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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


36. 36

                                                   Kendall's P.O.V.

                               '' And listen Kendall if you'' I cut him off.

                      '' Luke, just shut up and kiss me'' He smiled and attacked my lips, he took my hands away from his and pulled me on to his lap. Our lips moved in sync, i wrapped my arms around his neck. He then took his lips away from mine and placed them on my neck, he sucked on it which caused me to moan. I put a hand on his bare shoulder, since he was wearing a muscle top that had Nirvana on it. He placed one hand on my bare waist since i was wearing a cropped shirt that had shown my stomach.

                            i put a finger on his chin so he would look up, which he did and i kissed his lips once more. His lip piercing felt so nice like always it was cold and went through my lips softly.

                                          Luke pulled me off his Lap.

                              '' Lay down'' I did as he told and layed down on the sand, Then he came on top of my and started to kiss my stomach leaving me with Goosebumps. I looked at him and he came back to me i put my arms on his neck and pulled him down.

                         '' Little horny aren't we ?'' I asked, he laughed. Thank god we were the only people on this part of the beach.

                                 '' I love you Kendall i really do'' He said as he gently put his chest on top of mine and buried his face in the crook of my neck. His warm breathe, coming in and out tickling me.

                 '' And i hate you'' I said with a smirk, he looked up and grinned.

                         '' Oh really now?'' I nodded and he began to kiss my shoulder which was my sweet spot. I let out a moan.

                           '' L-L-Luke'' I muttered, he looked up and smirked.

     '' Found your sweet spot'' I laughed, then his phone rang. Which caused him to groan.

                                  He got off me, i sat up and fixed my hair.

               '' Hello... yeah i found her... no we're all good now, tell Jesy that she better say sorry to me for slapping me'' He said, i laughed. He looked at me and rolled his eyes playfully.

                           '' Okay, bye'' he put his phone back in his pocket.

                                 '' She slapped you ?'' I asked still laughing.

                 '' Yes, on my cheek... i was positive she was going to kick my dick but Ash stopped her'' I smiled only Jesy, i sat closer to him and kissed his cheek..

                             '' Much better'' he said with a smile, i laughed.

             I looked out at the ocean again and put my head on Luke's shoulder.

                                                '' Kendall ?''

                 '' Yes Luke ?'' He waited a second but then shook his head.

                                    '' Never mind'' I raised an eyebrow.

                       '' no tell me'' I say as i take my head off his shoulder.

             '' Well ever since i asked you to be my girlfriend... we never really had a first date so i was wondering if today you wanted to'' I cut him off.

              '' I would love to go on a date with you'' I say with a big smile on my lips.

                        A smirk playing on his lips, he layed down on the sand again and closed his eyes. I took some sand in my hand and then dumped it on his chest and hair. He opened his eyes and looked at me with a devilish smile. I quickly stood up and ran towards the water, which probably wasn't the best idea because he splashed water and then we started splashing water at each other yelling and running away from each other.


                                                   Kendall's P.O.V.

                    I was in Jesy's room getting ready to go on my date with Luke. Ash and her decided to go to the arcade and play some games.

                                       Luke told me to wear a dress.

                   I was currently changing into my dress after taking a shower.

                         Once i was doing changing i did my hair, i just curled the ends like always not wanting to do much to it. And last but not least makeup. Which turned out to look like this.


                                   I grabbed my phone, but before putting it in my clutch i called Cal knowing he would freak out.

                              '' Hello, Kendall are you okay?'' I laughed.

                    '' Hey Cal, Yes am fine i just thought i would tell you before you start freaking out'' I said, he laughed.

                                  ''sorry but you know I'm your cousin, am suppose to worry about you'' I smiled.

                        '' Thanks Cal, for everything... look i have to go but i will call you tomorrow'' I say.

                            '' Okay don't forget, bye KENNY THE SHARK" He screams in the phone which causes me to laugh.

                            '' Bye Cal Pal'' He groaned and we hung up. I put my phone in my clutch and my inhaler just incase.

                                Then i walked downstairs to the living room.

                                                    Luke's P.O.V.

                   I waited downstairs for Kendall to finish getting ready, I looked down at what i was wearing. A suit, yes a suit. Luke Hemmings wearing a suit that's a joke.

                          No it's not, I went with Ash to the mall after Kendall and i had a little fun at the beach. He said i needed to look good.

                              So am wearing a black suit and A blue tie.

              I heard the sound of heels coming from upstairs, i turned around and saw Kendall. In a beautiful dress, and just everything about her was beautiful. I think i was drooling because she started laughing.

                                  I shook my head and walked towards her.

             '' You look beautiful tonight, love'' She smiled as i took my hand in hers.

                            '' Thank you, not to bad yourself...never thought you would wear a suit'' She said playing around with me, she knew i hated suits.

                         '' Yeah, yeah let's go'' She laughed and we walked outside to my car and i drove to the restaurant we were going to eat at tonight.


                                                   Kendall's P.O.V.

                        After we finished eating at this amazing restaurant we deicide to walk around the town.

                       We were hand in hand talking about many different things.

                                     '' Look over there'' He says, pointing to some people dancing to slow songs. And there was a river walk in the middle and two sidewalks. He pulled us towards them.


                    Once we were by the people who were dancing, Luke pulled me to one side of the river walk and took his hand out.

                        '' Would you have this dance with me ?'' He said in a British accent, i smiled and took his hand.

                                '' I would love to Sir Hemmings'' He laughed, i put my hand on his shoulder while he used his other hand and out it on my waist and we began to slow dance.

                     The song, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri started to play. This was my favorite song.

                                           Luke span me around.

                                  Then he pulled me closer to him.

                   '' Kendall'' he said in a low voice, i looked up at him.

                         '' I will never let anyone or anything get in between us'' I smiled at his words and put my head on his chest as we continued to dance but at a slower pace.

                           '' I know'' I said, he kissed the top of my head.

                                     I turned to look at him again.

                                '' Your eyes are beautiful'' He says.

     '' I can say the same thin about yours'' He smiled and we leaned in and kissed.

                                   A/N- Awwwe so damn cute !

               Anyways, I did pick a title for the sequel and it's going to be.

                                        Anything For You !

             I might be writing it up this week and publishing it, sunday ?!

                                       But i will let you know.

                     Have a nice day or goodnight. Love you all.

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