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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


38. 38

                                             Kendall's P.O.V.

                        '' Come on please'' I begged Luke, we were back at the house in my room just talking. And i came up with the idea of meeting his mom, he wasn't to sure of the idea yet.

                                       '' Kendall'' He groaned, i laughed.

       '' She's probably at work, she doesn't get out till six'' He says, i think for a moment.

                                 '' Well how about you take me to your house, we make dinner for her and then we get to know each other'' I suggested, he looked at me and he got on top of me.

                              '' Fine, but on one condition'' I raise an eyebrow.

                                             '' And what is that ?'' I asked.

                             '' you give me a kiss'' I smile and take my arms and wrapped them around his neck and pull him closer to me. Once our lips met he started to rub my thigh, which his never done before.

                            He then removes his lips from mine and kisses my jaw line. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair. He then moves his lips down to my neck making me moan, he sucks on it.

                                 Then he kisses my shoulder and takes his other hand and tugs on my blue dress. I put one hand on his chest making him look up.

              '' Little excited aren't we ?'' I asked, he laughed and layed down next to me.

                         '' I just missed you'' I smiled and put my head on his chest.

                                          '' What time is it ?'' I asked.

                                    '' Three, we should probably o to the store and then my place if you want to make dinner'' I nodded and stood up he did the same.

              '' Let me just change'' I say, before i can search for an outfit he takes my wrist.

                                       '' Don't you look beautiful'' I smile.

                             '' Fine, let me just get my purse'' He nodded.

                      '' I'll go wait in the car'' I nodded and he walked out of my room. I quickly got my purse and put my phone, inhaler and money incase Luke didn't have enough. I walked to my mirror and my hair was a mess. Since Luke was running his hands through it.

                                       I quickly brushed it out and then reapplied my lip gloss. I ran out of my room and downstairs were Cal was with Mate in his lap.

                 '' Bye Cal'' I say as i walk up to him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

                               '' And were are you going ?'' He asked, i laughed.

                           '' Am going to meet Luke's mom, so i won't be here for dinner'' He nodded and Mate jumped off his lap. I picked him up.

                           '' Okay just be safe'' I nodded and quickly kissed Mates head and then sit him back on Cal's lap.

                                I walk out the front door and to Luke's car.


                   We just arrived at Luke's house after stopping by the market to buy some things to make Fettuccine alfredo with some chicken. Luke and i were taking the things out of the truck, he had the most bas proving he was strong .

                             " Can you get the key's out'' He asked me looking down at his pocket. I nodded and took them out and opened the door to the house. Once we got in i felt instantly welcomed. I closed the door and put the keys on a table. Luke walked us to the kitchen and we set down the bags on the counter.

                                '' Okay, lets get started'' I say, he nods.

             '' Wait, does this mean you have to order me around ?'' He asks, i smirk.

                                    '' It does'' he groans, i laugh.

                     '' Now Hemmings, start working on the chicken while i make the pasta'' I order, he nods.

                            '' Alright Hilton'' And we start working on dinner.


                            We were finally done, and it was only five and Luke's mom would show up any minute. we had set up the table just a few minutes ago, we were currently in the living room cuddling and watching some movie. I wasn't really paying attention, my eyes were getting ready to close any minute. I buried my face more into Luke's chest, i heard him chuckling.

              '' babe are you tried ?'' he asked, i nodded and tried to keep my eyes open.

                    '' Go to sleep I'll wake you up when she comes'' I nod and it didn't take me a second to fall asleep.

                                                  Luke's P.O.V.

                 It was seven thirty and my mother hasn't come home yet. I tried calling her but she doesn't pick up. I looked down at Kendall, whose head was on my chest with her hand on top of my stomach. I touched her hair gently, i looked back at the TV we were watching Goal a soccer movie.

                                         As i was watching the movie, the front door opened showing my mom and Chris her boyfriend. My mom looked at me and then Kendall.

                  '' Luke whose this ?'' She asked with Chris walking behind her.

                    '' Kendall my girlfriend, she wanted to meet you so we made dinner'' I say trying not to wake Kendall up.

                            '' Chris can you go in the kitchen ?'' Chris nodded and walked away from us. then my mom walked in front of me.

              '' Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend ?'' She asked, i shrugged.

                     '' I didn't think you would care...and i thought you wouldn't like her since you didn't like Katie'' She tensed as i mentioned Katie.

                        '' I do care, wake her up and we can et a chance do know each other during dinner'' She said, i nodded and with that she walked away.

                       '' Babe, wake up'' I say softly, her eyes begin to open.

          She yawns and  comes closer to my chest which causes me to chuckle.

                      '' Am awake'' She says looking up at me with a smile.

          '' Come on my mom just got her with her boyfriend'' I say boyfriend in disgust.

               '' Don't be rude'' She says hitting my chest, and stands up. I join her.

                     '' I'll try'' She laughs, i put my arm around her waist and we walk in the dinning room.


                        '' Thank you so much for dinner it was amazing and it was nice meeting you'' My mom said to Kendall. We had finished eating dinner, Chris had left a couple minutes ago and it was Just me, Mom and Kendall talking.

                              Mom and Kendall were getting along great, i think mom likes her and approves.

                                   '' it was nothing'' Kendall says with a smile.

                   '' Well I'm going to bed, goodnight you two'' My mom said, we both said goodnight and watched my mom go upstairs to my room.

                 '' How was I'' Kendall asked looking at me excited. I laughed.

                            '' I think she approves'' I say, Kendall smiles.

                          '' Do wanna stay here for the night ?'' I ask her.

                '' I have no problem with that, let me just call Cal'' I nodded, i took her waist and guided her to my room. Once we were in there i went to change while she called Cal.

                       When i came, She was taking off her shoes and Necklace.

                    I walked to my dresser and took out a shirt for her to change into.

        '' here you go'' I say as i hand her the shirt, she takes it. And looks at me. I roan.

                      '' Fine, I'll get out'' She laughs, i walk out of the room and close the door and wait for her to call me back in.

            As i waited all i could think about is, how i got a girl like Kendall to be mine.

                       I was a screw up, she was perfect. I was a teenage dirt bag she was like a princess to the public.

                                '' Luke you can come in'' She said as she opened the door interrupting my thoughts.

                     i nod and walk in closing the door behind me. I take a good look at her and she looked really and i mean really good in my dress.

                      She layed down on my bed, i turned off the lights and lay next to her wrapping my arms around her waist. I kiss her neck.

                                    '' goodnight Luke'' She whispers.

              '' Night Kendall'' I whisper back and close my eyes falling asleep.

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