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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


25. xxxv

* two months later*

 Kendall's P.O.V.

  Its been awhile that I've been living with Cal. So many things have changed and I'm so happy. I'm in a band with the girls that now have become like sisters to me, sure we've only known each other for two weeks but still its amazing.

I got to meet my Aunt Joy who is just the best. But again she has to go on another business trip, its her job to go around.

Ash and Micky. Micky is Michael that's my little nickname for him. I know I'm so nice but anyways. They are doing great Micky and Leigh Anne are dating, so now its just Jesy and Ash who have to hook up. Both boys still make me laugh everyday.

 Cal and I have bonded even more, and i can honestly say he is like my big brother who is always there for me no matter what.Plus i got him to ask Jade out and well i guess you could say their any item now. I know I'm a great match maker.

 As for my life love... no boys have really caught my eye. I mean sure there's a bunch of hot dudes but there is only one that actually catches my eye.

 Luke Robert Hemmings.

 We haven't really talked after the whole car incident that happened when i auditioned to be in Little Mix. I guess he just wanted to move on... well there wasn't anything between us, its not like we were a couple.

So we barely talk, the boys say that he does like me he just doesn't want to fall for me like he fell for Katie. They told me how she was bad and she was the reason the band broke up.

The girls tell me i should forget that bastard and move on. Not my words theirs.

I don't know what to do anymore... i want to wait for him, but how long is that going to be ? I shake my head and continued looking at my closet.

I just finished taking a shower and at the moment i was looking for an outfit. The girls and I are going to a party with the guys, which means Luke is going to be coming. Anyways the party is at some friend of Micky's house so there's going to be a bunch of people.I finally found something to wear and put it on.

  I then blow dried my hair and brushed it out. Once i was done with that i curled my hair and then put on my make up. Once i was done applying my make up i heard the door bell ring. I walked downstairs to go open the door since Cal went to go pick up the boys.

  Once i open the door i saw the girls all dressed up.

'' Hey Ken'' Jade says as she hugs me i hug her back.

'' Hey girls, come on in'' I say as we pull apart and they step in. Once they were in they took a look at my outfit Jade looked at the girls and nodded, Jade began walking upstairs while Jesy and Leigh Anne pushed me gently behind her.

 '' whoa guys what's wrong ?'' I ask, Leigh Anne laughs.

'' We are going to pick your outfit'' Jade says as she opens the door to my room and we all walk in.

'' What's wrong with this one ?'' I ask, Jade looks in my closet with the help of Leigh Anne.

 '' That's not party like outfit, I mean you want to look sexy so you can get boys attention'' Jesy says sitting on my bed with me.

 I laugh at Jesy's reply.

'' What would i do without you guys ?'' I ask, Jesy laughs.

" I got it wear this" Jade throws me a dress and a jacket.

 '' With these shoes'' Leigh Anne say holding them up and outing them on the floor next my bed.

'' your hair and make up is fine, just change and we'll wait downstairs'' Jesy says, i smile at all of them.

'' Thanks guys'' i say Jade smiles.

'' Group hug'' she says in a cheerful voice we laugh, but do a group hug.

'' Now change woman'' Leigh Anne says in a country accent and we all laugh.

   '' Yes mom'' I say as they walk out of the room.  I smile and change into the dress Jade gave me.

  I then put on the jacket, then i sat on my bed and put on the black heels Leigh Anne found in my closet. As i put them on a thought came to my mind, the necklace. I stood up once i was done putting on the straps of both heels.

 I walked over to my jewelry box and took out a cross necklace it looked gold. its not actually made of gold just to let you know. It was my mothers i was able to collect a few things my mother left behind in the house before i headed over here with Cal and Aunt Joy.  I smiled and put it on. Then i walked over to my mirror and took a look at my appearance.

 I actually liked it, the girls know me better than i do myself. I laughed at the thought.

''  Kenny the shark get down here or we're leaving you" I had a feeling that was Ashton's voice. Plus his the only one that calls me Kenny the shark.

 '' HOLD UP'' I yell back, i walked over to my desk and took out my black clutch. I put my iPhone in there with the key to the house. I took one last look at myself in the mirror.

Luke's P.O.V.

 We were waiting downstairs for Kendall, the girls all looked pretty as usual. I was sitting on the couch just on my phone.

 '' I helped her pick her outfit'' Jade said, i looked up and deiced to listen to their conversation.

'' She is going to look hot'' Jesy said with a smile, the boys laughed.

 '' There she is'' Leigh Anne says, and they all turn to look at the top of the stairs. I looked up and saw Her. She looked so beautiful she didn't even have to try.The way her hair fell down to her shoulders.

'' Awww thanks darling,i feel so special'' She said in a country accent. As she walked down the last step of the stairs

'' no problem honey'' Leigh replied with a country accent which cause us all to laugh. I joined in as well.

''  Should we go now ?'' Michael asked we all nodded and walked outside.

 " Okay Jade, Ken, Luke and I will go in my car while you four go in Michael's car Yea?'' Cal asked, we all agreed and got into the cars we were assigned. I took the backseat guessing Jade was going to sit next to Cal. Which meant Kendall will be sitting next to me. 


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