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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


33. 33

                                                Luke's P.O.V.

                '' It's for you'' Kendall said as she handed me my phone.

               I grabbed it from her and slowly put my phone against my ear.

                                    " Hello'' I waited for a reply.

                       '' LUKE WHERE THE FUCK IS KENDALL ?'' Cal yelled, i heard Jade in the background trying to calm him down.

                               '' I just took her Ash and Jesy on a little vacation that's all'' I say as i sit on the bed next to Kendall.

                          '' Why didn't you tell me, and why didn't she call me last night ?'' I sighed and ran a finer through my hair.

                            '' Cause i knew you would panic and she just forgot. I spent the night with her since i didn't know when you would come back'' I say as i watch Kendall walk out of the room leaving Mate and I alone.

                              '' Well you should of told me do you know how worried i was, I found her inhaler in the bathroom she didn't pack it... Luke your dating her and I'm cool with that but she has asthma and she needs to be with someone at all times... ask her if she brought her other inhaler please'' He explained more calmly than before.

                  '' Hold on let me go get her'' I could feel him nod, i walk downstairs figured she would be in the kitchen. When i entered the kitchen she was in there drinking water.

                              '' Kendall, did you pack your inhaler ?'' I asked, she turned around and looked at me with wide eyes.

              '' Shit, i forgot it'' She says as she puts the cup of water down.

                              '' Cal she forgot it'' I heard him groan.

                 '' Go to a nearby pharmacy and ask for one i'm sure they well give her one, Anyways when you get home am going to beat your fucking ass Hemmings'' He says into the phone, Kendall walks towards me and takes my phone away.

                          '' Cal stop being so damn difficult it's not like he did it on purpose and the inhaler was all my fault i forgot okay ?'' She asked as she waited for a response.

          '' Okay, then goodbye... yes I'll call you everyday'' She added with an eye roll.

                             '' Alright by Cal'' She hung up and looked at me.

                '' Where the hell are you'' She mocked Cal which made me laugh.

                    '' Come on let's go to the pharmacy'' I say, but she stops me.

                         '' Go put on a shirt and then we can go'' She said, i laughed and went upstairs and put on a shirt.

                      Then i walked back to the kitchen were Kendall was with Mate.

                           '' Ready ?'' I asked, she nodded and we went outside to my car and drove to the pharmacy.


            We were finally done with all the paper work we had to fill out for Kendall to get her inhaler. We were currently walking back to my car.

                 '' Wait right here'' She says as we stop by an animal shelter.

              i nodded and she went inside, i waited outside leaning against a wall.

                         As i waited i saw some girls walked by they looked my age.

                       There was about four of them they all walked away from me expect for one she walked towards me.

             '' Hey Luke, remember me ?'' I got off the wall and i couldn't believe my eyes.

                             '' K-K-Katie'' I said, she smirked. my eyes were wide.

                              '' how... your dead'' I said, she shook her head no.

                          '' Well I'm very much alive'' She says, i shake my head.

          '' Your parents called me and told me that you were dead, but they never invited me to the funeral'' I explain, she laughs.

              '' That's cause my parents never thought you were good enough for me so they made it up and sent me too London for those three months i was "dead', how are you doing ?'' She asks.

                   '' Good am doing good'' Before i could ask her how she was doing the door to the animal shelter opened and showed Kendall. She smiled at me and walked over to me and gave me a hug.

                        '' Hey they said that they would have the flyers posted tomorrow and'' She stopped when she say Katie.

                            '' Whose this ?'' She asks me. I look at Katie.

                '' My cousin, Ashley'' I lied, Kendall smiled at Katie. Katie looked a little uncomfortable.

                                       '' Hey'' Katie says.

                '' Hi Kendall, nice to meet you'' Kendall says getting out of my grasp and shaking Katie's hand.

                   '' Well we have to get going, coming Kendall'' i say as i pull Kendall's hand and walk her to my car.

                             Once we were half way there i let go of her hand and walk to the drivers seat while she gets in the passengers seat.

                 '' Why did you run out like that ?'' She asked as i began to drive.

                   '' No reason, now what were you saying ?'' I asked, she smiled.

            '' Well,i asked the workers there if they could print up flyers of Mate so his owner can find him'' She said, i faked a smile. I can't believe she's alive, what the hell am i going to do.

                                                  Kendall's P.O.V.

                       Once we got to the beach house Luke went straight to bed, i was outside on the beach. I know i know it's already eleven what am i doing on the beach ?

                Well Luke, his been acting strange ever since he saw his cousin Ashley.

                       I shook my head and looked down at my hands, it's probably nothing i shouldn't worry about it right ?

                   I stand up and take one more look at the beach, then i o back inside.


                I woke up to the sun shining down at my face and Mate on top of me licking my face, i laughed and pick him up.

                      I turn to my left hoping to see Luke still sleep, but he wasn't there. I got out of bed with Mate still in my arms and walked over to Jesy's room.

                                  Once i reached her door, i knocked on it.

                  '' COME IN" I laughed and let myself in then i closed the door and set Mate down on the floor.

                             '' Morning, Kendall'' She said with a smile.

                            '' Morning Jesy'' I say as i sit on her bed.

                '' Okay tell me what's wrong'' I frown, she knows me to well.

                     '' Well Cal called yesterday and he started yelling at Luke causes he didn't tell him where we were and i forgot my inhaler... So we went to the pharmacy and to get one and then i stopped by the animal shelter and when i came back out Luke was talking to some girl, his cousin Ashley... and his been acting weird since then'' I explain, Jesy nods and walks around.

                               '' A cousin named Ashley ?'' She asks, i nod.

             '' Well, i don't know what to tell you expect to talk to him about it'' I smile.

                          '' Thanks Jesy'' I say, she smiles and give me a hug.

                         '' No problem anything for my friend''  We pull away.

         '' So how are things going with you and Ash ?'' I ask with a smirk, but she frowns.

                 '' Well, Kendall... I'm not really into Ash... am into this other guy'' She says, i raise my eyebrow.

                                   '' Who ?'' I ask, she hesitates.

                  '' Don't tell anyone, Jade and Leigh Anne don't even know this... But we've been friends for a while now and i felt like he is just perfect and amazing and just i don't know... And i haven't seen him in awhile, until yesterday when i was walking on the beach by myself he was with his Mates and their girlfriends'' She explains.

                '' Jesy, i won't tell anyone now tell me who it is '' I say excited she laughs.

                               '' Niall Horan'' She says, and my jaw drops.

                           '' What's wrong ? Do you know him ?'' She asks.

                         '' Who are his friends'' She gives me a weird look.

                '' Zayn Malik, Louis Tommlinson, Liam Payne and Harry Styles'' I felt sick to my stomach.

                                     '' Harry Styles ?'' I ask, she nods.

                                          This can't be happening.

                       A/N- Didn't see this coming did ya ? Lol hope you guys like it.


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