Life is the hardest lesson to learn

My life is crazy. Very crazy, but I'm a teenager so I guess this is the normal awkward years. Actuallly no, my life is weird. I mean look at my friends. Look at the boy I'm in love with!

Amber's life is weird. Her friends are weird. But the Luke really takes the biscuit. Amber really couldn't care less. She loves him to much to really care.


1. My heart starts racing

There he is. I should play it cool. I should flick my hair as I go. They like that right?

I start having a heart attack. That's normal for me though. If I see him, even for a second in the corridors I have the greatest day ever. Till the next time I see him. When ever I see him my stomach feels like I've missed a step going down stairs. My mum always says that love is the best high because its all natural and it doesn't damage your physical health. He looks. He smiles a small smile then continues talking to his friends.

Hello cloud nine! I feel all light-headed and happy, like the air is suddenly ten times cleaner. Has his smile made me high? Feels like it!

I sigh. A long and rather loud sigh.




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