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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


21. xxi.

Kendall's P.O.V.

I stopped playing We Are Young and played a different song. And started playing a song i wrote.

I put my guitar down and walked over to my Keyboard which was right next to the balcony.

 '' What would you do? What would you say?

How does it feel? Pretend it's ok
 My eyes deceive me, but it's still the same
Pretend it's ok'' i kept playing the piano.

''I remember the day when we were out all night
I wish that I could get the day back and tell you it's alright
Cause we all do the same thing, we just don't realize
That we're living on borrowed time'' I looked over at Rider who was looking at me.

 Luke's P.O.V.

We reached Kendall's door which was closed, Cal opened it and we saw her singing and playing the piano.

"I see the light that I'm chasing
  A memory, but it's fading
And when it's gone I'll be waiting
Knowing it's too late (knowing it's too late)'' We walked in quietly and Michael closed the door.

 Rider was on the floor watching her sing.

 '' You chose the road that I'm walking
Now it's your soul that I'm caught in
And you're not hearing when I'm calling
Calling your name'' I looked at Cal and he was shocked.

 '' One breath, one step, one life, one heart
Two words, two eyes, new beginning, new start
Too deep, too narrow, too short, too wide,
I'm better with you, here by my side'' She paused for a minute and looked out  the window. Then she continued.

 '' What would you do? What would you say?
 How does it feel? Pretend it's ok
 My eyes deceive me, but it's still the same
 Pretend it's ok'' I don't know why but if I'm right i think this song is about her parents.

 ''Nothing here, no one talking, knowing it's too late
But sometimes it can get so hard pretending it's ok'' She took a deep breathe and Rider walking over to her. She bent down and began to pet him. She stuffed her face in his fur and started crying. We all looked at Cal. And he walked over to her, he bent down and hugged her. He looked up at us and we nodded , we walked out of the room and closed the door.

'' She is an amazing singer'' Michael said, i nodded.

 '' But why did she breakdown ?'' Ash asked, Michael looked at me.

 '' What did you do to her this time Hemmings ?'' he asked, my eyes went wide.

 '' So you think this is my fault ?'' i asked.

'' I don't know maybe, maybe not'' He said, Ash looked at Michael.

 '' Michael, Michael did you pay attention to the lyrics ?'' Ash asked, Michael nodded his head no.

 '' They were about her parents, and how hard it is to pretend to be okay.'' i said, Michael took a second to think.

 '' Oooooohhhhhh'' He said, we nodded.

 Kendall's P.O.V.

'' Cal... i can't handle this anymore i want them to come back'' I said as tears burst through my eyes. I looked up at him and he was sitting on the ground next to Rider.

'' I know this is hard for you Kendall, but you have to be strong'' he said, i sat up and wiped my tears.

'' But i can't... i have no one... Cal i have no one'' I repeated, he shook his head.

'' that's not true, you have me, Ash, Michael, Aunt Joy, Rider and Luke'' He said.

 ''You know we all love you especially Luke'' he said, i laughed.

 '' see i got you to laugh'' he said with a smile.

 '' Calum ?'' i asked.

'' Yes ?'' he asked.

'' Thanks for being a great cousin... well actually more like a brother'' I said, he laughed.

 '' No problem... you good now ?'' he asked, i nodded.

 '' Good now lets go outside with the boys'' He said i nodded.And we both stood up.

 '' You go ahead, i need to take up makeup off'' i said he nodded.And he walked out the door, i walked to my bath room and took a look at myself in the mirror. Ugh i looked terrible. I took my makeup off and redid it. Then i redid my hair. Once i liked what i saw i walked out of my room and downstairs in the living room. The boys were in there playing video games.

 '' When do you guys never play video games ?'' i asked as i was walking down the stairs.They all looked up at me.

'' how about never'' Ash said smirking. I laughed and took a seat next to Luke who was on his phone.

'' So who's winning'' i asked as i looked at the screen. Ash started laughing.

 '' me who else'' i rolled my eyes at his respond. Then Cal and Michael started yelling at him. Luke finally decided to look up at me.

'' Are you okay ?'' he asked, i nodded.

'' Kendall, i don't like seeing you cry so next time you cry i will... i don't know'' He said thinking. i laughed.

'' You will attack me with a banana ?'' i asked, he laughed.

 '' Yes, with a face on it'' He said smiling.I put my head back on the couch.

'' Hemmings have i ever told you that you are one weird ass boy ?'' I asked as i looked at him.He thought for a second.

'' I don't think so Miss. Hilton'' which made me laugh.He smiled.

'' eww love birds'' Ash said, Michael rolled his eyes.

'' like you and Jesy aren't love birds'' he added, Ash started blushing.

'' he got you there'' Cal said laughing.

'' Jade and Cal'' Michael said, Cal began blushing as well.

'' How about you Michael ?'' i asked, he looked at me.

'' He likes Leigh anne'' Ash said, Luke laughed.

'' Shut it Luke you like Kendall'' Michael said, my eyes went wide.

 '' We are just friends'' Luke said.

Well that hurt.


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