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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


14. xiv.

  Luke's P.O.V.

 i walked over to Kendall's room, to see if she came back from her walk, i think she did. I mean its freaking crazy outside .

I was at Kendall's doorway. i looked in and she was in there sitting on a chair looking out at the crazy storm that was going on outside.

 Is she thinking about the kiss ? I walked in since she had her ear buds on. I tapped on her shoulder, usually when i tap on someones shoulder they get all scared but not with Kendall. She turned around and  smiled at me. she took one ear bud out.

 '' hey Hemmings'' she said, in a cheerful voice.

 '' What are you doing in here'' She said in a strict voice. I laughed.

 '' Well Hilton, Cal wanted me to check up on you'' I said, as i walked over to her bed and layed down. She stood up and took off her ear buds and set them down on the desk.

  '' Well you can tell him I'm fine. Now you can go home if you are done with fixing his laptop'' she said, i rolled my eyes.

'' You see doll, he said i could stay here until he comes back with Ash and Michael. Sucks to be you'' I said as i closed my eyes. i heard her sigh.

 '' Fine, but move over'' And i moved over. She layed down beside me, i turned to look at her and she was looking up at the ceiling.

 '' So you have asthma ?'' I asked, she turned to look at me.

'' Yup, ever since i was born. it sucks'' i nodded.

 '' my dad had it'' i said.

 '' is that how he died ?'' she asked, i nodded

'' he forgot his inhaler, my mom and i weren't home, all i remember is seeing him dead on the floor''

 '' I'm sorry'' I stayed quiet.

 '' Luke ?'' she asked, i turned to see her again.

 '' yes?'' i asked, she sat up and looked at me.I sat up with her.

 '' never mind'' she said and layed down on the bed, i decided to take this chance. i looked at her and her eyes were closed.

'' Hilton?'' i asked, she opened her eyes and sat up.

 '' Yes, Hemmings'' she asked, we weren't far apart, perfect. I quickly put my lip against hers. i put both my hands on her cheeks.

Kendall's P.O.V.

My eyes widened, Hemmings i mean Luke was kissing me again.

I didn't know what came into me but i kissed him back, i guess after our first kiss i could never get enough. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

The kiss was all over the place,the feeling of his lip piercing was just amazing. I put one hand on his hair. i tugged on it and he moaned. I smirked. He pushed me on to the bed, he was now on top of me. he began kissing my neck.I moaned, as he continued to kiss my neck. I put one hand on his chest. He looked up. he was  breathing deeply.

'' I'm sorry i just had to do that'' he said, as he looked at me.

'' no it fine'' I said, trying to catch my breathe. He got off me and stood up he turned around so he wasn't facing me.

 '' No its not'' He said as he ran a hand through his hair. I sat up.

 '' Luke its'' He interrupted me.

  '' Kendall just stop, i shouldn't have kissed you. I'm sorry. i'm going to leave'' he said and walked out the door.

 How could he just leave like that, why did he feel sorry.

 I mean was it bad that he kissed me.i heard the door to the front door open, i got up from my bed and ran after him, the door closed as i was going down the stairs.I ran faster, i got to the front door i opened it. i didn't bother closing it i ran out the door. It was still raining. Luke was almost going to get in his car, i ran up to him.

 '' Luke'' I said once i was by him i grabbed on to his arm he turned around and looked at me.

 '' What do you want Kendall ?'' he asked, his hair was getting wet the water from the rain was dripping down his face.

 '' Why did you regret kissing me ?'' i asked, he looked at me. His eyes got weak they turned dark.

  '' I didn't its just... you remind to much of Katie and i don't want to fall again" he said, i let go of his arm.

 '' Well why don't you just move on that's what she would want you to do" i said, he got mad.


'' I don't know how to love someone..sure I've been in relationships but i didn't love them... I've been hurt and physically hurt...but i will tell you i know how its like to be in a abusive relationship, and i can never forget it... but I've learn to move on'' I paused, tears came rushing through my eyes and down my cheek.

'' I'm not going stand here and yell at you'' i said and i ran back inside, as i was on my door step i turned to look at Luke and he was just standing there, i turned around and opened the door. I closed it once i got inside.

 Once i was inside i slid down the door and on to the floor i started crying i put my hands on my faces, all those memories came rushing back into my mind. All those times he hit me for no reason.

 I been hurt to many times, i'm not going to get hurt again.    

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