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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


18. xviii.

Kendall's P.O.V.


I ended up walking to the beach, I mean what's better than seeing hot shirt less dudes surf?

I'm joking, i just need to get my mind off things and start to relax.I was still walking around the neighborhood, i saw many kids playing around with water guns.he kids back in my neighborhood stayed inside till noon, it's weird how everything can change in such a small amount of time.I shake my head, Rider began licking my hand i laughed.

'' Rider, why can't boys be... easy to talk to ?'' i asked him as i looked around.

'' You know shut their mouths and not talk bull you'' i said smiling at the thought,that would be nice.

'' KENDALL" I turned around and saw Luke running towards me.I was shocked, i could feel my eyes coming out, my heart started to beat fast.I turned back around and started walking again, with Rider by my side.I know i want him to gain trust on love but, i stopped again.i suddenly did the least expected, i turned around and started running towards Luke. Some how he got in my head, he is my worst distraction.

Luke's P.O.V.

As i was running towards her, she did the same.Once we were close in each others sight, she hugged me. she didn't look at me she didn't say anything she hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her, and layed my chin on top of her head.I closed my eyes as we stayed like this for what seem liked forever.Her face was stuffed on top of my chest, I opened my eyes and looked down at her. I smiled.

'' I'm sorry for everything Kendall, Please forgive me for everything I've done wrong. i know we just met and everything but I've felt like we've known each other for a long time'' I whispered. she looked up at me, her eyes looking straight up at mine. Those beautiful brown eyes.

" Luke, why ?'' She asked, she pulled away from me.

" I don't know, i guess i just wasn't ready i didn't mean to kiss you like that, i guess i thought i screwed everything up like i always do'' She looked at me.

'' Well you didn't screw anything up, and i liked the kiss'' she said blushing, i smirked.

'' So are we good ?'' i asked, she thought for a second.

'' We're good'' She said, i smiled. Rider started barking, We both turned to look at him. Kendall began to laugh, should i ask her ?

'' Aye, Kendall... i have a question.'' i began, she looked at me.

 '' Go for it'' She said with a smile.

'' I was wondering, after meeting the girls... you would like to go on a date with me... i mean like as friends to get to know more about each other and'' she interrupted me.

'' I would love to Hemmings'' she said, i smiled.

'' And what do you mean meet the girls ?'' She asked, shit.

'' Well, today is the day you get to audition for Ash's cousins girl band'' I said, Her mouth dropped.

'' Oh my god, i have to practice'' She began panicking and walking back and forth.

'' I should've have been practicing a day before, and get good sleep'' i interrupted her. I put my hand on her shoulder, she turned around and stared into my eyes.

'' You'll be fine, just take a deep breathe... how about we could back to the house and i can help you practice ?'' i asked, she looked around as she thought.

'' Okay, lets go'' She said with a smile, she grabbed my hand and started to run to the house with me behind and Rider by our side.I decided to get ahead of her and lead i was still holding her hand. She laughed.

Cal's P.O.V.

'' Do you think Luke went after Ken?'' Michael asked, we were in the kitchen eating.

'' I hope so, i mean he should feel bad for yelling at her and leaving her in the rain'' Ash said, i looked around the room.

'' Do you think... he will get over Katie ?'' I asked, she was such a bad influence on him.

'' I hope so, Kendall is better for him then Katie will ever... I mean Katie turned him into this whole complete different person'' Michael explained, i nodded in agreement.

'' Well lets hope Kendall can make him happy and back to himself and maybe realize all the mess Katie left behind'' Ash spoke.

'' Damn Ash you are being mature'' I said, Michael laughed while Ash gave me the death glare.

 '' Shut up Hood, i can be mature all the time'' Michael and I began laughing our asses off.

 Kendall's P.O.V.

We finally got to house, i opened the door with my keys since the boys locked the door. Rider went in first as soon as i opened it, while Luke was behind me.

I closed the door and we went upstairs to my room.i opened the door to my bedroom.

'' Go ahead'' i said to Luke, he nodded he walked in first then i walked in and closed the door.

'' What songs do you have to sing ?'' Luke asked as he walked over to my acoustic guitar.

'' Well, right here on the list Ash gave me it says... going nowhere an original and We are young By Fun'' i said as i walked over to get my lyrics.

'' You'll do fine, I believe in you'' Luke said as he was tuning the guitar. I stopped for a moment. A memory hit through my head, it was about the first time i started singing. My mother got me into singing, she would always sing in the kitchen to some old music i would sing along with her. I started smiling.

'' Kendall you okay ?'' I turned around, i nodded.

'' just thinking'' Luke stood up and walked over to me.

 '' Thinking about the first time i started singing... I've never sang in front of anybody expect my parents'' the thought of them just made me upset. And i guess Luke could tell, he layed the guitar on my bed and then turned to me.

''Aye listen where ever your parents are, they are watching over you... and if they were still alive they would want you to sing for this band'' he said, as he wiped tears that were coming out of my eyes. I nodded, and he kissed my forehead.

'' Now lets start practicing, Yea ?'' he asked with a smile.

'' yea'' i said smiling back.


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