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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


40. 40

                                                       Luke's P.O.V.

                                                  I pushed Katie away.

                     " I hope your happy now'' I walked back to my car and drove back home, i need to give her space. As i was driving back home all i could think about was how Kendall was with Zayn. Why was he there with her ?

                                          What were they going to do ?

                      I came to a red light, i ran a hand through my hand. Why did she have to come back my life ? I was happy with Kendall and then she had to come and ruin it.


                         I was currently in my room, i didn't eat dinner. I wasn't in the mood. I was debating on calling Kendall or not. So i decided to man up, i grabbed my car keys and ran out of the house and drove my car to Cal and Kendall's house. I need to clear things up.


                 I opened the door, and saw Cal and Ash in the living room they looked up at me with a frown.

                      '' Where's Kendall ?'' I asked, Ash looked down at his hands.

             '' I don't think she wants to see you mate, after what you did'' Cal said harsh.

                 '' I need to explain to her what i did'' I say as i stand near them.

                 '' What if you lie to her again ?'' Ash finally speaks, i roll my eyes.

                           '' Am going upstairs to her room'' I say quickly and run upstairs to her room. once i was standing by her door i slowly put my hand on the door knob and opened it slowly. Once it was opened my heart sunk.

                         I saw her and Zayn, her head was on top of his chest while his arms were wrapped around her. They were sleeping, her light snores coming out of her mouth. She suddenly moved, she took her head off of his chest and put it on her pillow causing her back to face him. He pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her waist, He put one hand on her bare stomach. Then put his face in the crook of her neck. Her hand went on top of his. I slowly walked out of the room. Once i closed the door, i couldn't help but feel heartbroken. It didn't take that long for her to find someone else.

                                           I walked back down stairs, Cal and Ash were no were in sight. I left the house and walked back to my car.

                                                        I lost her.

                                                 Kendall's P.O.V.

               I woke up to the sun shining down on my face, i felt two strong arms around me. I turned to see if it was Luke, but it was Zayn. I forced a smile. Suddenly all the events from yesterday hit me. Luke cheated on my with Katie.

                                  Of course he would, she is prettier than me. Her hair, eyes, her face and her body. While i was ugly and fat.

                             Tears started to come out of my eyes. I sat up, which caused Zayn's eyes to open. He looked at me and quickly sat up with me and pulled me into a hug. I cried into his chest. Of course Katie, I knew Luke would go back to her.

                             I slowly started to calm down, i held on to his shirt. I realized i was sitting on his lap.

                                 '' He cheated on me because i wasn't beautiful, Katie is perfect am not'' I whispered.

                    '' Don't say that you are beautiful'' He says. I shake my head no.

                    '' Kendall, you are beautiful don't say you aren't'' I looked up at him.

                    '' Do you really think am beautiful ?'' I asked, he shook his head no. Which caused me to frown. I wasn't even beautiful to him.

           '' No am lying you are gorgeous'' He said with a smile. I slapped his arm playfully.

                            '' What it's the truth'' He said laughing, i rolled my eyes.

                         '' yeah yeah, am going to go get ready i want to hang out with the others as well'' I said, he nodded. I got off his lap and went in search of any outfit.

                   '' Am going back to sleep'' he said as he layed back and closed his eyes.

                 I laugh, and pick my outfit. Then i go into my bathroom and take a shower.


                             Once i was out of the shower i had changed into this.


                               I quickly blow dried my hair and then curled it like i always did. I finished applying my make up. So i walked out of my bathroom and into my room were i see Zayn sleeping like he said he would. I was going to put on my sandals but i decided against so i walked to the bed and then i jumped on top of Zayn. Which caused him to groan, i laughed. Are bodies were close to each, my face was on top of the crook of his neck. I was laughing so much. He took his hands placed them on my waist and then flipped us over so he was on top of me.

                               '' You shouldn't have done that doll'' He said, i raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing his lips. Before i knew it he started to tickling me and i started laughing. I started tell him to stopped.

           '' Say, Zayn is a sexy boy'' He said while tickling me, i shook my head no.

                                '' Then i won't stop'' He said.

                        '' Z-Z-Z-Zayn i-i-is a s-s-sexy boy'' I manage to let out, he stopped. And started laughing at me.

                   '' Never do that again'' i say, he smiles and lays down next to me.

                          '' Shall we call, the others to see if they want to hang out ?'' he asked, i nodded. We both took out our phones. He called Liam while i called Jesy. They both agreed to hang out. So we decided to go to the mall.


               After we had talked to the others about the plan, Zayn took me with him to the hotel so he could change. After that we had waited for Jesy, Jade, Leigh Anne, Ash, Cal and Michael to come to the hotel so we could go to the mall.

                            We are currently in the mall, The girls and i were at Victoria secret while the boys went to buy shoes.

                              '' You know what you need Ken ?'' Sophia asked as we were all looking at some bras.

                                '' A girls night out'' Leigh Anne said, i smiled. I had told them exactly what i saw and they think Luke is an asshole.

               '' Yea, we should have a sleepover at Jesy's house'' Jade added, El nodded.

                    '' Yes and watch movies, do a little fashion show and then prank call people'' El added, Jesy smirked.

                              '' We can prank call the boys'' She said rubbing her hands together evilly, we all laughed.

                        '' Okay am in'' They all screamed excitedly, we received weird looks from people. I laughed, i loved these girls.

                             '' Okay, let's go check out our things and meet up with the boys'' I suggest they all agree and we head to the counter.

                                             Luke's P.O.V.

                        I called Michael but was sent straight to voice mail, Then i tried call Cal and Ash but was sent to voicemail as well. I threw my phone on to my bed and ran a hand through my hair. Am going crazy, not having anyone to talk to. Then an idea popped, i grabbed my car keys and left the house.


               I stopped at a house, i  thought i would never visit. I got out of my car and rang the doorbell. The door opened.

                        '' Luke ? I see you came back for some more yea ?'' he asked.

         '' I just need a bag Cam, and then am done'' I say harshly, he put his hands up.

                 '' Yeah Yeah, i knew you would come back for more. Come in'' He said, i pushed past him and we walked to the basement were he had everything i needed. Drugs.

                                            Kendall's P.O.V.

                           '' Work that butt'' Jesy said, as El and I were walking down her room. We were having a ''fashion show'' Mostly because El was being a little kid and wanted to show off in her PJ's. Jade laughed along with Sophia. We were making duck faces while Leigh Anne was taking pictures of us on her phone.

                      '' OH let me you show you how it's done bitches'' Jesy said playing around, El and I laughed Jesy put on a cowboy hat and started to walk down her room pretend to shot us. El and I fell on the floor laughing. Sophia stood up with Jade and they began to hit us with pillows.

                           '' HEY THAT'S NOT NICE'' Leigh Anne yelled.

          '' I wanna join'' And she quickly took a pillow and they attacked us with them.

                               They my phone started to blow up.

                      '' Wait guys my phone'' I say, Jesy answers it.

                  '' Hello ?... Uh Yes wait one sec... Kendall it's your boyfriend Zayn'' She said making kissy faces. The girls soon joined her.

                                 '' Shut up'' I say throwing a pillow at her.

                    '' SHES BLUSHING" El yells, Jade laughs while Sophia and Leigh Anne continue making kissy faces. I get up and grab the phone from Jesy.

                                                '' Hello ?'' I ask.

                     '' Hey Kendall, mind doing me a favor ?'' He asks.

                                           '' Sure, what is it ?''

          '' Can you come to the front door with El'' I raise an eyebrow.

                                             '' Yea sure''

                            '' Okay bye'' and with that he hangs up.

                         '' Come on El'' I say as i drag her downstairs.

                             '' Where are we going ?'' She asks.

                             '' To the front door'' I say, she nods.

                 Once we reached the front door El and I decided who would open it. She opened the door and all the boys were outside.

                                       '' HELLO" They all yelled They had bags in their hands, El and i yelled. We were only in booty shorts cropped tank tops and did i mention tiaras. They were seriously drooling. Lou came over to El and picked her up. Zayn did the same to me but he threw me over his shoulder.

                            '' Lets go to Jesy's room'' Ash said, they nodded and i was carried to Jesy's room.

                 '' What are you guys doing here ?'' EL asked still being carried by Lou.

                            '' We were bored'' Michael shrugged. I laughed.

                       '' You missed us'' I say, as they walk towards Jesy's door.

                        '' Maybe'' Niall said, i laughed and this time El joined.

                 '' What can i say we are fabulous'' She says, which causes the boys to roll their eyes. Michael opens the door and walk in. Zayn puts me down on the bed.

                            '' GUYS" Jade yells, covering herself. Zayn sits next to me. I put my legs on his lap.

                             '' What are you doing here'' Jesy asks looking at Niall and Ash since the girls were with their boyfriends.

                                  '' We were bored, plus you girls are always loud'' Niall said, Which caused Jesy and I to laugh.

                  '' What's so funny ?'' Ash asks sitting on the floor next to Sophia and Liam.

                              ''You guys are louder than us'' I say, Zayn laughs.

                                 '' That's not true'' he says, i slap his arm.

                                    '' You know it is'' He rolls his eyes.

                          '' Aw the cute couple'' Niall and Jesy mock. Which causes everybody to laugh. I blush and hide my face in my hands.

               '' I don't know what you two are talking about'' I say as i look at he ground.


                                                      Time passed by.

        We took pictures put them on instagram. We had a sing off the boys weren't that bad.

                       Then we baked some food and ended up having a food fight.

                          Once we finished changing we told spooky stories.

                  We were currently in the living room watching movies. Everyone was cuddled up expect Jesy, Niall, Ash, Zayn and I.

                Today was an amazing day. I forgot about Luke well until now, am just glad i didn't spend the day crying.

               I started to fall asleep. So i closed my eyes and put my head down and fell asleep.

                                                Luke's P.O.V.

                   After i got my stuff i went home. The first thing i did was go on my phone. I went on instagram to see what my friends had posted.

                         Cal had posted some pics of him, Jade and a boy with brown hair and ocean blue eyes with a girl with brow hair. They had whip cream on their faces.

                              They i went on Ash profile and he had a picture of him, Jesy and a boy with blonde hair and really blue eyes. They had cowboys hats while Jesy had a tiara.

                               Lastly i went on Michaels account.

                  He had a picture of him Leigh Anne a girl And a boy with brown hair. They were covered with food. I looked at another picture he had and it was Kendall With Zayn they had flashlights pointed at each others faces. She was smiling and he was laughing.

                               I shook it off, i went on Jesy's and there she was in a group picture with all the other people i saw. I noticed Kendall right away she had a cropped tank top and booty shorts. She was being carried by Zayn bridal style he was smiling while she winked and had her arms around his neck. I threw the phone on the floor and grabbed my cocaine.

                                                  Why ?

                                         To be continued.


             A/N- That's the end ! But don't worry there's a sequel !!!

                    What do you guys think about Kendall and Zayn do you ship them ? Or are you team Luke Please comment below.

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                                           Love you all !


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