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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


32. 32



                                                   Kendall's P.O.V.

              '' Luke were did you, how did you find this ?'' I ask as i turn to look at him.

                     '' It's mine, i thought you needed a break from everything back home'' He said with a smile. I hugged him.

                         '' Thank you thank you thank you'' I said, he laughed.

                         '' No problem, now lets go get settled. Yea ?'' I nodded and pulled away and went back in the car to get my stuff.

                        While Luke goes to the truck and takes out his stuff.

                       I get out of the car and close the door, then it hit me.

               '' Where's Jesy and Ash'' I say, as i wait for him to close the truck and walk towards me.

                         '' In the backyard, playing in the water'' He says, i nod. Then he walks towards me and we both walk up to the door. Luke took out the keys and opened the door. We both walked in and set our things on the ground.

                                    I took off my converse and socks.

                          '' Lets go outside please'' I begged, he smirked and threw me over his shoulder and then walked into the kitchen and out the backyard and into the beach. Which was breathe taking.

                           '' Luke'' I whined, he laughed and set me down.

                       '' Is that better love ?'' I nodded, he leaned in but i ran away from him and towards the shore. But was stopped when i heard a bark, i tried walking towards the sound but had no luck. Then Luke put his arms around me.

            '' Did you by chance happen to hear a bark ?'' He shook his head no.

                           Then there was another bark, Luke took his arms off me and took my hand and we both walked to what seemed a little wooden surfboard that was standing by it's self. Luke took his hand away from mine and took the surfboard from out from the sand and the custest little puppy was sitting there. I walked up to it.

                                 '' Kendall careful'' i roll my eyes.

             '' Don't be silly Luke his just a puppy'' He raised his eyebrow.

                      '' How do you know it's a boy'' I blushed, I use to work at an animal shelter studying to become a vet just incase my music career didn't work out.

                   '' I have my ways'' I turn my attention back to the puppy.

                          '' Come here boy i won't hurt you'' I say with a warm smile, he walks shyly towards me and then sits on my lap.

                 '' Aww, Luke we have to keep him please'' I beg, he shakes his head no.

          '' Kendall, someone miht be looking for him'' I stand up and walk towards him.

                  '' Can we at least take care of him till the owner comes'' I hold the puppy towards him and then i make puppy eyes.

                      '' Fine, but we need to give it a bath'' I smile and kiss his lips. He smiles in the kiss and then he pulls away.

                                '' And i mean now, he stinks'' The dog barks, i laugh. I check his collar and it reads. Mate.

                             '' Mate, his name is Mate'' Luke laughs.

                                         " Mate'' He asks, i nod.

                   '' Okay let's go to the house and get him a bath'' I nod and we walk back to the house.


                '' Luke hold on to him'' I say. We were currently in the bathroom giving Mate a bath. And Luke can't hold him still while I'm trying to put shampoo on him.

                                We had to go to the store and get Mate some things, Like a leash, Shampoo, food and bowls for him to eat and then we got some snacks for us.

                            '' I am'' I glare at him only receiving a laugh.

                 I throw shampoo at his face, i can't help but laugh. Mate barks.

                 '' Oh you think that's funny'' I nod, and he throws some at me.

                 Next thing you know we are having a shampoo fight while Mate is barking and jumping up and down.

                                  Once we were down we looked at each other and started laughing. I walked up to him and hugged him.

                                   '' Wow no kiss'' He pouts, i giggled.

                    '' You have dog shampoo all over your face, of course I'm not going to kiss you'' He smiles.

                       '' Let's finish bathing him so we can take a shower'' I nod and we walk back to the bathtub.


                         Once we were done giving Mate a shower. And ourselves, we went downtown to get some dinner since Ash and Jesy were starving to death.

                    We got some pizza's and came back to the house to eat.

                                   We were all currently in the living room watching a movie. Ash and Jesy sat close to each other while Luke and I cuddled with Mate in my lap.

                             '' So you found a random do behind a surfboard and deicde to keep it ?'' Ash asks, Jesy and I laugh.

                              '' She gave me the puppy face, and so did mate'' Luke responded, Which caused Mate to bark.

                        '' So are you guys going to keep it ?'' Jesy asks.

                        '' If we can't find the owner'' I say, as i pet Mate.

                     '' No we aren't we are going to give it to the shelter'' Luke says, i sit up and look at him.

                          '' But we can't, see he likes us already and plus you never know if there's a kill shelter around here'' I say trying to convince him.

                          '' Yeah, He likes us... if we can't find the owner keep him'' Ash says, Jesy nods and then we all make puppy faces.

                            '' FINE, just stop with the puppy faces'' He says, we all smile and i peck Luke's lip.

                       Then i lay my head back on his chest and play with Mate.


                        The movie was over and Ash and Jesy went to there rooms. They didn't want to share one. While Luke and i did.

                                     He went to go brush his teeth and change since i beat him to the bathroom so i was wearing this.


                              I was waiting for him in the bed playing with Mate, when Luke's phone went off i grabbed it off the counter and checked the caller ID it was Calum.

                  Shit i forgot to call him last night, i slide the answer button.

               '' Hi Calum'' Luke came out of the bathroom and looked at me.

      '' WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS" I pull the phone away from my ear.

                     '' It's for you'' I say to Luke and hand him the Phone.



    A/N- Damn Cal is mad, anyways here's a pic of Mate above . Wasn't this chapter cute ? Anyways, i just wrote a new story called Stars Dance go check it out. Or naw ? lol. M'kay bye

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