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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


2. ii.

                                              Kendall's P.O.V.

" Wait, before we go inside let me warn you that my friends are in there... and well they are kind of well crazy, but they are really nice guys, still crazy but nice'' he said, i laughed.

'' Thanks for the advice'' I said, as we both walked to the door. Calum got out his key and opened the door.

 '' HA TAKE THAT IDIOT" two boys were sitting on the couch one was on their phone with his ear buds on while the other was staring at the telly with a controller in his hands. And there was one more boy who was yelling and jumping on the couch.

'' ASHTON" Calum yelled at the boy who was jumping up and down the couch. Ashton turned to look at us.

'' Well hello Calum and Calum's cousin" Ashton said, The boy who was on his phone finally decide to look up at me. Calum closed the door, And we both walked to the living room.

 '' Hey I'm Kendall" I said to Ashton and the boys.

'' Well, hello Kendall I'm Ashton but you can call me Ash" Ashton said as he jumped off the couch and walked towards Calum and I.

 '' And I'm Michael" The boy with Blonde hair said as he stood up and walked towards us, I smiled. The other boy stayed quiet.


" Sorry about Luke, he kind of likes his music" Michael whispered in my ear, I nodded.

 " Yes Ashton ?'' Luke said while taking one of his ear buds out.

 " tell Kendall your name" Ash said.

'' um Ash, I think you already said his name " I told Ash. Ash thought for a moment.

 '' I did, my bad" Ash said and we all laughed well all of us expect for Luke.

 '' Yeah Whatever" Luke said

"Luke Say hello to Kendall my cousin" Calum said

' Hi'' I said, Luke looked at me and put his ear buds on. Rude much ?

" Don't mind him, his still recovering over his girlfriends death" Ash whispered. Calum and Michael gave him the death glare.

'' Oh'' I said.

'' Well lets sit down'' Michael said.We all walked to the couch Calum Michael and Ash sat in one couch while i had to sit next to Luke.

 " So tells us about yourself Kendall'' Calum said, Michael and Ash nodded

 '' Well what do you want to know ?'' I asked, Michael stood up.' Hold on'' He said and walked over to Luke and pulled both his ear buds out and then took his phone and walked back to the couch.

'' What the Hell ?'' Luke asked

'' Listen young boy '' Ash said, i smiled

'' Anyways tell us about Britain'' Calum said getting back to the topic.

" well I've lived there my whole entire life. I've never really been out of Britain so this is my first time'' I said, They nodded

'' Where are your parents'' Ash asked, Calum punched him.

 '' It's fine, um they died in a plane crash that's why i had to come here and live with Calum" I said and then bit my lip.

'' Oh, wait but don't you have other family ?" Ash asked, Calum did a face palm, i laughed.

 '' No, only Calum and his mom'' I said, Ash nodded.

'' Sorry about Ash he is kind of an idiot'' Michael told me.

'' I am not an idiot'' Ash Said, Michael and Calum laughed.Ash frowned.

'' Anyways, do you sing or play any sports ?'' Michael asked

 '' Well i know how to play the guitar and write a couple lyrics'' I said, i didn't want to them i could sing.

'' Really, our man Luke here can write lyrics too'' Calum said.

'' I use too" Luke said as he looked at Calum.

'' Yeah, Yeah'' Calum said while adding an eye roll.

" Just Shut up Calum" Luke said and turned to look at the ground. 

 '' you know Kendall you kind of look Like Katie, doesn't she Luke ?" Ash asked Luke, I gave him a weird look.

 '' No she doesn't, so just shut up no one will ever compare to Katie" Luke said as he stood up and walked outside slamming the got quiet all of a sudden.

" Well if you don't mind I'm kind of tried from the flight. Can you show me to my room please ?" I asked  breaking the silence while standing up.

 '' Yeah sure, be right back guys'' Calum said as he stood up and we both walked up the stairs. Once we were up the stairs we walked to the third room on the left.

'' My mom kind of cleaned this room up a bit she said once you are ready to buy stuff for your room I could take you''

'' Thanks Cal'' I said with a smile

'' Don't sweat it, and hey sorry about Luke he has been acting really weird, But don't worry his a nice guy" Calum said

 '' Thanks, um since i don't have any clothes and i don't know when i will be getting my suitcase do you think you could take me to the mall or something" i asked, Calum smiled.

" Sure no problem" I smiled and opened the door.

'' Night Calum" I said before closing the door '' night night Ken"

 '' Ken ?'' I asked

 '' Yeah''

 '' Okay Cal" I said he smiled and left.

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