The Secrets Of Mikel Kuznetsov

What is one supposed to do when the secrets that they hold are the things that will get him killed? The thoughts running through Mickey's mind are scarier than most others but these keep him alive during the difficult times of WWII.


1. Bang Bang



That's all I heard on the night my parents died. That sound ringing through my mind while I soothed my sister. For days I stayed behind that wall, Kristel in my arms, eating the bread we left behind there, to scared to go outside. I knew that the officers were gone but I was afraid of the sight right outside of the wall. The blood, the smell. 

What if the bodies are still there? 

So much was running through my mind but I knew what I had to do. I took that star that they placed on my chest and through it on the ground. I was not going to let anyone know who we were. I promised my parents before they placed us in that secret room that I would protect my sister with all my heart. And if that means disowning the principles that I was introduced to by being a Jew, then I would do that. I take Kristel's 2 year old hand in mine, walk out of the room and walk to the only place I know to be safe.

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