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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


39. 39

                                               Kendall's P.O.V.

                  " Said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars'' I sang the last words to our song.

                                 '' That's a wrap'' Leigh Anne exclaimed, i laughed as she jumped onto Michael's back.

                            I put my mic in the stand and walked over to my water bottle, The girls and I were practicing some songs for a talent show that was coming to our town. The boys had agreed to help us by playing their instruments. Everybody was here accept Luke who was probably still asleep.

                          '' Am so fucking nervous, what if we mess up and then'' Jade started freaking out, Cal cut her off by giving her a kiss on the lips. I looked over at Jesy who was looking back at me with a smirk on her lips.

                         '' JADE AND CAL SITTING ON A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G'' we both yelled which caused both the love birds to jump and back away with from each other. We all laughed, i picked up my shoulder bag and put it over my shoulder.

                     '' Well i have to go to work, but i will see you guys later'' I say as i make my way towards the door.

                        '' Okay, Bye Kenny Ken'' Ash said, i raised an eyebrow.

                                        '' Kenny Ken ?'' Michael asked.

                       '' I thought it sounded good'' Ash shrugged, we all laughed. After that i said goodbye and walked to the music store.


                           I opened the door to Cal's house and dropped my stuff down. It's five now and i haven't heard a thing from Luke. Which is really bothering me, I've tried to contact him but had no luck.

                                        I walked upstairs to my room.

                Once i was in my room i changed out of my work clothes and into some sweats and a hoodie. It was raining once again, and pretty hard, which is rare for Australia. But am use to it since it rained a lot in England.

                   I walked over to my desk were my laptop was, i took a sit on the chair and then went on tumblr since i had nothing better to do. That was until my phone started to go off.

                         '' hello'' I answered without looking at the caller ID.

                                       '' Hey Kendall, it's Zayn'' I smiled.

                          '' Hey Zayn, what's sup ?'' I asked, he chuckled.

                    '' Well, i wanted to know if you wanted to come hang out with me and the boys the girls are going to be here too'' He explained.

                          '' Zayn you want me to go to London to see you guys ?'' I asked, which caused him to laugh.

                        '' No silly, we are still here in Australia we are going to be here for some time actually... anyways the guys and girls really want to see you again'' I thought for a moment.

                       '' I don't know Zayn'' I was worried i would run into Harry.

            '' If it's Harry your worried about, he isn't here he wanted to go back to London... And you can bring your friends so we can meet them '' He suggested, i thought for another moment.

                  '' Okay, I'll ask them... mind giving me the directions?'' I asked.

                               After he gave me the direction we said goodbye, then i called Jade, Jesy, Leigh Anne, Cal, Michael and Ash to see if they wanted to come. They agreed, i didn't bother calling Luke since my call would go straight to voice mail. I quickly stood up and went to go take a shower.


                         Once i was out of the shower, i quickly walked over to my closet with a towel wrapped around me. I took a quick look out the window, the sun was shining and the rain had stopped showing the clear blue sky.

                           I picked out a simple but cute outfit which looked like this.


         I walked over to my mirror and did my make up, then i curled my hair from the tips. I grabbed my phone and put it in my bag along with other things i may need. I heard a honk, i walked over to the balcony and saw Cal and Michaels cars. I ran out of my room after saying bye to Mate and Rider and walked outside. I opened the door to Cal's car were Him, Jesy and Jade were. I sat down and closed the door.

                                       '' Hey Ken'' Jade said.

                            '' Hey Guys, ready ?'' I asked, they nodded and i began to tell Cal the directions.


                 We were just outside a hotel, we were all in front of the door Zayn told me to knock. As we waited i talked to Jesy.

                     '' So you don't know were he is ?'' I shake my head no. The door finally opens showing a happy Niall.

                              '' KENDALL, JESY'' He yells and attacks us with a hug. Which causes Jesy and I to laugh.

                               '' Hi Horan, long time eh ?'' I say, he laughs.

                     '' Come on in, oh hey Am Niall'' He says to the others. Jesy and I walk in leaving them outside.

                           We walk into the living room and the first thing i hear are two people yelling my name.

                         '' KEN" El and Sophia ran up to me and hugged me.

                         '' Hi'' I said with a laugh and hugged them back, I watched Jesy walked towards Liam and Louis while the others walked in.

                            We pulled apart from the hug, i walked over to Lou and Liam and gave them a hug as well.

                          '' Damn, Li you already have a beard'' I say, he laughs.

                               '' Kendall, i thought i would never see you again'' Lou says with an evil smile.

                           '' I thought i would never see you again either, but look here you are'' I say in a disappointed voice. He pretends to cry. The others introduce themselves.

                                    I walk into the kitchen were I see Zayn.

                       '' Zayn Malik'' I say making my British accent stronger.

                                      He turned around and smiled.

                 '' Kendall Hilton'' He mocked me which caused me to laugh.

                I walked towards him and gave him a hug he did the same thing.

                 '' Come on you have to go meet the others'' I say dragging him to the living room. He chuckled. Once we reached the living room i quickly introduced my friends to Zayn.

                              '' Okay so movie time ?'' Liam asks, we all nod.

                           '' WAIT, we need food'' Niall whines, we all laugh.

                            '' How about i go get some ?'' Zayn suggests.

                            '' That's a great idea'' Jade adds, we all nod.

                      '' Okay who wants to come with me ?'' I look around.

                    '' I'll go with you Zayn'' He nods, and we quickly say goodbye and go to the store to buy snacks.

                                                        Luke's P.O.V.

                   I have been so busy today i missed band rehearsals and haven't made anytime to hangout with Kendall. I was currently in the grocery store since my mom wanted me to get some stuff to make dinner. Chris is coming over again. I was already out and about to open my car when someone taps my shoulder. I turn around and see the last person i wanted to see.


         '' What are you doing here?'' I asked rather harshly, she had a smirk playing on her lips.

               '' I moved back silly, i thought i would pay you a visit'' She said as she got closer to me.

                        '' We aren't an item anymore Katie, i don't want you in my life again'' I say as i open my car's truck and started putting the bags away.

                              '' Well you might think that but i still have feelings for you Luke'' She said as she helped me put my things in the car. What is she planning ?

                              '' I know that's a god damn lie, you didn't love me you just used me'' I say as i close the truck and put the cart away. I turned to face her and she quickly smashed her lips on to mine.

                         '' I love you Luke'' she said into the kiss, I tried pulling her away by putting my hands on her cheeks.

                    '' I..don't...'' I said, but it came out more like I love you more. She pulled away. And smirked once again while looking at something behind me.

                                                Kendall's P.O.V.

                 We finally got to the store, Zayn had parked the car and he had opened the door for me.

                                    '' Thanks'' I said adding a smile which he returned. I walked with him to the store when two people caught my attention. As we got closer i saw Luke and 'Ashley'. Also known as Katie making out. I froze.

                                '' Kendall  What's wrong ?'' Zayn asked as he stopped then he followed my gaze and his mouth dropped.

                          '' I...Love...You...More'' I heard Luke say, a tear slipped out. They pulled away and Katie smirked at me. I turned around and headed back to the car with Zayn following behind me. I got in hearing Luke Screaming my name. I closed it and waited for Zayn. once he got in the car he drove out of the stores parking lot.

                   '' Z-z-zayn'' i said, my voice shaking. He turned to look at me.

                         '' Can you take me home please ?'' I asked, he nodded and i guided him to the house.


                          Zayn had told the others what happened and they understood. Zayn agreed to staying with me since i didn't want to be alone. We were currently in my room watching Ghostbusters on my laptop and eating some Ben and Jerry ice cream out of the tubs.

                         We always did this when Harry would do something that upset me or when we got to fights. I would always count on Zayn, he was like a brother to me.

                                  '' Thank you'' I said as i looked at him.

                 '' Don't thank me Ken, plus am always up for Ben & Jerry that's the only reason am here'' He teased, i playfully slapped his chest.

                                            Which caused him to laugh.

                    '' Am kidding, there's no need to thank me okay ?'' He asked, i nodded and we turned our attention back to the movie.

                                                  Zayn's P.O.V.

       It was getting late and we have watched six movies already and Kendall was already sound asleep on my chest. I smiled, i never thought of her as a little sister or a friend. More like a crush. Yes a crush on Kendall Marie Hilton.

                     I've had ever since she started dating Harry, i knew it was wrong since they were dating but it was just something about her that caught my attention. i was going to tell her how i felt when the two broke up but i was too scared to tell her, so i kept it in. That day i saw her at the mall, i was going to attempt to tell her but then Luke came and i found out they were going out together.

                         It hurt a little, i mean she will never see me like that. Now that i found out that Luke hurt her, i wanted to punch his ass but i know she would be mad at me. I can't let her find out that i love her, that's something i need to keep myself. Am scared that if i tell her she will walk away and our friendship will end.

                               I looked down at her, she looks so peaceful.

                             I closed the laptop and put my arms around her.

                                                I can never let her know.

                       A-N- Sorry for not updating, but here is a long chapter. What do you guys think ?

                                     Will Kendall forgive Luke ?

                            Will she ever find out how Zayn Feels ?

                                 What's going to happen to Katie ?

                                    And will Harry come back ? >-<

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                              One more chapter till the story is over.


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