearing a dress the came down below knees, it was black. She wore white converse, typical Bryleigh. She had the same make-up on the eyes, just a little bit darker.

Michael turned to face me, his jaw dropped.

"Y-you look amazing!" Michael stuttered getting up and walking over to me, as he was doing that he tripped.

"Way to be smooth Mike!" Ben stood up laughing, Bryleigh joined in to.

"Shut up!" He said. "Anyway, we better get going. Their house is like and hour away and you know what Charlotte will be like if were not there on time!" Michael said putting his arm round my shoulder and walking to the door.

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