Anything Can Happen l.h

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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


13. xiii.

  Kendall's P.O.V.

 I was outside walking Rider, all i could think about was that kiss.

 It was slow, gentle and full of passion. It didn't take me anytime to kiss back at all i guess i was just going with the mood. But i know there will never be an us, all i could think about was how he had his hand on my waist and how he started off the kiss.

 I took my finger and put it on my lips i closed my eyes and imagined it the kiss all  over again.  Rider barked, i opened my eyes.

" Rider, why did you push me into him'' I said, i looked both ways to cross the street. Then i passed.

If it wasn't for Rider, that kiss would have never happened.But, I swear i will never forget  the way his lip piercing felt and how our lips moved in sync.                          

Luke's P.O.V.

 Damn, that kiss was incredible I'm seriously just blown away. I wonder how she feels about it.

I sat back on the chair and continued working but it was hard, because she ran through my mind it's like she just came in out of nowhere and i don't know ...took my life over. I've never smiled this much after Katie's death, i guess i thought i would never feel this way again.

Kendall's P.O.V.

        I walked Rider back to the house because it was drizzling. Well i didn't walk i ran to the house with Rider by my side. Once i was home i it was already crazy outside. I took Riders leash off and went to put it in the closet, then i walked upstairs and into my room Rider walked by my side. I closed my bedroom door and Rider jumped on my bed, i laughed.

My room was pretty much already decorated, Ash and Cal took me shopping and let me tell you it was fun, except for the fact we got kicked out of a store.     

I walked over to my bed and layed down and thought for a couple minutes. I closed my eyes and looked at the ceiling.

  Why Would he do that ?

 i Just don't get it i mean, i liked it but it just i don't know but i did feel something. Did he feel the same way ? Is he still here ?

  I stood up and walked over to Cal's room. His door was open, i took a peak and saw Hemmings working on Cal's laptop.Should i go in? UGH, this is so i don't know.

I walked back to my room, i walked into my room and left the door open and walked in and grabbed my phone and my ear buds. I sat down on my desk chair while the song  Heart attack by Demi Lovato blasted through, i looked out the window.It was really bad outside, and its only like three o'clock in the afternoon. It's crazy. I got my inhaler, yes i have asthma. It sucks.

 Luke's P.O.V.

  I'm done, i stood up and looked out the window.  Damn its crazy out there, i'm not going home like that.I took out my phone and called Cal, i walked around his room as i waited for him to pick up.

 '' yes this is Cal speaking" I laughed.

 '' Aye man, i was wondering if i could stay at your place for awhile its pretty bad out. Plus i already finished fixing up your laptop" I said into the phone.

 '' yea, sure man. Aye do you mind waiting for us to get back home. you know so we can hang out with you ?'' he asked. i thought for a minute.

'' Yeah sure'' i said, i could here laughing in the background.

'' Oh and do you mind keeping an eye on Ken, i don't want anything bad happening to her " he asked, i made a face.

 '' Sure, and what do you mean by that ?'' I asked, not trying to be mean.

" She has asthma, did you not know that  ?'' he asked, I didn't know that i thought she was a healthy girl with no health problems. guess i was wrong.

 '' no i didn't" i said as i sat down on the bed.

'' Well now you know. I got to go man but call me if anything bad happens'' He said, i nodded even though i knew he couldn't see me.

 '' Sure no problem" i said.

" alright bye" he said and he hung up. I put my phone back in my pocket. Asthma ?

 She has asthma, i know its not a huge big problem but it's still bad. My dad died from it, he couldn't find his inhaler one day, my mom and i weren't home.We could have saved him.

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