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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


37. 37

                                             Kendall's P.O.V.

                     It's been a week since the little vacation Luke, Ash, Jesy and I had. It was amazing and i didn't bump into Harry which i was thankful for.

                             Luke was in a different part of Australia with his Mom, who i still haven't met. But she met someone and wanted Luke to meet him. He was kind of pissed since he thought it would Always be him and his Mom. But he is coming back tomorrow, his been one for four days. That's just to much.

                                  I was currently looking at myself in my full length mirror makin sure my outfit was okay. 



                                I took a sit on my bed and put on my black vans.

           Once i was done, i grabbed my phone and checked the time it was only noon. I've been waking up late for the past few days. Not to mention yesterday when i woke up at three in the after noon.

                    I walked out of my room and down stairs to the living room, were i was greeted by Mate.

                  The owners never claimed him, so the shelter told us they could take him or we could keep him. So we kept him after begging both Luke and Cal on letting him stay. I picked him up and walked to the kitchen with him in my arms.

                                             I guess i was alone, again.

               I put Mate down and opened the door to the backyard letting Rider in.

                                  '' Hello there boy'' I say as i pet him.

                 '' KENDALL WHERE ARE YOU ?" I knew that voice anywhere.

                         '' IN THE KITCHEN JADE" I yelled, i heard her footsteps coming towards the kitchen. I closed the back door and walked over to the pantry to get something to eat.

                    '' Hey girly'' She said as she walked in with her phone in her hands.

                            '' Hi, do you happen to know where Cal is ?'' I asked as i took out a cupcake while she sat on a chair.

                  '' I think his with the lads, Aye when does Luke come back ?'' I sigh.

                           '' Tomorrow, it feels like a year though'' She laughs, i take a bit out of my cupcake.

                                    '' You'll just have to wait one more day, how about we walk around town to get your mind of things ?'' I nodded.

                                '' Let me finish my amazing cupcake'' She laughed and picked my Mate and place him on his lap. Almost everyone he meets just falls in love with him.


                   '' Oh Jade what are we going to do with you ?'' I asked, she laughed. We were currently walking in the Mall going from store to store.

                      '' Am sorry if i have an obsessions with bows'' I laugh again.

                        '' Just let me go inside, okay ?'' She begged as she wanted to enter the store filled with bows.

                       '' Fine but am going to wait out here'' I say as i point to the bench, she nods and runs to the store. I chuckle and take my phone out and start walking to the bench.

                               I was texting Justin, when i bump into someone.

                                                   Luke's P.O.V.

                I finally came back home from meeting moms boyfriend who wasn't an asshole. Thank god. I came home yesterday, so i told Kendall i was coming tomorrow so i could surprise her today.

                              I was currently in town with the lads, We were in Cal's car driving to the mall were Jade and Kendall were. jade agreed to taking her out so i could surprise her. My phone rang and i quickly answered.

                                       " Luke, i just entered in the bow shop Kendall is outside waiting for me. She's going to be by the bench'' Jade explained.

                          '' Okay thanks Jade'' We said goodbye, as Cal parked into a spot next to the mall. I was the first one to et out of the car, i walk faster than the boys to the inside of the mall and to the location Jade had given me.

                  I was so happy to see Kendall again, sure i had fun with my Mom and her boyfriend but it just didn't feel right with Kendall not by my side. I let myself in the mall and take a turn to the right. I walked a little faster, just wanting to kiss Kendall.

                         I only had to take another left and i would see her. Once i was by the bow store, I saw Kendall in a beautiful blue dress. But she wasn't alone she was hugging a boy our age.

                                           The lads caught up to me.

                                 '' Whoa whose that ?'' Ash asked me.

                            '' I don't know but let's find out' I said through my teeth. Yes i was jealous, very jealous. We walked towards them with the boys walking behind me and me in the front with my hands in my fists.


                                                   Kendall's P.O.V.

                             I looked up and saw a boy, a very familiar boy.

                       '' Am sorry'' I said, putting on a smile. he smiled back. He had black hair that was put in a quiff. With a lot of tattoos covering his arms.

                              '' Kendall, you don't remember me ?'' He asked, i took another look at him and then it hit me.

                                          '' Zayn ?'' I say with excitement.

                       So for those of you wondering, isn't he your ex's friend ?

              Yes he is, but he was always the one there for me when Harry and I got into fights. he would always cheer me up and make me laugh. He was almost like a big brother to me and would always be protective over me.                   

                                        '' Don't i get a hug ?'' I laughed and gave him a hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist, while i had mine around his neck.

                               '' I missed you so much, the lads did too'' He said once we pulled away. I smiled.

                      '' How are you guys ?'' i asked, as we walked over to the bench.

                '' Doing fine, Harry still getting into trouble but his doing better'' I nodded.

                        '' How are you ? And your parents ?'' I flinched at the question.

                            '' They died'' I whispered as we took a seat on the bench.

                '' Am so sorry'' He said, i shook my head saying it was fine and gave him another smile.

                             '' Wait why are you guys here in Australia ?'' I asked.

                        '' Well we actually just came for a'' He was cut off by yelling.

                          '' OH KENDALL'' We both looked away from each other and in front of us was Luke and the lads. I smile and run up to Luke and give him a hug. He hugs me back tightly, as the boys walk over to Zayn who is now standing up talking to him. Luke takes his lips and places them on mine, and kiss them i smile and then pull away.

                                         '' I missed you'' I say, he smiles.

               '' I missed you too'' I pull away and take his hand leading him to Zayn.

                     '' Guys this is my best friend Zayn, Zayn theses are my friends Ash and Michael. My cousin Cal and my boyfriend Luke'' I said pointing to each of them.

                              '' Hey'' Zayn said with a smile, the guys returned it to him. Expect for Luke who was giving him a death glare.

                                              Luke's P.O.V.

             '' Hey'' Zayn says, the guys him a smile, while i give him a death glare.

                     '' i got go before Niall eats all the pizza, but call me so we can all hang out am sure the lads would love to see you again'' He said to Kendall, she smiled and let o of my hand and hugged him.

                                    '' Okay, here you go'' She said, handing him her phone to put his number in.

                                   '' It was nice meeting you guys'' He said to us, we nodded and said a goodbye.

                                                And with that he left.

                         '' Cal if you want to make out with your girlfriend she's in there'' Kendall says turning to Cal, he runs to the bow store.

                     '' We'll go control him'' Michael said dragging Ash in the store.

                               She laughed, i walk closer to her and pulled her closer to me so there was no space in between us.

                      '' Luke, were you jealous ?'' She asked, i hesitated.

                             '' no why would i'' She laughed, i frowned.

                     '' Luke you shouldn't be, we are just really great friends his like a brother to me'' I nod and kiss her lips.

                                 '' By the way, you look very beautiful'' She blushes, as i attack her lips again.

                                A/N- Luke getting all jelly, lol.

                              I will probably update later tonight.

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